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The first incarnation of my Web site in 1994 was based around my CD collection with links to artist and label Web sites. It's too time consuming to maintain those kinds of links any more however people still browse the collection. (Also vinyl and other formats were never included.) This is the most current list, while they're not "for sale" per se, if there's anything you see of interest feel free to contact me.
The last three columns are Country, number of discs in the set, and whether it's a single/ep (S) or full-length (F) release.

!!!2000Gold Standard LabsUS1F
!!!Me and Giuliani Down By the Schoolyard (A True Story)2003Touch & GoUS1S
!!!Louden Up Now2004Touch & GoUS1F
!!!Louden Up Now (bonus disc)2004Touch & GoUS1S
!!!Take Ecstasy With Me/Get Up2005Touch & GoUS1S
!!!Live Live Live2005BeatJP1S
!!!Myth Takes2007WarpUK1F
A Certain RatioForce1986LTMUK1F
A Certain RatioEarly2002Soul JazzUK2F
A Certain RatioMind Made Up2010LTMUK1F
A Hawk and a HacksawDarkness at Noon2005LeafUK1F
A Hawk and a HacksawDelivrance2009LeafUS1F
A Hawk and a HacksawCervantine2011LangspielplatteUS1F
A Lighter Shade of BrownHip Hop Locos1992PumpUS1F
A Minor ForestInIndependence1998Thrill JockeyUS1F
A Minor ForestSo, They Were in Some Sort of Fight?1999My Pal GodUS2F
A Northern ChorusBefore We All Go To Pieces2001Black MountainCA1F
A Northern ChorusSpirit Flags2003Sonic UnyonCA1F
A Northern ChorusBitter Hands Resign2005Sonic UnyonCA1F
A Northern ChorusThe Millions Too Many2007Sonic UnyonCA1F
A Place To Bury Strangers(Missing You)2005A Place to Bury StrangersUS1S
A Place To Bury Strangers(Never Going Down)2006A Place to Bury StrangersUS1S
A Place To Bury Strangers(Breathe)2006A Place to Bury StrangersUS1S
A Place To Bury StrangersA Place To Bury Strangers2007Killer PimpUS1F
A Place To Bury Strangers2008Rocket GirlUK1F
A Place To Bury StrangersExploding Head2009MuteUS1F
A Split SecondFlesh and Fire1991Play it Again SamUS1F
A Winged Victory for the SullenA Winged Victory for the Sullen2011KrankyUS1F
a-haHeadlines and Deadlines1991Warner Bros.UK1F
AbajiOriental Voyage2003NetworkDE1F
AbbaGold (Greatest Hits)1992PolarUS1F
AbbaMore Gold (More Abba Hits)1993PolarUK1F
AberdeenWhat Do I Wish For Now? (Singles + Extras 1994-2004)2006LTMUK1F
Abtan, FreidaSubtle Movements2007United JnanaCA1F
Accelera DeckIpsissima Vox2003ScarcelightUK1F
Accelera DeckLulluxa2004ScarcelightUK1S
Acid Mothers Guru GuruPsychedelic Navigator2007ImportantUS1F
Acid Mothers Temple & the Cosmic InfernoJust Another Band from the Cosmic Inferno2005ImportantUS1F
Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O.Absolutely Freak Out (Zap Your Mind II)2001RersonantUK2F
Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O.Magical Power from Mars2003ImportantUS1F
Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O.Crystal Rainbow Pyramid Under the Stars2007ImportantUS1F
Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O.Recurring Dream & Apocalypse Of Darkness2008ImportantUS1F
Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O.Dark Side of the Black Moon: What Planet Are We On?2009ImportantUS1F
Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O.In O To2010ImportantUS1F
Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O.Son of a Bitches Bew2012ImportantUS1F
Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. [V/A]Do Whatever You Want, Don't Do Whatever You Want!2002EarwormUK3F
ActLaughter, Tears, and Rage: The Anthology2004ZTTUK3F
Adams, OletaCircle of One1990FontanaUK1S
Adamson, BarryThe Murky World of1999MuteUS1F
Add N to (X)Vero Electronics1997Blow UpUK1F
Add N to (X)On the Wires of Our Nerves1998MuteUS1F
Add N to (X)Little Black Rocks in the Sun1998MuteUK1S
Add N to (X)Avant Hard1999MuteUS1F
Add N to (X)Metal Fingers in My Body1999MuteUK1S
Add N to (X)Revenge of the Black Regent1999MuteUK1S
Add N to (X)Add Insult to Injury2000MuteUS1F
Add N to (X)Plug Me In2001MuteUK1S
Add N to (X)The Poker Roll2001MuteUK1S
Add N to (X)Loud Like Nature2002MuteUS1F
Add N To Fü(x)a2000Rocket GirlUK1S
AdemLove Songs and Other Planets2006DominoUS1F
AdemLaunch Yourself2006DominoUS1S
AdultResuscitation2001Ersatz AudioUS1F
AdultD.U.M.E.2005Thrill JockeyUS1S
AeltersEl Frustrator2000SkippFR1F
AeltersVolu Beit2002Tigerbeat6US1S
Aeolian String EnsembleEclipse2005RobotUS1F
Aeolian String Ensemble, theLassithi Clysium1999RobotUS1F
AereogrammeA Story in White2001MatadorUS1F
AereogrammeSleep and Release2003MatadorUS1F
AereogrammeSeclusion2006Sonic UnyonCA1S
AereogrammeMy Heart Has a Wish That You Would Not Go2007Sonic UnyonCA1F
Aerospace SoundwiseMonologue with Accompaniment2002Lucky KitchenUS1F
Afghan WhigsUp in it1990Sub PopUS1F
Afghan WhigsCongregation1992Sub PopUS1F
Afghan WhigsGentlemen1993ElektraUS1F
Afghan WhigsBlack Love1996ElektraUS1F
Age of ChanceOne Thousand Years of Trouble1987VirginUK1F
Age of ChanceMecca1989CharismaUS1F
Agoraphobic NosebleedPCP Torpedo/ANBRX2006Hydra HeadUS1F
AirPrekmiers Symptomes1999AstralwerksUS1S
Airaksinen, PekkaMadam I'm Adam2003SiboneyFI2F
Aix Em KlemmAix Em Klemm2000KrankyUS1F
AkatomboTrace Elements2003SwimUK1F
Akiyama, MitchellHope that lines don't cross2001SubstractifCA1F
Akron/Family2005Young GodUS1F
Akron/Family2005 Tour CD2005Akron/FamilyUS1F
Akron/FamilyMeek Warrior2006Young GodUS1F
Akron/FamilyLive on Brick Lane London 11/15/052006Akron/FamilyUS1F
AlasehirSharing the Sacred2006ImportantUS1F
Album Leaf, theAn Orchestrated Rise to Fall1999The Music FellowshipUS1F
Album Leaf, theSeal Beach2003AcuarelaES1S
Album Leaf, theSeal Beach EP2005Better LookingUS1F
Album Leaf, theRed Tour EP2005US1S
Alger HissSettings for Nudes1995Ba Da Bing!US1F
Alias & EhrenLillian2005AnticonUS1F
All the SaintsAll the Saints2006Semi SemiUS1S
All the SaintsFire on Corridor X2008Killer PimpUS1F
Allien, EllenBerlinette2003Bpitch ControlDE1F
Allien, EllenRemix Collection2004Bpitch ControlDE1F
Allien, Ellen & ApparatOrchestra of Bubbles2006Bpitch ControlDE1F
Almond, MarcJacky1991SireUS1S
Almond, MarcTwelve Years of Tears1993SireUS1F
Almond, MarcTreasure Box1998EMIUK2F
Almond, MarcOpen All Night1999InstinctUS1F
Almond, MarcHeart On Snow2003Blue StarUS1F
Almond, Marc and FoetusSlut1998Thirsty EarUS1F
Almond, Marc and the MambasUntitled2004MercuryJP1F
Almond, Marc and the MambasTorment and Toreros2004MercuryJP2F
Almond, Mark with Michael CashmoreGabriel & the Lunatic Lover2008Durtro JnanaCA1S
AlphavilleForever Young1984AtlanticUS1F
Altern-8Evapor 81992NetworkUK1S
Altern-8Infiltr-8 America1992VirginUS1S
Altern-8The Vertigo E.P.1992ZYXUK1S
Alternative 3Original Soundtrack Recording2001Lo RecordingsUK1F
AlumbradosThe Stone of the Wise2006Capillary RiverUS1F
AlumbradosA Generation of Vipers2006ImportantUS1F
Aluminum Group, thePelo2000HeftyUS1F
Alvarius B.Baroque Primitiva2011Poon VillageUS1F
Ambarachi, Oren & Robin FoxConnected2012KrankyUS1F
Ambarchi, OrenSuspension2001TouchUK1F
Ambarchi, OrenMort Aux Vaches2002StaalplaatNL1F
Ambarchi, Oren & Chris TownsendSun2003StaubgoldDE2F
AmbidextrousErrorism2001Shaped HarmonicsRU1F
Ambidextrous / Novel 23Cross Split EP2001Shaped HarmonicsRU1S
American Analog Set, theBliss Out Vol. 9 - Late One Sunday & The Following Morning1997DarlaUS1F
American Music ClubThe Restless Stranger1985Warner Bros.US1F
American Music ClubEngine1987FrontierUS1F
American Music ClubUnited Kingdom/California1989DemonUK1F
American Music ClubEverclear1991AliasUS1F
American Music ClubRise1991AliasUS1S
American Music ClubOver and Done1993RepriseUS1F
American Music ClubMercury1993RepriseUS1F
American Music ClubJohnny Mathis' Feet (set)1993VirginUK2S
American Music ClubKeep Me Around1993VirginUK1S
American Music ClubSan Francisco1994RepriseUS1F
American Music ClubWish the World Away(set)1994VirginUK2S
American Music ClubI'll Be Gone1994RepriseUS1S
American Music ClubCan You Help Me1995VirginUK1S
American Music Club1984-19952004American Music ClubUS1F
American Music ClubLove Songs for Patriots2004MergeUS1F
American Music ClubA Toast To You - Live in Pittsburgh, PA Nov. 10, 20042005AmericanMusicClub.comUS1F
American Music ClubThe Golden Age2008MergeUS1F
AmmoThe Age of Terminal Irony2000FlycoDE1F
Amon Düül IIPhallus Dei2001RepertoireDE1F
AmpBliss out v.41997DarlaUS2F
AmpSaint Cecilia Sinsemilla2001Space AgeUK1F
Amp [A.M.P. Studio]Unconsciousness Country2000Fourth DimensionUK1F
Amp [A.M.P. Studio]Alien Registration Office2000OchreUK1F
AmuteA Hundred Dry Trees2004Intr_versionCA1F
AmuteThe Seahorse Limbo2006Intr_versionCA1F
Anderson, LaurieTalk Normal: The Laurie Anderson Anthology2000RhinoUS2F
Angel, theNo Gravity2001Supa CrucialUS1F
Angels of Light, theWe Are Him2007Young GodUS1F
Angels of Light, theNew Mother1999Young GodUS1F
Angels of Light, theHow I Loved You2001Young GodUS1F
Angels of Light, theEverything is Good Here/Please Come Home2003Young GodUS1F
Angels of Light, theSing "Other People"2005Young GodUS1F
Angels of Light, the & Akron/FamilyAkron/Family & Angels of Light2005Young GodUS1F
AnimalIs the Wonder2004V/Vm Test RecordsUK1F
AnnieAnniemal2005Big BeatUS1F
AnnieDon't Stop2009Smalltown SupersoundNL2F
AnoiceThe Black Rain2012ImportantUS1F
AntenaNumero 002: Camino Del Sol2005NumeroUS1F
Antipop ConsortiumThe Ends Against the Middle2001WarpUK1F
Antipop ConsortiumArrhythmia2002WarpUS1F
Antony and the Johnsons2000DurtroUK1F
Antony and the JohnsonsI Fell in Love with a Dead Boy2000DurtroUK1S
Antony and the JohnsonsThe Lake2004Secretly CanadianUS1S
Antony and the JohnsonsI Am a Bird Now2005Secretly CanadianUS1F
Antony and the JohnsonsHope There's Someone2005Secretly CanadianUS1S
Antony and the JohnsonsYou Are My Sister2005Secretly CanadianUS1S
Antony and the JohnsonsAnother World2008Secretly CanadianUS1F
Antony and the JohnsonsThe Crying Light2009Secretly CanadianUS1F
Antony and the JohnsonsCut the World2012Secretly CanadianUS1F
Aphex TwinSelected Works 85-921992R&SUK1F
Aphex TwinOn1993SireUS1S
Aphex TwinSelected Ambient Works vol II1994SireUS2F
Aphex TwinClassics1995R&SAT1F
Aphex Twin...I care because you do1995SireUS1F
Aphex TwinCome to Daddy1997SireUS1S
Aphex TwinRichard D. James album1997SireUS1F
Aphex TwinWindowlicker1999SireUS1S
Aphex TwinDrukqs2001SireUS2F
Aphex Twin [AFX]Analogue Bubblebath 31997RephlexUK1F
Aphex Twin [AFX]Hangable Auto Bulb2005WarpUS1F
Aphex Twin [V/A]26 Mixes for Cash2003WarpUK2F
Aphrodite's Child6661971VertigoDE2F
Apostle of HustleNational Anthem of Nowhere2007Arts & CraftsCA1F
Appendix OutTravels In Constants Vol. 132004Temporary ResidenceUS1S
ApplianceImperial Metric2001MuteUS1F
Arab StrapPhilophbia1998MatadorUS1F
Arab StrapMad for Sadness1999JetsetUS1F
Arab StrapThe Red Thread2001MatadorUS1F
Arab StrapThe Cunted Circus2003Arab StrapUK1F
Arab StrapThe Shy Retirer EP2003Chemical UndergroundUK1S
AranosTransfixiatio1998Noise MuseumUK1F
AranosEvery Bright Body Gleams Green1999Noise MuseumUK1F
AranosMaking Love in Small Places2000PierosIE1F
AranosMagnificent! Magnificent! No One Knows the Final Word2001PierosIE1F
AranosBering Sea2005PierosIE1F
AranosThroat Clearance2005PierosIE1F
AranosAnd Soon Coffin Sings2005PierosIE1F
AranosMother of Moons Bathing2007SoleilmoonUS1F
AranosKoryak Mistress Stakes Golden Sky2008PierosIE1F
AranosAlone Vimalakirti Blinks2008PierosIE1F
AranosSurrounded By Hermits2009PierosIE1F
AranosWinter Solstice2011PierosIE1F
AranosAahh Man and Amen To That!2012PierosIE1F
Aranos / El MonteAllied Cooking But Not As You Know It!2003PierosIE1F
Aranos/Mueller/RosenauBleeding in Behind Pastel Screens2001CroutonUS1F
ARC/Aidan BakerRepercussion2002Piehead RecordsCA1S
ArcadiaSo Red the Rose +DVD2009ParlophoneUK2F
Arco Flute Foundation, theThe Third Lesson in New Era Time2000Cenotaph AudioUS1F
Arling & CameronMusic for Imaginary Films2000Emperor NortonUS1F
Armann, SiggiMusic for the Addicted2005SmekkleysaIS1F
Ármann, SiggiMindscape2001SmekkleysaIS1F
Armstrong, CraigThe Space Between1998MelankolicUS1F
Arovane / PhonemAer (Valid)2001Vertical FormUK1F
Art of Noise, theDaft1985ZTTUK1F
Art of Noise, theRe-works of the Art of Noise1987ChrysalisUS1F
Art of Noise, theIn no sense? Non sense.1988ChrysalisUS1F
Art of Noise, theBelow the Waste1989PolydorUS1F
Art of Noise, theThe Ambient Collection1990PolydorUS1F
Art of Noise, theThe FON Mixes1991ChinaUK1F
Art of Noise, theThe Drum and Bass Collection1996DiscoveryUS1F
Art of Noise, theIn Visible Silence1988China/PolydorUS1F
Art of Noise, theInto Battle +DVD2003RepertoireDE1S
AS115000M New WR2001AntifrostGR1S
AscheDistorted Disco2000Ant-ZenDE1F
Ash, DanielComing Down1990RCAUS1F
Ash, DanielFoolish Thing Desire1992ColumbiaUS1F
Asteroids, theMoonlight Music for Beginners2000Scientific LaboratoriesIE1S
Astral Social ClubNeon Pibroch2007ImportantUS1F
ASTRO/Hiroshi HasegawaThe Echo from the Purple Dawn2008ImportantUS1F
AsvaPresences of Absences2011ImportantUS1F
At Right AnglesTravels In Constants Vol. 162004Temporary ResidenceUS1S
Atari Teenage Riot60 Second Wipe Out1999ElektraUS1F
Atlas SoundLet the Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel2008KrankyUS1F
Atlas SoundLogos2009KrankyUS1F
Atomsmasher [Phantomsmasher]2002IpecacUS1F
Au Revoir BorealisDark Enough for Stars2008Utter EastUS1F
AubePurification to Numbness1994PureUS1F
AubeDazzle Reflexion1994Releasing EskimoSE1F
AubeMetal de Metal1996ManifoldUS1F
AubeCardiac Strain1997Alien8CA1F
AubeAqua Syndrome1997ManifoldUS1F
AubePages from the Book1998Elsie & JackUS1F
AubeFlare1998Iris LightUK1F
AubeFlush1998Iris LightUK1F
AubeShade Away1999Art-ICSE1F
Aube [V/A]Rewriting the Book2001Elsie + JackUS2F
Aural RageA Nature of Nonsense2005PRSUK1F
Aural RageSinsemilla Dreams2006Divine FrequencyUS1F
AurelieDesde Que Nací2003SwimUK1F
Austen, LouieOnly Tonight2001Kitty-YoDE1F
AutechreBass cadet1994WaxTrax!US1S
AutechreTri Repetae1996WaxTrax!US2F
AutechreChiastic Slide1997WarpUK1F
AutechrePeel Session1999WarpUK1S
AutechrePeel Session 22001WarpUK1S
AutechreGantz Graf +DVD2002WarpUK1S
Autechre [Gescom]1998TouchUK1M
Autechre [Gescom]Iss:Sa2003SkamUK1S
Autistic DaughtersJealousy and Diamond2004KrankyUS1F
Autistic DaughtersUneasy Flowers2008KrankyUS1F
AxolotlMemory Theatre2007ImportantUS1F
AxolotlTelesma2007Spooky ActionUS1F
Ayers/Everall/HarrisMesmeric Enabling Device1999SoleilmoonUS1F
B, Eric and RakimPaid in Full: The Platinum Edition1998IslandUS2F
B, HowieSnatch1999Palm PicturesUS1F
BabliconThe Cat That Was a Dog2000MisraUS1F
Baby DeeLittle Window2001DurtroUK1F
Baby Dee2001DurtroUK1S
Baby DeeLove's Small Song2002DurtroUK2F
Baby DeeMade for Love2005Durtro JnanaCA1S
Baby DeePlays the Piano2005US1S
Baby DeeLive in Turin2005PreIT1F
Baby DeeSafe Inside the Day2008Drag CityUS1F
Bach, J.S.Mass in B Minor1989Virgin ClassicsUS2F
Bach, J.S.Weihnachts Oratorio1989Virgin ClassicsUS2F
Backbeat BandBackbeat ST1994VirginUS1F
Badalamenti, AngeloThe Comfort of Strangers [ST]1990CamIT1F
Badalamenti, AngeloCity of Lost Children [ST]1995PointUS1F
Badalamenti, AngeloThe Straight Story [ST]1999Windham HillUS1F
Badalamenti, Angelo [V/A]Twin Peaks [ST]1990Warner Bros.US1F
Badalamenti, Angelo [V/A]Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me [ST]1992Warner Bros.US1F
Badalamenti, Angelo [V/A]Lost Highway [ST]1997Nothing/InterscopeUS1F
Badalamenti, Angelo [V/A]Mulholland Drive [ST]2001MilanUS1F
Badalamenti, Angelo [V/A]Twin Peaks Season Two Music and More2007AbsurdaUS1F
Badly Drawn BoyAnother Pearl CD 22000XL RecordingsUK1S
Bailey, DerekPlayBacks1998BingoUS1F
Bailiff, JessicaEven in Silence1997KrankyUS1F
Bailiff, JessicaHour of the Trace1999KrankyUS1F
Bailiff, JessicaJessica Bailiff2002KrankyUS1F
Bailiff, JessicaCompiled: 1998-20032003People the SkyUS2F
Bailiff, JessicaMarch 2003 West Coast Tour EP2003People the SkyUS1S
Bailiff, JessicaOld Things 1999-20032007MorcBE1F
Bailiff, JessicaAt the down-turned jagged rim of the sky2012KrankyUS1F
Bailiff, Jessica and Annelise Monsere2008MorcBE1S
Baker, AidanDog Fox Gone to Ground2005AfeCA1F
Baker, AidanThe Sea Swells a Bit2005A Silent PlaceIT1F
Baker, AidanPeriodic2005Crucial BlissCA1F
Baker, AidanBook of Nods2008Beta-Lactam RingUS1F
Baker, AidanI Wish Too, To Be Absorbed2008ImportantUS2F
Baker, AidanStill Life2011Primary NumbersUS1F
Baker, Aidan and ThisquietarmyA Picture of a Picture2009Killer PimpUS1F
BalachanderThe Virtuoso of Vina1984ColumbiaJP1F
Ball, DaveIn Strict Tempo1983Some BizzareUK1F
Bandez [Little Annie & Paul Wallfisch]When Good Things Happen to Bad Pianos2008Durtro JnanaCA1F
Bandez [Little Annie & Paul Wallfisch]Genderful2010SouthernUK1F
Bandez [Little Annie]Short, Sweet and Dread1994RestlessUS1F
Bandez [Little Annie]Diamonds Made of Glass2001StreamlineUS1S
Bandez [Little Annie]Little Annie and the Legally Jammin'2003ItalicDE1F
Bandez [Little Annie]Songs from the Coal Mine Canary2006Durtro JnanaCA1F
Bandez, Annie [Little Annie]Short and Sweet1992On-U SoundUK1F
Bandez, Annie AnxietyJackamo1989One Little IndianUK1F
Bandez, Annie AnxietyJackamo1996Echo BeachDE1F
Banhart, DevendraOh Me Oh My…2002Young GodUS1F
Banhart, DevendraRejoicing in the Hands2004Young GodUS1F
Banhart, DevendraNiño Rojo2004Young GodUS1F
Banhart, DevendraBlack Babies (UK)2004Young GodUS1S
Bardo PondDilate2001MatadorUS1F
Bardo PondVol. II2001Three LobedUS1F
Bardo PondVol. 32001Three LobedUS1F
Bardo PondVol. IV2002Three LobedUS1F
Bardo PondOn the Ellipse2003All Tomorrow's PartiesUK1F
Bardo PondVol. V2005Three LobedUS1F
Bardo PondVol. 620053 LobedUS1F
Bardo Pond [Prairie Dog Flesh]Take the Green Over the Red2002Three LobedUS1F
Bardo Pond [Third Troll]2001Three LobedUS1F
Bardo Pond [Third Troll]Phlebotomy2001Three LobedUS1F
Bardo Pond [Third Troll]1112005Three LobedUS1F
Bardo Pond [Vapour Theories]Decant2002Three LobedUS1F
Bardo Pond / Tom Carter3773420043 LobedUS1F
Bardo Pond presents:Sublimation2006Three LobedUS1F
Bark Haze, theTotal Joke Era2007ImportantUS1F
Barn Owl and the Infinite StringsThe Headlands2011ImportantUS1F
Barrett, SydBarrett1970CapitolUS1F
Barrett, SydThe Madcap Laughs1970CapitolUS1F
Barrett, SydOpel1989CapitolUS1F
Barry & the Remains1965EpicUS1F
BaseheadDo You Wanna Fuck (Or What)?1992ImagoUS1S
BaseheadNot in Kansas Anymore1993ImagoUS1F
Basho, RobbieVenus in Cancer1969Tompkins SquareUS1F
Basho, RobbieBonn Ist Supreme2008Bo WeavilUS1F
Basinski, WilliamThe Disintegration Loops2002MusexUS1F
Bass Communion1999Hidden ArtUK2F
Bass CommunionGhosts on Magnetic Tape2004Headphone DustUK1F
Bass CommunionMolotov and Haze2008ImportantUS1F
Bass Communion vs. Muslimgauze1999SoleilmoonUS1F
Bass Communion vs. Muslimgauzeep2000SoleilmoonUS1S
Bastard NoiseRRRevenge2002RRRecordsUS2F
Battiato, FrancoFetus1972BMGIT1F
Battiato, FrancoPollution1973BMGIT1F
Battiato, FrancoSulle Corde Di Aries1974BMGIT1F
Battiato, FrancoClic1975BMGIT1F
Battiato, Franco1977BMGIT1F
Battiato, FrancoJuke Box1978BMGIT1F
Battiato, FrancoL'Egitto prima delle sabbie1978BMGIT1F
BattlesTras2004Cold SweatUS1S
BattlesEP C2004MonitorUS1S
BattlesB EP2004Dim MakUS1S
BattlesTonto +DVD2007WarpUK1S
BauhausBela Lugosi's Dead1979Situation 2UK1S
BauhausIn the Flat Field19804ADUK1F
BauhausThe Sky's Gone Out1982Beggars BanquetUK1F
BauhausPress the Eject and Give me the tape1982Beggars BanquetUK1F
BauhausMask1982Beggars BanquetUK1F
BauhausBurning from the Inside1983Beggars BanquetUK1F
BauhausThe Singles1989Beggars BanquetUK1F
BauhausSwing the Heartache- BBC Sessions1989RCAUS1F
BauhausRest in Peace1992NemoUK2F
Be Your Own Pet2006Ecstatic PeaceUS1F
Beacon Street Union, theThe Eyes of,... & The Clown Died in Marvin Gardens1968HeadUK1F
Beans, theBassplayer2004Intr_versionCA1F
Beastie BoysAnthology: Bisque1999CapitolUS2F
Beastie BoysAnthology: The Sounds of Science1999CapitolUS2F
Beatles, theLive at the BBC1994CapitolUS2F
Beatles, theBaby It's You1995CapitolUS1S
Beatles, theAnthology 11995CapitolUS2F
Beatles, theFree As a Bird1995CapitolUS1S
Beatles, theAnthology 21996CapitolUS2F
Beatles, theReal Love1996CapitolUS1S
Beatles, theAnthology 31996CapitolUS2F
Beatles, theLet It Be… Naked2003CapitolUS2F
Beatles, theThe Beatles (2009 Remasters)2009Apple/CapitolUS16F
Beatmasters, theDunno What it is About You1989SireUS1S
Beats, Breaks & Scratches [V/A]Vol. 5 and 61991Music of LifeUK2F
Beats, Breaks & Scratches [V/A]Vol. 71991Music of LifeUK1F
Beaulieau, EmilMinutoli - Dedicated to Masami Akita1997PureUS1F
Beaulieau, EmilEmil Has a Relapse1997RelapseUS1F
Beaulieau, EmilBaby Songs2002RRRecordsUS1F
Beaulieau, EmilMoonlight on Vermont2003RRRecordsUS1F
Beaulieau, EmilA Punch in the Face2003RRRecordsUS1F
BedheadWhat Fun Life Was1993Trance SyndicateUS1F
Bedhead4 Song EP1994Trance SyndicateUS1S
BedheadBeheaded1996Trance SyndicateUS1F
BedheadThe Dark Ages1996Trance SyndicateUS1S
BedheadTransaction de Norvo1998Trance SyndicateUS1F
Bedhead [The Kadane Brothers]Music from the film Hell House2004PlexifilmUS1S
Bee Gees, theUltimate +DVD2009RhinoUS2F
BeekeeperAnywhere Will Do1995Muss My HairUS1F
BeequeenThe Bodyshop2005ImportantUS1F
Begg, SiDirector's Cut2003MuteUS1F
Behrens, M.Final Ballet1998NotonDE1F
Behrens, M.Elapsed Time2001IntransitiveUS1F
Beinteinsson, SveinbjörnEdda1998DurtroUK1F
BeirutGulag Orkestar2006Ba Da Bing!US1F
BeirutLon Gisland2007Ba Da Bing!US1S
BeirutThe Flying Club Cup2007Ba Da Bing!US1F
Belew, AdrianYoung Lions1990AtlanticUS1C
Bell GardensFull Sundown Assembly2012SouthernUK1F
Bell, ChrisI am the Cosmos1992RykodiscUS1F
BellySlow Dust19924ADUK1S
BellyFeed the Tree19934ADUK1S
BellyGepetto remix disc 219934ADUS1S
BellyNow They'll Sleep19954ADUK1S
BellySeal My Fate19954ADUK1S
BellySeal My Fate (live)19954ADUK1S
BelongCommon Era2011KrankyUS1F
BelongCommon Era2011KrankyUS1F
Beneath Autumn Sky2001HeftyUS1S
Benni Hemm Hemm2006Morr MusicDE1F
Benni Hemm HemmKajak2006Morr MusicDE1S
Benoit PioulardPrecis2006KrankyUS1F
Benoit PioulardTemper2008KrankyUS1F
Benoit PioulardLasted2010KrankyUS1F
Benoit Pioulard [Parveen and Benoit]Songs Spun Simla2008Music RelatedUS1F
BerlinBest of Berlin 1979-19881988GeffenUS1F
Berrocal, JaquesFatal Encounters1993Soleil et de L'acierFR1F
Berry, Heidi19934ADUS1F
Berry, HeidiThe Moon and the Sun19934ADUK1S
Berry, HeidiPomegranite - an Anthology20014ADUK1F
Besombes, PhilippeCesi est Cela2004MioIL1F
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Birchville Cat MotelSeventh Ruined Hex2007ImportantUS1F
Bird ShowGreen Inferno2005KrankyUS1F
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Bird Show2008KrankyUS1F
BirdsBirds Birds In the World2005ImportantUS1F
Birthday Party, theLive 81-8219994ADUS1F
Bissonnette, ChristopherPeriphery2005KrankyUS1F
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Biting TonguesAfter the Click (Retrospective 1980-89)2003LTMUK1F
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Blek Ink2000Ba Da Bing!US1F
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Blue Light FeverShutdown2002S:altUK1S
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BlurtCut It!2010LTMUK1F
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Boy From BrazilPointless Shoes2005Tigerbeat6US1F
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Breeders, theDivine Hammer1993ElektraUS1S
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Breeders, the [The Amps]Tipp City19954ADUK1F
Breeders, the [The Amps]Pacer1995ElektraUS1F
Brennan, MaireMaire1992AtlanticUS1F
Brethren of the Free SpiritThe Wolf Also Shall Dwell with the Lamb2008ImportantUS1F
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Bridle WireDamper String2004ScarcelightUK1S
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Brigitte & the Hansen ExperienceFrau Hansen Am Bass2005Psychedelic PigUS1F
BroadcastWork and Non Work1997Drag CityUS1F
BroadcastEcho's Answer1999WarpUK1S
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BroadcastCome On Let's Go2000WarpUK1S
BroadcastExtended Play Two2000WarpUS1S
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Bug, thePressure2003Tigerbeat6US1F
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Cabaret VoltaireLive at the Lyceum1981MuteUS1F
Cabaret VoltaireRed Mecca1981MuteUS1F
Cabaret Voltaire2 X 451982MuteUS1F
Cabaret VoltaireHai!1982MuteUS1F
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Cabaret VoltaireThe Living Legends1990MuteUS1F
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Cabaret VoltaireKeep On1990ParlophoneUK1S
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Cabaret VoltaireWhat is Real?1991CrepuscleFR1S
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Calexico98-99 Road Map1998Our SoilUS1S
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Call and Response2001Emperor NortonUS1F
CallaScavengers2001Young GodUS1F
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CanUnlimited Edition1976MuteUS1F
CanSaw Delight1977MuteUS1F
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CanCannibalism 21992SpoonUK1F
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Can'tPrepares to Fall Again2002IRFPUS1F
Can'tVs. the World2003IRFPUS1F
Can't (Jessica Rylan)Interior Designs2007ImportantUS1F
Candy Skins, theFun?1993DGCUS1F
Cannibal OxThe F Word2001Def JuxUS1S
Cannibal OxThe Cold Vein2001Def JuxUS1F
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Captain Beefheart & His Magic BandTrout Mask Replica1970RepriseUS1F
CaribouTour CD2005LeafUK1S
CaribouMarino / DVD2005DominoUS1F
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CaribouStart Breaking My Heart2006DominoUS2F
Caribou2008 Tour CD2008CaribouCA1S
Caribou2010 Tour CD2010CaribouCA1S
Caribou (Manitoba)Giver2002LeafUK1S
Carnacki, Quattro, Burson, BrumitFar Voyage from a Placid Island2005AlthiometerUS1F
CarolineMurmurs2006Temporary ResidenceUS1F
CarolineSunrise2006Temporary ResidenceUS1S
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Cars, theOriginal Album Series2009RhinoUK5F
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Carter, ChristinaLace Heart2006Wholly-OtherUS1F
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Carter, ChristinaVert2007Many BreathsUS1F
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Carter, ChristinaOriginal Darkness2008KrankyUS1F
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Carter, ChristinaAs Human As They Sound2009Many BreathsUS1F
Carter, ChristinaBearing/Coupled2009Many BreathsUS1F
Carter, ChristinaOf the Gutter2009Many BreathsUS1F
Carter, ChristinaTrickster Who Is Like God2011Many BreathsUS1F
Carter, ChristinaImaginee2012Many BreathsUS1F
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Carter, TomMonument2004KrankyUS1F
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Cash, JohnnyAmerican III: Solitary Man2000AmericanUS1F
Cashmore, MichaelThe Snow Abides2007Durtro/JnanaCA1S
Casino Versus Japan1998Star Star StereoUS1F
Casino Versus JapanWhole Numbers Play the Basics2003CarparkUS1F
Casiotone for the Painfully AlonePocket Symphonies for Lonesome Subway Cars2001TomlabUS1F
Cat PowerMoon Pix1998MatadorUS1F
Cat PowerThe Covers Record2000MatadorUS1F
Cat PowerYou Are Free2003MatadorUS1F
CatharsAmorpheus2000Miau Miau InternationalUS1F
CathodeSleeping + Breathing1999Castle Von BuhlerUS1F
Cathode Ray TubeOld Organics1998CfomUS1F
Cathode Ray TubeSubzero Sensei2001CFOMUS1F
Cativo3 Seconds is Now2000Position ChromeDE1F
CavePsychic Psummer2009ImportantUS1F
Cave, Nick and the Bad SeedsYour Funeral, My Trial1986MuteUK1F
Cave, Nick and the Bad SeedsKicking Against the Pricks1986MuteUK1F
Cave, Nick and the Bad SeedsThe Firstborn is Dead1988MuteUK1F
Cave, Nick and the Bad SeedsTender Prey1988MuteUK1F
Cave, Nick and the Bad SeedsThe Good Son1990MuteUS1F
Cave, Nick and the Bad SeedsHenry's Dream1992MuteUS1F
Cave, Nick and the Bad SeedsMurder Ballads1996MuteUS1F
Cave, Nick and the Bad SeedsLet Love In1996Mute/ElektraUS1F
Cave, Nick and the Bad SeedsThe Boatman's Call1997MuteUK1F
Cave, Nick and the Bad SeedsFrom Her to Eternity1998MuteUK1F
Cave, Nick and the Bad SeedsNo More Shall We Part2001RepriseUS1F
Cave, Nick and the Bad SeedsNocturama2003AntiUS1F
Cave, Nick and the Bad SeedsAbattoir Blues / The Lyre of Orpheus2004AntiUS2F
Cave, Nick and the Bad SeedsB-Sides & Rarities2005MuteUK3F
Cave, Nick and the Bad SeedsThe Abattoir Blues Tour + 2xDVD2007MuteUS2F
Cave, Nick and the Bad SeedsDig!!!, Lazarus, Dig!!!2008AntiUS1F
Cave, Nick and the Bad SeedsPush the Sky Away +DVD2013KobaltUS1F
Cazazza, MonteThe Worst Of...1992MuteUK1F
Cazazza, MontePower Versus Wisdom, Live1996Side EffectsUS1F
Cerberus ShoalHomb1998Temporary ResidenceUS1F
Cerberus ShoalCrash My Moon Yacht2000PandemoniumFR1F
Cerberus ShoalTravels in Constants Volume Ten2001Temporary ResidenceUS1S
Cerberus ShoalGarden Fly, Drip Eye2001North East IndieUS1S
Cerberus ShoalMr. Boy Dog2002Temporary ResidenceUS2F
Cerberus Shoal…and Farewell to Hightide2002Temporary ResidenceUS2F
Cerberus ShoalElements of Structure/Permanence2002Temporary ResidenceUS1F
Cerberus ShoalChaiming the Knoblessone2003North East IndieUS1F
Cerberus ShoalThe Land We All Believe In2005North East IndieUS1F
Cerberus Shoal / Alvarus BThe Vim and Vigor of…2002North East IndieUS1S
Cerberus Shoal / GuapoThe Ducks and Drakes of…2003North East IndieUS1S
Cerberus Shoal / Herman DuneThe Whys and Hows of…2002North East IndieUS1S
Cerberus Shoal / Magic CarpathiansThe Life & Times of…2003North East IndieUS1S
CeremonyCeremony2005Sarafin SoundUS1S
CeremonyDisappear2007Sarafin SoundUS1F
CeremonyRocket Fire2010Killer PimpUS1F
CeremonyExtended Play2011Killer PimpUS1S
Certain GeneralAn Introduction to War2001SourMashUS2F
CexRole Model2000Tigerbeat6US1F
CexOops, I Did it Again!2001Tigerbeat6US1S
CexStarship Galactica2001555 of PhiladelphiaUS1S
CexTall, Dark and Handcuffed2002Tigerbeat6US1F
CexBeing Ridden2003Temporary ResidenceUS1F
CexBeing Ridden (instrumental)2003Temporary ResidenceUS1F
CexKnow Doubt2004Pain Based LifeformUS1S
CexSketchi2007Temporary ResidenceUS1F
CexExotical Privates2007AutomationUS1F
Cex / Nice NiceActual Fucking2006AutomationUS1F
Chalk, AndrewCrescent1998RobotUS1F
Chalk, AndrewOver the Edges2003StreamlineUS1F
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Chalk, AndrewShadows from the Album Skies II2005Three PoplarsUK1F
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Chalk, AndrewVega2005Faraway PressUK1F
Chalk, AndrewShadows from the Album Skies2005Faraway PressUK1F
Chalk, AndrewBlue Eyes of the March2006Faraway PressUK1F
Chalk, AndrewEast of the Sun2006Faraway PressUK1F
Chalk, AndrewGoldfall2006Faraway PressUK1F
Chalk, AndrewThe River That Flows Into the Sands II2007Faraway PressUK1F
Chalk, AndrewTime of Hayfield2008Faraway PressUK1F
Chalk, AndrewThe Cable House2009Faraway PressUK1F
Chalk, AndrewGhosts of Nakhodka2010SirenJP1F
Chalk, Andrew [Ghosts On Water]Senshu2008Faraway PressUK1F
Chalk, Andrew [Isolde]You're Alne In Red Riding Picture2004Penny PoppetUK1S
Chalk, Andrew [Isolde]All Things to Fall Like Marching Men2008Penny PoppetUK1F
Chalk, Andrew [Marsfield]The Towering Sky2009Faraway PressUK1F
Chalk, Andrew & Daisuke SuzukiThe Days After2003Three PoplarsUK1F
Chalk, Andrew & Daisuke SuzukiThe Days After2007Three PoplarsUK1F
Chalk, Andrew & Daisuke SuzukiThe Shadows Go Their Own Way2009SirenJP1F
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Chalk, Andrew and Brendan WallsThis Growing Clearing2004Three PoplarsUK1F
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Chalk, Andrew, Daisuke Suzuki, Naoko SuzukiGhosts On Water2007Faraway PressUK1F
Chapman, TracyBaby Can I Hold You?1988ElektraUS1S
Chappaquiddick Skyline1999Sub PopUS1F
ChapterhouseBlood Music1993DeadicatedUS2F
ChapterhouseWhirlpool2006Cherry RedUK1F
CharalambidesUnknown Spin2003KrankyUS1F
CharalambidesJoy Shapes2004KrankyUS1F
CharalambidesOur Bed Is Green2005KrankyUS2F
CharalambidesGlowing Raw2005Wholly-OtherUS1F
CharalambidesA Vintage Burden2006KrankyUS1F
CharalambidesStrangle the Wretched Heavens2006Wholly-OtherUS1F
CharalambidesEmerald Message2006Wholly-OtherUS1F
CharalambidesBranches2008Wholly OtherUS1F
Charlene2002Shark AttackUS1F
Charles AtlasTwo More Hours1999Star Star StereoUS1S
Charles AtlasPlay the Spaces2000Star Star StereoUS1F
Charles AtlasFelt Cover2002Static CaravanUS1F
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CoilUnnatural History III1997Threshold HouseUK1F
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CoilWinter Solstice: North1999EskatonUK1S
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Cure, theFaith2005RhinoUS2F
Cure, theSeventeen Seconds2005RhinoUS2F
Cure, thePornography2005RhinoUS2F
Cure, the [The Glove]Blue Sunshine1983Rough TradeUS1F
Current 93Nature Unveiled1984DurtroUK1F
Current 93Dog's Blood Rising1985DurtroUK1F
Current 93Earth Covers Earth1992DurtroUK1F
Current 93As the World Disappears from View1993DurtroUK1F
Current 93Crooked Crosses for the Nodding God1993DurtroUK1F
Current 93Dawn1993DurtroUK1F
Current 93Emblemz: The Menstrual Years1993DurtroUK2F
Current 93Hitler as Kalki1993DurtroUK1F
Current 93Live at Bar Maldoror1993DurtroUK1F
Current 93Christ and the Pale Queens Mighty in Sorrow1993DurtroUK1F
Current 93Swastikas for Goddy1993DurtroUK1F
Current 93Dawn1993DurtroUK1F
Current 93Horsey1994DurtroUK1F
Current 93In Menstrual Night1994DurtroUK1F
Current 93Dog's Blood Order1997DurtroUK1F
Current 93When the May Rain Comes1997United DurtroUK1S
Current 93A Gothic Love Song1998DurtroUK1S
Current 93Soft Black Stars1998DurtroUK1F
Current 93Misery Farm1999DurtroUK1S
Current 93Calling for Vanished Faces1999DurtroUK2F
Current 93All Dolled Up Like Christ - Live in NYC 19961999DurtroUK2F
Current 93I Have a Special Plan for This World2000DurtroUK1S
Current 93Sleep Has His House2000DurtroUK1F
Current 93Faust2000DurtroUK1F
Current 93The Great in the Small2001DurtroUK1F
Current 93Cats Drunk on Copper2001DurtroUK1F
Current 93Some Soft Black Stars Seen Over London2001DurtroUK1F
Current 93Imperium2001DurtroUK1F
Current 93The Seahorse Rears to Oblivion2003PanDurtroUK1S
Current 93Dawn2003DurtroUK1F
Current 93A Little Menstrual Night Music2003United DurtroUS1F
Current 93Thunder Perfect Mind2003DurtroUK2F
Current 93SixSixSix: SickSickSick2004DurtroUK1F
Current 93The Courtyard/Jerusalem2004JnanaCA1S
Current 93[unknown]2005Durtro JnanaCA1S
Current 93Halo2005Durtro JnanaCA1F
Current 93How I Devoured the Apocalypse Balloon2005Durtro JnanaCA2F
Current 93Hypnagogue I/Hypnagogue II2005Durtro/JnanaCA1F
Current 93Judas as Black Moth2005SanctuaryUK2F
Current 93Black Ships ate the Sky2006Durtro/JnanaCA1F
Current 93Black Ships Ate the Sky (mail order version)2006DurtroUK1F
Current 93Black Ships Ate the Sky (tour EP)2006DurtroUK1S
Current 93Black Ships Eat the Sky2007Durtro/JnanaCA1F
Current 93The Inmost Light2007Durtro/JnanaCA3F
Current 93Birdsong in the Empire2007Durtro/JnanaCA1F
Current 93Of Rune or Some Blazing Starre2007Durtro JnanaCA1F
Current 93Nature Unveiled2008Durtro/JnanaCA2F
Current 93Dogs Blood Rising2008Durtro/JnanaCA2F
Current 93Black Ships Ate the Dancefloor2008Durtro/JnanaCA1S
Current 93In Menstrual Night2009Durtro/JnanaCA2F
Current 93Dawn2009Durtro/JnanaCA2F
Current 93Live at Bar Maldoror2009Durtro/JnanaCA2F
Current 93Baalstorm Sing Omega2010Coptic CatCA1F
Current 93Haunted Waves, Moving Graves2010Coptic CatUK1F
Current 93Aleph at Docetic Mountain2010Coptic CatUK1F
Current 93Honeysuckle Aeons2011Coptic CatUK1F
Current 93 [The Apocalyptic Folk]The Nodding god Unveiled1993OuroubourousUK1F
Current 93 [The Aryan Aquarians]Meet Their Waterloo1997DurtroUK1S
Current 93 [V/A]Seven Seals1996DurtroUK1S
Current 93 / Antony and the JohnsonsLive at St. Olave's2003PanDurtroUK1S
Current 93 / Death in June / Sol InvictusFrankfurt Sound Depot 19911996World SerpentUK1F
Current 93 / HÖHIsland1993DurtroUK1F
Current 93 / HÖHCrowleymass1997DurtroUK1S
Current 93 / Michael Cashmore / Christoph HeemanFragments of our Recent Past1999DurtroUK1F
Current 93 / Nurse With WoundBright Yellow Moon2001United DurtroUK1F
Current 93 / Nurse With WoundPurtle2001United DurtroUK1S
Current 93 / Nurse With WoundMusic for the Horse Hospital2002PanDurtroUK2F
Current 93 / Thomas LigottiIn a Foreign Town, In a Foreign Land2002DurtroUK1F
Current 93/OmInerrant Rayes of Infallible Sun (Blackship Shrinebuilder)2006Durtro/JnanaCA1S
Current 93/OmInerrant Rays of Infallible Sun (Blackship Shrinebuilder)2006Durtro/JnanaCA1S
CurvePubic Fruit1992CharismaUS1F
CurvePink Girl with the Blues1996FatlipUK1S
CurveChinese Burn1997UniversalUS1S
CurveCome Clean1998UniversalUS1F
CurveComing up Roses1998UniversalUK1S
CurveOpen Day at the Hate
CurveThe New Adventures of Curve2002FatlipUK1F
CurveThe Way of Curve 1990/20042004AnxiousUK2F
Cutting CrewOne for the Mockingbird1986VirginUK1S
CyclobeLuminous Darkness1999Phantom CodeUK1F
CyclobeThe Visitors2001Phantom CodeUK1F
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Czars, theBefore… But Longer2000Bella UnionUK1F
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DadamahThis is Not a Dream1994KrankyUS1F
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DälekGutter Tactics2009IpecacUS1F
Dali's CarThe Waking Hour1984Beggars BanquetUK1F
Damon & NaomiThe Wonderous World Of…1995Sub PopUS1F
Damon & Naomiwith Ghost2000Sub PopUS1F
Dark StarTravelogue1994SparkUK1F
Dark StarTravelogue II2000SoleilmoonUS1F
Dart36 Cents and Hour1995CheUK1F
Dart1998Star Star StereoUS1S
DAT PoliticsTracto Flirt2000Tigerbeat6US1F
DAT PoliticsSous Hit2000Digital NarcisJP1F
DAT PoliticsPlugs Plus2002Chicks on SpeedDE1F
DAT PoliticsWow Twist2006Chicks on SpeedDE1F
DAT PoliticsAre Oui Phoney?2006Tigerbeat6US1S
Davis, BettyThey Say I'm Different2007A Light in the AtticUK1F
Davis, BettyBetty Davis2007A Light in the AtticUK1F
Davis, BettyNasty Gal2009A Light in the AtticUS1F
Davis, BettyIs It Love Or Desire?2009A Light in the AtticUS1F
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Dawson, KimyaKnock Knock Who?2003ImportantUS1F
Dawson, KimyaMy Cute Friend Sweet Princess2003ImportantUS1F
de Kleer, MartijnFlow2000NL1F
de Kleer, MartijnSo Close and Yet So Far Out2003Beta-Lactam RingUS1F
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Dead Can DanceToward the Within19944ADUS1F
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Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words11 Instances of Dead Letters + Words2003IdealSE1F
Dead Letters Spell Out Dead WordsLost In Reflections2009Killer PimpUS1F
Dead Texan, theThe Dead Texan +DVD2004KrankyUS1F
Dead Voices on AirNew Words Machine1995CleopatraUS1F
Dead Voices on AirHafted Maul1995InvisibleUS1F
Dead Voices on AirShap1996InvisibleUS1F
Dead Voices on AirPiss Frond1998InvisibleUS2F
Dead Voices on Air [Ambre & Mark Spybey]Sfumato2000HushushCA1F
Dead Voices on Air [Mark Spybey & Mick Harris]Threesome 2 - Bad Roads, Young Drivers2000HushushCA1F
Death In JuneNada!1985NERDE1F
Death In JuneRose Clouds of Holocaust1994NERDE1F
Death in JuneDiscriminate '81-'971997NERUK2F
Death in JunePassion! Power!! Purge!!!1998LeperUK1F
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Death In JuneOperation Hummingbird1999NERDE1F
Death in JuneAll Pigs Must Die2001NERDE1F
Death In JuneThe World That Summer2006NERUSUS2F
Death UnitInfinite Death2007ImportantUS1F
DeathfunkFunk Riot Beat1998DHR LimitedUK1F
DeathpileG.R.2003Force of NatureUS1F
Deathprod2004Rune GrammofonNO4F
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December Sound, the2007The December SoundUS1F
DecibelThe Complete Recordings 1977-20002003MioIL3F
Dee, JayWelcome 2 Detroit2001BBEUK1F
Deee-LiteGroove is in the Heart1990ElektraUK1S
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Deee-LitePower of Love1991ElektraUS1S
Deee-LiteInfinity Within1992ElektraUS1F
Deee-LiteRunaway/Rubber Lover1992ElektraUS1S
Deee-LiteThank You Everyday1992ElektraUS1F
Deee-LiteDewdrops in the Garden1994ElektraUS1F
Deee-LiteCall Me1994ElektraUS1S
DeerhunterFluorescent Grey2007KrankyUS1S
DeerhunterWeird Era Cont.2008KrankyUS1F
DeerhunterRainwater Cassette Exchange2009KrankyUS1S
Déficit Des Années AntérieuresLa Conférence Maracayace2000Editions CactusFR1F
Déficit Des Années Antérieures20 Ans De Vieille Musique Nouvelle2001Illusion ProductionFR1F
Del Rey & the Sun KingsI am the Light2005TrakwerxUS1F
Del Rey & the Sun KingsBattleship Potemkin2006TrakwerxUS1F
Delaurenti, ChristopherN30: Live at the World Trade Organization protest, November 30, 19992000SonarmapUS1F
Deltron 3030200175 ArkUS1F
Deltron 3030The Instrumentals200175 ArkUS1F
DemiosDigital Black2000US1F
Denzel + HuhnTime is a Good Thing2002City Centre OfficesDE1F
Departure LoungeOut of There2000Bella UnionUK1S
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Depeche ModeViolator1990SireUS1F
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Depeche Mode2:7-121991SireUS6S
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Depeche Mode4: 19-241991SireUS6S
Depeche Mode5: 25-301991SireUS6S
Depeche ModeSongs of Faith and Devotion1993MuteUS1F
Depeche ModePromotional19952F
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Depeche ModeHome/Useless1997RepriseUS1S
Depeche ModeOnly When I Lose Myself1998MuteUK1S
Depeche ModeExciter2001RepriseUS1F
Depeche ModeRemixes 81…042004RepriseUS3F
Depeche ModePlaying the Angel2006RepriseUS1F
Depeche ModeSounds of the Universe2009CapitolUS1F
Depeche ModeDelta Machine2013ColumbiaUS2F
DesormaisClimate Variations2002Intr_versionCA1F
DesormaisDead Letters to Lost Friends2005Intr_versionCA1F
Detroit Grand PubahsFunk All Y'all2001Jive ElectroUS1F
Detroit Grand PubahsGalactic Ass Creatures from Uranus2004Poker RollUK1F
Deutsch, AndrewLoops Over Land2005Divine FrequencyUS1F
DevillockThese Graves2005PacRec/SNSEUS1F
DianogahAs Seen from Above1997Ohio GoldUS1F
Die KruppsFatherland1993Our ChoiceDE1S
Die Krupps IIThe Final Option1993Our ChoiceDE2F
Die Tödliche DorisKinderringellreihen Für Wahren Toren des Grals2002Psychedelic PigUS1F
Dif JuzExtractions19864ADUK1F
Dif JuzSoundpool19864ADUK1F
Dimensional Holofonic Sound [D. H. S.]The House of God1990HangmanUS1S
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Dimuzio, ThomasSonicism1996RRRecordsUS2F
DiMuzio, Thomas / Chris CutlerQuake1999ReRUK1F
Directions in Music1996Thrill JockeyUS1F
Dirty ThreeOcean Songs1998Drag CityUS1F
Dirty ThreeLowlands2000Anchor & HopeUS1F
Dirty ThreeWhatever You Love, You Are2000Bella UnionUK1F
Dirty ThreeShe Has No Strings Apollo2003Touch & GoUS1F
Dirty ThreeA Strange Holiday2003Anchor & HopeAU1S
DisappearsPre Language2012KrankyUS1F
DisjectaClean Pit & Lid1996WarpUK1F
Disposable Heroes of HiphoprisyHypucrisy is the Greatest Luxury19924th & B'wayUS1F
Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy / William S. BurroughsSpare Ass Annie1993Island RedUS1F
DissolveThat That Is.. Is (Not)1994KrankyUS1F
DissolveThird Album from the Sun1997KrankyUS1F
DJ Andy SmithThe Document1998Phase 4US1F
DJ BrokenwindowParallel Universe #12003Violent TurdUS1F
DJ FakéConspiracy Theory1999ThousandUS1F
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DJ MuttamassikBidoun2003MisUS1F
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DJ/RuptureGold Teeth Thief2002Violent TurdNZ1S
DJ/RuptureSpecial Gunpowder2004Tigerbeat6US1F
DJ/Rupture / The Bug vs. The Rootsman vs. Daddy Freddy2003Tigerbeat6US1S
DJ/Rupture vs. FilastineShotgun Wedding Volume Six2007Violent TurdNZ1F
DJ/Rupture vs. MutamassikThei Bidoun Sessions2004Violent TurdNZ1F
DNADNA on DNA2001No More RecordsUS1F
DntelEarly Works for Me if it Works for You1999PhthaloUS1F
DntelSomething Always Goes Wrong2000PhthaloUS1F
DntelLife is Full of Possibilities2001Plug ResearchDE1F
Dntel(This is) The Dream of Evan and Chan2002Plug ResearchUS1S
Do Make Say ThinkGoodbye Enemy Airship the Landlord is Dead2000ConstellationCA1F
Do Make Say Think& Yet & Yet2002ConstellationCA1F
Do Make Say ThinkWinter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn2003ConstellationCA1F
Do Make Say ThinkYou, You're a History In Rust2007ConstellationCA1F
Doherty, SallyEmpire of Death1999TigerUK1F
Doherty, Sally & the SumacsA Collection of Songs (1995-2005)2006Strange FortuneUS1F
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Doherty, Sally and the SumacsOn the Outside2000Tiger UK1F
Dolby, ThomasThe Singular + DVD2009EMIUK1F
DoldrumsDesk Trickery1999KrankyUS1F
Don CaballeroWhat Burns Never Returns1998Touch & GoUS1F
Donna SummerThis Needs to Be Your Style2003IrritantUK1F
DoormouseThe Mothod / Freaked Out Mess2003Violent TurdNZ2F
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Doyle, RogerBabel Volume 11995SidoUK1F
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Dragon or Emperor2006Pickled EggUK1F
Drake, NickFruit Tree1986Hannibal/RykodiscUS4F
Dream SyndicateTell Me when it's Over (1982-1988)1992RhinoUS1F
DreamscapeLa-Di-Da Recordings2012KrankyUS1F
Dresden Dolls, the2002US1S
Dresden Dolls, theA is for Accident2003ImportantUS1F
Dresden Dolls, the2003Eight FootUS1F
Dresden Dolls, theYes, Virginia2006RoadrunnerUS1F
Dreyblatt, ArnoldTurntable History2011ImportantUS1F
Drift, theTravels In Constants Vol. 19 - Know Certain Future2005Temporary ResidenceUS1S
Drona ParvaTravels in Constants volume 41999Temporary ResidenceUS1S
Drones, theGala Mill2006ATPUK1F
Drop NineteensDelaware1992CarolineUS1F
Drop NineteensNational Coma1993CarolineUS1F
Drop NineteensLimp1993HutUK1S
Drop NineteensYour Aquarium1993HutUK1S
Drop the LimeThis Means Forever2005Tigerbeat6US1F
Drop the LimeShot Shot Hearts EP2006Tigerbeat6US1S
Drop the Lime & Syrup GirlsShotgun Wedding Vol. 42006Violent TurdUS1F
Drumm, KevinSheer Hellish Miasma2002MegoAT1F
Drummond, BillThe Man1990CreationUK1F
DualKeimar Sky2001Coomb RecordsUK1F
Dual Plover [V/A]Athlete of the Week2003V/Vm Test RecordsUK1F
Dudley, Anne with Jaz ColemanSongs from the Lost World1991TVTUS1F
Due ProcessCombine I - XVIII1995RRRecordsUS1F
Due ProcessFin de la Voix2001RRRecordsUS1F
Duellists, the1997Panic ATCUK1F
Duka Bass BandFraulein Casanova2003G. GegongeDE1F
Dumb TypeS/N1995Soleil et de L'acierFR1F
Dumb TypeMemorandum2000CCI RecordingsJP1F
Duncan, JohnIncoming1994StreamlineDE1F
Duncan, JohnJohn See Soundtracks1996RRRecordsUS1F
Duncan, JohnInfrasound - Tidal2003Die StadtDE1F
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Duran DuranRio1982CapitolUS1F
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Duran DuranThe Singles 1986-19952004EMINL14S
Düsseldorf, laViva1978TeldecDE1F
Dust BrothersFight Club [ST]1999RestlessUS1F
Duvall, AlThe Butler's Revenge2004V/Vm Test RecordsUK1F
Dvorak, AntoninSymphony No. 91991LondonUS1F
Dylan Group & Him1997Bubble CoreUS1F
Dylan Group, theReinterpreted1998Bubble CoreUS1F
Dylan Group, theMore Adventures in Lying Down...1999Bubble CoreUS1F
Dylan Group, theUr-klang Search2000Bubble CoreUS1F
EA2000Cpt. SparkyPL1F
EA[~.]2001Open CircuitNL1S
EarthExtra-Capsular Extraction1991Sub PopUS1F
EarthHex2005Southern LordUS1F
Earth OperaEarth Opera & The Great American Eagle Tragedy1969ElektraUK2F
Earth Trumpet2000CenotaphUS1F
Earth/K.K. Null2005ImportantUS1F
EarthmonkeyAudiosapien2003Beta-Lactam RingUS1F
EarthmonkeyDrum Machine2004Beta Lactam RingUS1F
Eastern Dub TacticBlood is Shining2001WaveformUS1S
Eats TapesSticky Buttons2005Tigerbeat6US1F
Eats TapesDos Mutantes2007Tigerbeat6US1F
Eau Claire2005ClairecordsUS1S
EBNTelecommunication Breakdown1995TVTUS1F
Echo & the BunnymenReverberation1990SireUS1F
Echo & the BunnymenCrystal Days 1979-19992001RhinoUS4F
Echo & the BunnymenThe Very Best Of - More Songs to Learn and Sing +DVD2006KorovaUK1F
Echo & the BunnymenOriginal Album Series2009RhinoUK5F
EchoboyVolume 12000MuteUS1F
EchoboyVolume 22000MuteUS1F
Ehlers, EkkehardBetrieb 2000Mille PlateauxDE1F
Eight Zero Eight [808] StateCübik1990Tommy BoyUS1S
Eight Zero Eight [808] StateCübik/Olympic/Pacific (8 Tracks)1990ZTTUK1F
Eight Zero Eight [808] StateLift1991Tommy BoyUS1S
Eight Zero Eight [808] StateOoops1991Tommy BoyUS1S
Eight Zero Eight [808] StateTimeBomb1992Tommy BoyUS1S
Eight Zero Eight [808] State10 x 101993Tommy BoyUS1S
Eight Zero Eight [808] StateState to State1995ZTTUK1F
Eight Zero Eight [808] StateThermo Kings1996ZTTUK1F
Eight Zero Eight [808] State88:981998UniversalUS1F
Eight Zero Eight [808] StateNewbuild1999RephlexUK1F
Eight Zero Eight [808] StatePrebuild2004RephlexUK1F
Eight Zero Eight [808] StateQuadrastate2008RephlexUK1F
Eight Zero Eight [808] State902008ZTTUK2F
Eight Zero Eight [808] Stateex:el2008ZTTUK2F
Eight Zero Eight [808] StateGorgeous2008ZTTUK2F
Eight Zero Eight [808] StateDon Solaris2008ZTTUK2F
Eight Zero Eight [808] State vs. David BowieSound and Vision1991Tommy BoyUS1S
Eight Zero Eight [808] State vs. UB40One in Ten1992Tommy BoyUS1S
Einstürzende NeubautenStrategies Against Architecture1983HomesteadUS1F
Einstürzende NeubautenStrategies Against Architecture II1991MuteUS2F
Einstürzende NeubautenDie Hamletmaschine1991Our ChoiceDE1F
Einstürzende NeubautenInterim1993MuteUS1S
Einstürzende NeubautenMalediction1993MuteUK1S
Einstürzende NeubautenTuabula Rasa1993MuteUS1F
Einstürzende NeubautenEnde Neu1996MuteUK1F
Einstürzende NeubautenFaustmusik1996MuteUS1F
Einstürzende NeubautenEnde Neu Remixed1997MuteUK1F
Einstürzende NeubautenTotal Eclipse of the Sun1999Our ChoiceDE1S
Einstürzende NeubautenSilence is Sexy2000MuteUK2F
Einstürzende NeubautenStrategies Against Architecture III2001MuteUK2F
Einstürzende NeubautenBerlin Babylon [ST]2001Our ChoiceDE1F
Einstürzende NeubautenKollaps2002PotomakDE1F
Einstürzende NeubautenFunf Auf Der Nach Oben Offen Richterskala2002PotomakDE1F
Einstürzende NeubautenZeichnungen des Patienten O.T.2002PotomakDE1F
Einstürzende Neubauten½ Mensch2002PotomakDE1F
Einstürzende NeubautenHaus Der Luge2002PotomakDE1F
Einstürzende Neubauten9-15-2000, Brussels2003Underground Inc.US2F
Einstürzende NeubautenPerpetuum Mobile2004MuteUS1F
Einstürzende NeubautenKalte Sterne2004MuteUS1F
Einstürzende NeubautenSupporters Album #12004PotomakDE1F
Einstürzende NeubautenGrundstueck2005PotomakDE1F
Einstürzende NeubautenAlles Was Irgendwie Nützt2006PotomakDE2F
Einstürzende NeubautenAlles Wieder Offen2007PotomakDE1F
Einstürzende NeubautenAlles Wieder Offen (Supporter edition)2007PotomakDE1F
Eitzel, MarkSongs of Love Live1991DemonDE1F
Eitzel, Mark60 Watt Silver Lining1996Warner Bros.US1F
Eitzel, MarkWest1997Warner Bros.US1F
Eitzel, MarkCaught in a Trap and I Can't Back Out Cos I Love You Too Much, Baby1998MatadorUS1F
Eitzel, MarkThe Invisible Man2001MatadorUS1F
Eitzel, MarkSuperhits International (demos 1999)2001MEUS1F
Eitzel, MarkLive on WFMU NYC SoloAcoustic 4/16/012001MEUS1F
Eitzel, MarkMusic for Courage & Confidence2002New WestUS1F
Eitzel, MarkThe Ugly American2003TonguemasterGR1F
Eitzel, MarkDemos Before Love Songs2005MarkEitzel.comUS1F
Eitzel, MarkCandy Ass2005Cooking VinylUS1F
Eitzel, MarkGlory2013DécorUK1F
Eitzel, MarkKlamath2009DécorUK1F
Electric CompanyStudio City1998SupremeUS1F
Electric CompanyOmaske1999Vinyl CommunicationsUS1F
Electric CompanyExitos2000Tigerbeat6US1F
Electric Company62-562001Tigerbeat6US1F
Electric Companyinvalid objects series ()2001FalltIE1S
Electric CompanyGreatest Hits2001Tigerbeat6US1F
Electric CompanyIt's Hard to Be a Baby2003Tigerbeat6US1F
Electric CompanyCreative Playthings2004Tigerbeat6US1F
Electric Light OrchestraLight Years: The Very Best Of…1997EpicUK1F
Electro Organic Sound System [DJ C and Friends]Mashit2004MashitUS1F
Electronic1991Warner Bros.US1F
ElectronicRaise the Pressure1996Warner Bros.US1F
ElectronicTwisted Tenderness1999ParlophoneUK1F
ElectronicGet the Message: The Best Of +DVD2006EMIUK1F
Elegy Radio Broadcast2003ChairkickersUS1S
ElehLocation Momentum2010TouchUK1F
ElehFloating Frequencies/Intuitive Synthesis2011ImportantUS3F
ElehRadiant Intervals2012ImportantUS1F
Elekrtic MusicEsperanto1993SpvUK1C
Elliott, Maja / Johnny EnquistArabica2005IE1F
Ellis, Warren3 Pieces for Violin2002King CrabUS1F
EluviumLambient Material2003Temporary ResidenceUS1F
EluviumAn Accidental Memory in the Case of Death2004Temporary ResidenceUS1F
EluviumTalk Amongst the Trees2005Temporary ResidenceUS1F
EluviumTravels In Constants Vol. 20 - Behind Your Trouble2005Temporary ResidenceUS1S
EluviumWhen I Live by the Garden and Sea2006Temporary ResidenceUS1S
EluviumCopia2007Temporary ResidenceUS1F
EluviumSimiles2010Temporary ResidenceUS1F
EmeraldsSolar Bridge2008HansonUS1F
EmeraldsDoes It Look Like I'm Here?2010Editions MegoAT1F
Empire, AlecThe Destroyer1994Digital HardcoreUK1F
Empire, AlecGeneration Star Wars1996Digital HardcoreUS1F
Empire, AlecMiss Black America1999Digital HardcoreUK1F
Empire, AlecHypermodern Jazz 2000.52000GeistUS1F
Empire, Alec & EL-PShards of Pol Pottery2001DHRUS1F
Empire, Alec/Techno AnimalThe Curse of the Goldden Vampire1998Digital HardcoreUK1F
Empty House CooperativePainted Plane2004SedimentalUS1F
Encre2002Clapping MusicFR1F
Encrelive2002Clapping MusicFR1S
Endless WaveCity Walls2010Fort PointUS1S
Endless WaveNotes from the Compound2011Fort PointUS1F
English BeatWhat is Beat?1983IRSUS1F
Eno, BrianAmbient 1: Music For Airports1978AstralwerksNL1F
Eno, BrianThe Shutov Assembly1992OpalUS1F
Eno, BrianNerve Net1992OpalUS1F
Eno, BrianTaking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)2004VirginNL1F
Eno, BrianHere Come the Warm Jets2004VirginNL1F
Eno, BrianAnother Green World2004VirginNL1F
Eno, BrianBefore and After Science2004VirginNL1F
Eno, Brian & Harold BuddAmbient 2: The Plateaux of Mirror1980AstralwerksNL1F
EnvenomistThe Helix2009Killer PimpUS1F
EonWhat is Music1992Vinyl SolutionsUS1S
Erase ErrataDancing Machine: Erase Errata Remix Record2003TroublemanUS1S
ErasureVictim of Love1987MuteUS1F
ErasureA Little Respect1988MuteUK1S
ErasureChains of Love1988MuteUK1S
ErasureCrackers International1988MuteUK1S
ErasureShip of Fools1988MuteUK1S
ErasureThe Innocents1988SireUS1F
ErasureYou Surround Me1989MuteUK1F
ErasureBlue Savannah1990SireUS1S
ErasureAm I Right?1991MuteUK1S
ErasureAbba-Esque-the Remixes1992MuteUK1S
ErasurePop! - The First 20 Hits1992SireUS1F
ErasureI Could Fall In Love with You2007MuteUS1S
Erickson, RokyGremlins Have Pictures1975RykodiscUS1F
Erickson, RokyDon't Slander Me1977RykodiscUS1F
ESGA South Bronx Story2000Universal SoundUK1F
EsmerineIf Only a Sweet Surrender to the Nights to Come True2003ResonantUK1F
Esplendor GeometricoEn-co-d-esplendor1997GiftJP1F
Esplendor Geometrico1980 19822003StaalplaatNL2F
Esquivel, Juan G.Music from a Sparkling Planet1995Bar NoneUS1F
Et SansPer Nousses Touss les Trous de vos Crânes!2005Alien8CA1F
Ethernet144 Pulsations of Light2009KrankyUS1F
EthernetOpus 22013KrankyUS1F
Europa 51Abstractions2003LoUK1F
EurythmicsWe Too Are One1989AristaUS1F
EurythmicsLove is a Stranger1991RCAUK1S
EurythmicsLive 1983-19891993AristaUS2F
Eve's PlumEnvy1993550US1F
EvolPunami Shell2003ScarcalightUS1F
Ex, theTumult1983ExNL1F
Ex, theToo Many Cowboys1987ExNL1F
Ex, theStarters Alternators1998Touch & GoUS1F
Ex, theDizzy Spells2001Touch & GoUS1F
Ex, theTurn2004Touch & GoUS2F
Ex, the & GuestsInstant1995ExNL2F
Experience, theOne Amazing Day2001V/Vm Test RecordsUK1F
Explosions in the SkyThose Who Tell The Truth Shall Live Forever, Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Die2001Temporary ResidenceUS1F
Explosions in the SkyThe Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place2003Temporary ResidenceUS1F
Explosions in the SkyHow Strange, Innoncence2005Temporary ResidenceUS1F
Explosions in the SkyTravels In Constants Vol. 21 - The Rescue2005Temporary ResidenceUS1S
Explosions in the SkyHow Strange, Innocence2005Temporary ResidenceUS1F
Explosions in the SkyAll of a Sudden I Miss Everyone2007Temporary ResidenceUS1F
Explosions in the SkyAll of a Sudden I Miss Everyone disc two (remixes)2007Temporary ResidenceUS1F
Explosions in the SkyTake Care, Take Care, Take Care2011Temporary ResidenceUS1F
F/iBlue Star/Merge Parlour2003Lexicon DevilAU1F
F/IA Question for the Somnambulist2006Strange AttractorsUS1F
Fad GadgetFireside Favourites1981MuteUS1F
Fad GadgetIncontinent1982MuteUS1F
Fad GadgetUnder the Flag1983MuteUS1F
Fad GadgetGag1984MuteUS1F
Fad GadgetThe Best of2001MuteUS2F
Fad Gadget [Frank Tovey]Snakes & Ladders1986MuteUK1F
Fad Gadget [Frank Tovey]Civilian1988MuteUK1F
Fad Gadget [Frank Tovey]Tyranny and the Hired Hand1989MuteUK1F
Fad Gadget [Frank Tovey]Grand Union1991MuteCZ1F
Fad Gadget [Frank Tovey]Worried Men in Second Hand Suits1992MuteUK1F
Fad Gadget [Frank Tovey]Fad Gadget By Frank Tovey +DVD2006MuteUS2F
Fahey, JohnThe Legend of Blind Joe Death1996TakomaUS1F
Fahey, JohnSea Changes & Coelacanths - A Young Person's Guide To…2005Table of the ElementsUS2F
Fahey, JohnThe Mill Pond2008ImportantUS1F
Fahey, John [Three Day Band]2008ImportantUS1F
Faith Healers, th'Peel Sessions2005202020US1F
Faithful, MarianneBroken English1979IslandUS1F
Faithful, MarianneStrange Weather1987IslandUS1F
Fall, theLevitate1997ArtfulUS1F
Fall, the50,000 Fall Fans Can't Be Wrong: 39 Golden Hits2004Beggars BanquetUS2F
Fantastic Plastic MachineInternational Standard1999Emperor NortonUS1S
Fantastic Plastic MachineLuxury1999Emperor NortonUS1F
Far Black Furlong2007ICRUK2F
Farina, GeoffBlobscape2001KimcheeUS1F
Farm, theGroovy Train1991SireUS1S
Fast LadyThe Money Shot2003V/Vm Test RecordsUK1F
Fauré, GabrielRequiem/Orchestral Music2000AngelUS1F
FaustRien1996Table of the ElementsUS1F
FaustThe Wümme Years 1970-19732000ReR MegacorpUK5F
FaustPatch Work2002StaubgoldDE1F
Faust vs. DälekDerbe Respect, Alder2004Klangbad/StaubgoldDE1F
Faust/Nurse With WoundDisconnected2007DirterUK1F
Fay Group, BillTomorrow Tomorrow and Tomorrow2005JnanaCA1F
Fay, BillStill Some Light2010JnanaCA2F
Fe-MailSyklubb fra Hælvete2004ImportantUS1F
Fe-Mail and Carlos GiffoniNorthern Stains2006ImportantUS1F
Fehlmann, ThomasVisions of Blah2002KompaktDE1F
FelixYou Are the One I Pick2009KrankyUS1F
FelixOh Holy Molar2012KrankyUS1F
FeltStains on a Decade2003Cherry RedUK1F
FenneszEndless Summer2001MegoAT1F
FenneszLive in Japan2003HeadzJP1F
Feral ConfineFirst, Second and Third Drop2008SirenUK1F
Ferry, BryanBête Noire1987RepriseUS1F
Ferry, BryanHe'll Have to Go1988VirginUK1S
Ferry, Bryan2006ConstellationCA1F
Feu ThérèseÇa Va Cogner2007ConstellationCA1F
FeuermusikGoodbye, Lucille2006FeuermusikCA1F
Field Mice, theWhere'd You Learn to Kiss That Way?1998ShinkansenUK2F
Fifty [50] Foot Wave2004Throwing MusicUS1S
Fifty [50] Foot WaveGolden Ocean2005Throwing MusicUS1F
Fine Young CannibalsThe Finest/Rare and Remixed1996FfrrUK2F
Finn, SimonSilent City Creep2004Durtro/JnanaCA1S
Finn, SimonMagic Moments2005Durtro JnanaCA1F
Finn, SimonSubjunctive Mood2005Durtro JnanaCA1S
Fire EscapeAbandon Head2000Iris LightUK1F
Fire On FireHangman2007Young GodUS1S
Fire On FireThe Orchard2008Young GodUS1F
Five [5ive's] Continuum Research ProjectThe Hemophiliac Dream2002TortugaUS1S
Fixmer/McCarthyBetween the Devil…2004MetropolisUS1F
Flaherty/Corsano/YehA Rock in the Snow2006ImportantUS1F
Flamen DialsSymptome - Dei2004MioIL1F
FlangerOuter Space / Inner Space2001Ninja TuneCA1F
Fleischmann, B.Welcome Tourist2003Morr MusicDE2F
Fleischmann, B.The Humbucking Coil2006Morr MusicDE1F
Flies Inside the SunAn Audience of Others (Including Herself)1995KrankyUS1F
FlowchartBliss Out Vol. 1 - Tenjira1997DarlaUS1F
Flowers Pops, the MikeWonderwall1995LondonUK1S
Fluttr EffectMarking Time2006Trojan HouseUS1F
Flux Information SciencesPrivate/Public2001Young GodUS1F
Fly Pan Am1999ConstellationCA1F
Fly Pan AmSédatif en Fréquences et Sillons2000ConstellationCA1F
Fly Pan AmCeux Qui Inventent N'ont Jamais Vecu (?)2002ConstellationCA1F
Flying Saucer AttackFurther1995Drag CityUS1F
Flying Saucer AttackMirror 2000Drag CityUS1F
FoetusFlow2001Thirsty EarUS1F
FoetusBlow2001Thirsty EarUS1F
FoetusDamp2006Ectopic EntsUS1F
FoetusLimb +DVD2009Ectopic EntsUS1F
FoetusHide2010Ectopic EntsUS1F
Foetus [Inc.]Sink1990Wax Trax!US1F
Foetus [Interruptus]Thaw2007Some BizzareUK1F
Foetus [Manorexia]Volvox Turbo2001Foetus.orgUS1F
Foetus [Manorexia]The Radiolarian Ooze2002Foetus.orgUS1F
Foetus [Manorexia]The Mesoplagic Waters2010TzadikUS1F
Foetus [Manorexia]Dinoflagellate Blooms [+DVD]2011Ectopic EntsUS1F
Foetus [Scraping Foetus Off the Wheel]Hole2007Some BizzareUK1F
Foetus [Scraping Foetus Off the Wheel]Nail2007Some BizzareUK1F
Foetus [Steroid Maximus]Ectopia2002IpecacUS1F
FontanelleStyle Drift2002KrankyUS1F
For Carnation, the2000Touch & GoUS1F
For Carnation, thePromised Works2007Touch & GoUS1F
Force Mass MotionThe Stone of the 5th Sun1992Rabbit CityUK1F
Force Mass Motion [V/A]Future Groove Collection2001MuteUS1F
Ford Proco…Vertifo de Lodo Y Miei2000NimboestaticMX1F
Forty Nine HudsonFor Weeks at a Time1997The Music FellowshipUS1F
Four TetThirtySixTwentyFive1998OutputUK1S
Four TetDialogue1999OutputUK1F
Four TetGlasshead/Calamine1999OutputUK1S
Four TetPause2001DominoUK1F
Four TetNo More Mosquitos2001DominoUK1S
Four TetPaws2001DominoUK1S
Four TetRounds2003DominoUK1F
Four TetMy Angel Rocks Back and Forth2004DominoUK1S
Four TetEverything Ecstatic2005DominoUS1F
Four TetSun Drums and Soil2005DominoUS1S
Four TetEverything Ecstatic Films & Part 2 / DVD2005DominoUS1S
Four TetThere Is Love In You2010DominoUS1F
Four Tet [Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid]The Exchange Session vol. 12006DominoUS1F
Four Tet [Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid]The Exchange Session Vol. 22006DominoUS1F
Four Tet [Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid]Tongues2007DominoUS1F
Four Tet [V/A]Remixes2006DominoUS2F
Fovea HexNeither Speak Nor Remain Silent2005Die StadtDE1F
Fovea HexNeither Speak Nor Remain Silent part 2: Huge / The Discussion2006Die StadtDE2F
Fovea HexNeither Speak Nor Remain Silent2007Die StadtDE1F
Fovea HexAn Answer2007Die StadtDE1F
Franciscan Hobbies, theWalls Are Stuck2004Music FellowshipUS1F
Frankie Goes to HollywoodWelcome to the Pleasuredome1984IslandUS1F
Frankie Goes to HollywoodRelax1984ZTTUK1S
Frankie Goes to HollywoodThe Power of Love1984ZTTUK1S
Frankie Goes to HollywoodTwo Tribes1984ZTTUK1S
Frankie Goes to HollywoodLiverpool1986IslandUS1F
Frankie Goes to HollywoodRage Hard1986ZTTUK1S
Frankie Goes to HollywoodWarriors1986ZTTUK1S
Frankie Goes to HollywoodRelax1993ZTTUK1S
Frankie Goes to HollywoodThe Power of Love1993ZTTUK1S
Frankie Goes to HollywoodWelcome to the Pleasuredome1993ZTTUK1S
Frankie Goes to HollywoodRelax Remix1994WEAJP1S
Frankie Goes to HollywoodTwo Tribes1994ZTTUK1S
Frankie Goes to HollywoodWelcome to the Pleasuredome1994ZTTJP1F
Frankie Goes to HollywoodTwo Tribes1994ZTTUK1S
Frankie Goes to HollywoodTwelve Inches2001DE2F
Frankie Goes To HollywoodSex Mix2011SalvoUK2F
Frankie Goes To HollywoodLiverpool2012SalvoUK2F
Friday, GavinAdam & Eve1992IslandUS1F
Friday, GavinShag Tobacco1995IslandUS1F
Friday, Gavin and the Man SeezerEvery Man Kills the Thing He Loves1989IslandUS1F
FridgeSevens and Twelves1998OutputUK2F
FridgeEph1999Go BeatUK1F
FridgeKinoshita/Terasaka1999Go BeatUK1S
FridgeOf1999Go BeatUK1S
FridgeHappiness2001Temporary ResidenceUS1F
FridgeEph Reissue2002Brainwashed/Temporary ResidenceUS2F
FridgeThe Sun2007Temporary ResidenceUS1F
FridgeEarly Output 1996-19982009Temporary ResidenceUS1F
Friel, DanGhost Town2008ImportantUS1F
Friends ForeverKillball2003LoadUS1F
Front 242Geography1983EpicUS1F
Front 242Back Catalogue1985Wax Trax!US1F
Front 242Never Stop1986Wax Trax!US1S
Front 242Masterhit1987Wax Trax!US1S
Front 242Headhunter1988Wax Trax!US1S
Front 242Front by Front1988Wax Trax!US1F
Front 242Tragedy (For You)1990EpicUS1S
Front 242Rhythm of Time1991EpicUS1S
Front 242Tyranny (For You)1991EpicUS1F
Front 242Gripped By Fear1991EpicUS1S
Front 242Mixed By Fear1991RREBE1S
Front 24205:22:09:12 Off1993EpicUS1F
Front 24206:21:03:11 Up Evil1993EpicUS1F
Front 242Live Code1994RREBE1F
Front 242Mixage Mutage1998RREUS1F
FSB, theThe Form of Space1999The FSB FoundationUS1F
Fuchs, LimpeMuusiccia (Metal/Stones)1994StreamlineDE1F
Fuchs, LimpeNur Mar Mus1999StreamlineDE1F
Fuchs, LimpePianobody 20022006Seven Legged SpidersUK1F
Fuchs, LimpeVogel Musik2007RobotUS1F
FuckCupid's Cactus2000Smells LikeUS1F
FuckInsound Tour Support Series No. 172001InsoundUS1F
Fucking Am, theGold2004Drag CityUS1F
Fucking Champs, theIV2000Drag CityUS1F
Fullman, EllenThrough Glass Panes2011ImportantUS1F
Fun Lovin' CriminalsKing of New York1997ChrysalisUK1S
Funerals, thePathetic Me2002Thule MusikIS1F
Funkstörung [VA]Viceversa2001K7DE1F
Future Sound of LondonAccelerator1992Jumpin & PumpinUK1F
Future Sound of LondonPapua New Guinea1992PassionUK1S
Future Sound of LondonCascade1993AstralwerksUS1S
Future Sound of LondonLifeforms1994AstralwerksUS2F
Future Sound of LondonLifeforms1994AstralwerksUS1S
Future Sound of LondonISDN1995AstralwerksUS1F
Future Sound of LondonDead Cities1996AstralwerksUS1F
Future Sound of LondonMy Kingdom1996AstralwerksUS1S
Future Sound of LondonWe Have Explosive1997VirginUS1S
Future Sound of London [Amorphous Androgynous]Tales of Ephidrina1993AstralwerksUS1F
FuxaBliss Out v.5 - Venoy1997DarlaUS1F
Füxa3 Field Rotation1996CheUK1F
G.D. LuxxeBetween Zero and Eternity2004Ersatz AudioUS1F
G.D. LuxxeMake2005Tigerbeat6US1F
Gainsbourg, SergeHistorie de Melody Nelson1971MercuryFR1F
Gainsbourg, SergeRock Around the Bunker1975MercuryFR1F
Gainsbourg, SergeGainsbourg Forever2001MercuryFR2F
Gainsbourg, SergeHistoire de Melody Nelson - 40th Anniversary +DVD2011MercuryDE2F
Galás, DiamandaMasque of the Red Death1988MuteUS2F
Galás, DiamandaThe Litanies of Satan1989MuteUS1F
Galás, DiamandaPlague Mass Live (1984-End of the Epidemic)1991MuteUS1F
Galás, DiamandaThe Singer1992MuteUS1F
Galás, DiamandaVena Cava1993MuteUS1F
Galás, DiamandaSchrei X1996MuteUS1F
Galás, DiamandaMalediction and Prayer1998AsphodelUS1F
Galás, DiamandaDefixiones: Will and Testament2003MuteUK2F
Galás, DiamandaLa Serpenta Canta2003MuteUK2F
Galás, DiamandaGuilty, Guilty, Guilty2008MuteUK1F
Gálas, Diamanda w/John Paul JonesDo You Take this Man?1994MuteUK1S
Gálas, Diamanda w/John Paul JonesThe Sporting Life1994MuteUS1F
Galaxie 500On Fire2010202020US2F
Galaxie 500Today2010202020US2F
Galaxie 500This Is Our Music2010202020US2F
Gallo, VincentWhen2001WarpUS1F
Gamers in ExileMy Selfish Desire2001UnbearableUK1F
Gang Gang DanceGod's Money2005The Social RegistryUS1F
Gardener, MarkThese Beautiful Ghosts2005UFOUS1F
Gardener, Mark & Goldrush2003 Tour EP2003TruckstopUK1S
Gardiner, WilliamOnliving2009William GardinerAU1S
Gardner, AviaMill Farm2006Intr_versionCA1F
Gardner, Daniel / Adam MarshallDomestic Appliances2001MedikCA1F
Garnier, LaurentUnreasonable Behavior2000MuteUS1F
Gartman, MarcThe Horrible Cocoanut Grove Disaster1999PushpinUS1F
Gastr Del SolThe Serpentine Similar1993Dexters CigarUS1F
Gastr Del SolMirror Repair1994Drag CityUS1S
Gastr Del SolCamofleur1998Drag CityUS1F
GendersThere's Something in the Treats2005Tigerbeat6US1F
Germano, LisaOn the Way Down from the Moon Palace1991Major BillUS1F
Germano, LisaGeek the Girl19944ADUS1F
Germano, LisaHappiness19944ADUS1F
Germano, LisaExcerpts from a Love Circus and Small Heads E.P.19994ADUS1F
Germano, LisaIn the Maybe World2006Young GodUS1F
Germano, LisaLullaby for Liquid Pig2007Young GodUS2F
Germano, LisaMagic Neighbor2009Young GodUS1F
Germano, LisaNo Elephants2013BadmanUS1F
Gerrard, LisaThe Mirror Pool19954ADUS1F
Gerrard, Lisa & Pieter BourkeDuality19984ADUS1F
GhostHypnotic Underworld2004Drag CityUS1F
GhostIn Stormy Nights2007Drag CityUS1F
Giannelli, FredTelepathic Romance2000SähköFI1F
Gibbons, Beth & Rustin ManOut of Season2002Go! BeatUK1F
Giffoni, CarlosWelcome Home2005ImportantUS1F
Gilbert, BruceInsiding1991MuteUS1F
Gilbert, BruceMusic for Fruit1991MuteUK1F
Gilbert, BruceAb Ovo1996MuteUK1F
Gilbert, BruceIn Esse1997MuteUK1F
Gilbert, BruceThe Haring1997WMOUS1F
Gilbert, BruceOrdier2004Table of the ElementsUS1F
Gilbert, Bruce [gilbertpossstenger]Manchester & London2000WMOUS1F
Gilbert, Bruce / Graham LewisThis Way to the Shivering Man1987MuteUS1F
Gilbert, Bruce / Graham Lewis [8 Time]19814ADUK1F
Gilbert, Bruce / Graham Lewis [Dome]121992MuteUK1F
Gilbert, Bruce / Graham Lewis [Dome]3 41992MuteUK1F
Gilbert, Bruce / Graham Lewis [Dome]Yclept1999WMOUS1F
Gilbert, Bruce / Graham Lewis [Duet Emmo]Or So it Seems1983MuteUK1F
Gilbert, Bruce / Graham Lewis [P'o]Whilst Climbing Thieves Vie for Attention1998WMOUS1F
Gilbert, Bruce / Graham Lewis / Russell MillsPacific/Specific (in a different place)1995WMOUK1F
Gilbert, Bruce / Graham Lewis / Russell MillsMzui - Waterloo Gallery2003BoutiqueUK1F
Gilbert, Bruce / Robert Hampson / Paul KendallOrr1996MuteUK1F
Gira, M.Solo/Acoustic2001Young GodUS1F
Gira, M.I am Singing to You from My Room2004Young GodUS1F
Gira, M./D. MatzWhat We Did2001Young GodUS1F
Gira, MichaelDrainland1995Alternative TentaclesUS1F
Gira, MichaelThe Somniloquist2000Young GodUS1F
GitheadHeadgit EP2004SwimUK1S
GitheadArt Pop2007SwimUK1F
Glass, PhilipLow1993Point MusicUS1F
Glissandro 702005ConstellationCA1F
Global Communication1994DedicatedUS1F
Global CommunicationRemotion1995DedicatedUS1F
Global CommunicationPentamorous Metamorphosis1998DedicatedUS1F
Gnarls BarkleySt. Elsewhere2006DowntownUS1F
GodfleshUs and Them1999EaracheUS1F
GodfleshSongs of Love and Hate//Love and Hate In Dub +DVD2009EaracheUS2F
GodfleshHymns2013The EndUS2F
godspeed you black emperor!f#a#oo1998KrankyUS1F
godspeed you black emperor!slow riot for the new zero kanada1999KrankyUS1S
godspeed you black emperor!Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven2000KrankyUS2F
godspeed you! black emperorYanqui U.X.O.2002ConstellationCA1F
Gold Chains2001Orthlorng MuzorkUS1S
Gold ChainsStraight From Your Radio2002Tigerbeat6US1S
Gold ChainsNada2002Play It Again, SamUS1S
Gold ChainsYoung Miss America2003Play it Again SamUS1F
Golden1997Trans SolarUS1F
Golden Death MusicEphemera Blues2007Helmet RoomUS1F
Golden PalominosA Dead Horse1987CelluloidUS1F
Golden PalominosDrunk with Passion1991CharismaUS1F
Golden Palominosa history (1982-1985)1992RestlessUS1F
Golden Palominosa history (1986-1989)1992RestlessUS1
Golden PalominosThis is How it Feels1993RestlessUS1F
Golden PalominosPrisoner of the Rhythm1993RestlessUS1S
Golden PalominosPure1994RestlessUS1F
Golden PalominosNo Thought, No Breath, No Eyes1995RestlessUS1S
Golden PalominosDead Inside1996RestlessUS1F
GoldfrappFelt Mountain2000MuteUS1F
GoldfrappUtopia (genetically enriched)2001MuteUS1S
Gonzales, Delia & Gavin RussomRelevee2006EMIUK1S
Gonzales, Delia and Gavin RussomThe Days of Mars2005DFAUS1F
GoodiepalNarc Beacon2001SkippFR1F
Goodiepal [Circulation of Events]VIP. IBEX1995SpoofDK1F
Goodiepal and Bjorn SvinSincerely Christmas1997RCADK1S
Gorauger, AlanLa Planete Sauvage [ST]2000DC RecordingsUK1F
GoreHart Gore/Mean Man's Dream2008Southern LordUS2F
Gore, Martin L.Counterfeit1989SireUS1S
Gorky's Zygotic MynciSpanish Dance Troupe1999MantraUS1F
Goswell, RachelWaves Are Universal20044ADUS1F
Goswell, RachelThe Sleep Shelter20044ADUK1S
GourdonRaw Voltage2004Ersatz AudioUS1F
GrailsThe Burden of Hope2003NeurotUS1F
GrailsBlack Tar Prophecies vol's 1, 2, & 32006ImportantUS1F
GrailsBurning Off Impurities2007Temporary ResidenceUS1F
GrailsTake Refuge in Clean Living2008ImportantUS1F
GrailsDoomsdayer's Holiday2008Temporary ResidenceUS1F
GrailsDeep Politics2011Temporary ResidenceUS1F
GrandaddyThe Sophtware Slump2000V2US1F
GrandaddyThe Windfall Varietal2001Grandaddy LandscapeUS1F
Grape Dope, aMissing Dragons2003GalaxiaUS1S
Greater Than OneDance of the Cowards1988Kunst = KapitalFR1F
Greater Than OneLondon1988Wax Trax!US1F
Greater Than OneI Don't Need God1989Wax Trax!US1S
Greater Than OneUtopia1989Wax Trax!US1S
Greater Than OneG-Force1990Wax Trax!US1F
Greater Than OneIndex1991Wax Trax!US1F
Greater Than OneAll the Masters Licked Me2008Brainwashed ArchivesUS2F
Greater Than OneLondon +DVD2008Brainwashed ArchivesUS2F
Greater Than OneG-Force2008Brainwashed ArchivesUS3F
Greater Than One (Church of Extacy)Modulator1993SonicUS1S
Greater Than One (GTO)Data-Trax Volume 21995ReactUK1S
Greater Than One (GTO)Kardiophunk & The Seventh Wave1996ReactUK1S
Greater Than One [Church of Extacy]Church of Extacy1992SonicUS1S
Greater Than One [Church of Extacy]Devil Beats1992SonicUS1S
Greater Than One [Church of Extacy]Technohead1993SonicUS1F
Greater Than One [GTO]Pure1991ReactUK1S
Greater Than One [GTO]The Bullfrog/Listen to the Rhythm1991ReactUK1S
Greater Than One [GTO]Love is Everywhere1992NovaMuteUK1S
Greater Than One [GTO]Elevation1992ReactUK1S
Greater Than One [GTO]Tip of the Iceberg1993ReactUK1F
Greater Than One [GTO]Love is Everywhere1993Nova MuteUS1F
Greater Than One [GTO]Elevation1999OrbitDE1S
Greater Than One [John + Julie]Double Happiness1991XLUK1S
Greater Than One [S.O.L.O.]Out is In1999SulfurUS1F
Greater Than One [Signs of Chaos]Departure1998RoadrunnerUK1F
Greater Than One [Signs ov Chaos]Frankenscience (urban cyberpunk)1996EaracheUS1F
Greater Than One [Technohead]Headsex [blue]1995DataflowUK1F
Greater Than One [Technohead]Headsex [red]1995DataflowUK1F
Greater Than One [Technohead]I Wanna Be a Hippy1995MokumUK1S
Greater Than One [Technohead]Happy Birthday1996MokumUK1S
Greater Than One [Technohead]Headsex1996MokumUK1S
Greater Than One [Technohead]I Wanna Be a Hippy1996MokumUS1S
Greater Than One [Technohead]Banana-na-na Dumb Diddy Dumb1997MokumUK1S
Greater Than One [Technohead]I Wanna Be A Hippy (I Wanna Get Stoned 2004 Remix)2004CNRNL1S
Greater Than One [Tricky Disco]Tricky Disco1990WarpUK1S
Greater Than One [Tricky Disco]Housefly1991WarpUK1S
Greater Than One [V/A]Future Classics of the Recent Past1995DataflowUK1F
Greie-Fuchs, Antye [AGF]Head Slash Bauch2002Orthlong MusorkUS1F
Greie-Fuchs, Antye [AGF]Westernization Completed2003Orthlorng MuzorkUS1F
Grief, RandyAlice in Wonderland 52000SoleilmoonUS1F
Grimm, LarkinParplar2008Young GodUS1F
Grippe, RagnarSand1996StreamlineUS1F
GrouperA I A2012KrankyUS2F
GrouperDragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill2013KrankyUS1F
GrowingThe Sky's Run Into the Sea2003KrankyUS1F
GrowingThe Soul of the Rainbow and the Harmony of Light2004KrankyUS1F
Growing/Mark Evan Burden2005ZumUS1F
Grubbs, DavidThe Spectrum Between2000Drag CityUS1F
Grubbs, DavidThe Coxcomb / Avocado Orange2001Blue ChopsticksUS1S
Grubbs, DavidRickets & Scurvy2002Drag CityUS1F
Grubbs, DavidTwo Soundtracks for Angela Bulloch2005SemishigureNL1F
Gruesome TwosomeBurnt-Out Celebrity1991MarzUS1S
GuignolAngela, David & the Great Neopolitan Road Issue2003CenotaphUS1F
GuitarSunkissed2002Morr MusicDE1F
Gurthrie, RobinEverlasting2006DarlaUS1S
Guru Guru/Uli TrepteLive & Unreleased1996SpalaxFR1F
Gus GusBelieve19974ADUK1S
Gus GusPolydistortion19974ADUS2F
Gus GusStandard Stuff for Drama19974ADUS1S
Gus GusLadyshave19994ADUS1S
Gus GusThis is Normal19994ADUS1F
Gus GusAttention2002MoonshineUS1F
Gus Gus Gus Gus vs. T-World20004ADUS1F
GusgusArabian Horse2011KompaktDE1F
GustavRettet Die Wale2004MoszAT1F
GutherI Know You Know2003Morr MusicDE1F
GutherSundet2006Morr MusicDE1F
Guthrie, Robin and Harold BuddBefore the Day Breaks2007DarlaUS1F
Guthrie, Robin and Harold BuddAfter the Night Falls2007DarlaUS1F
Gutzeit, BrentLosing Every Day2003KissyUS1F
Gutzeit, BrentDrugmoney2004KrankyUS1F
Guv'nerIn the Fishtank 21997KonkurrentNL1S
Gwei-lo2000Bella UnionUK1F
H>ostCin2001V/Vm TestUK1F
Hafler Trio, theA Bag of Cats1992TouchUK1F
Hafler Trio, theMastery of Money1992TouchUK1F
Hafler Trio, theA Thirsty Fish1992Touch/SoleilmoonUS1F
Hafler Trio, theFour Ways of Saying Five1993The Grey AreaUS1F
Hafler Trio, theAll That Rises Must Converge1993The Grey Area/MuteUK1F
Hafler Trio, theBang! - An Open Letter1994Touch/SoleilmoonUS1F
Hafler Trio, theSeven Hours Sleep1994Touch/SoleilmoonUS1F
Hafler Trio, theHow to Reform Mankind1994TouchUK1F
Hafler Trio, theWalk Gently Through the Gates of Safety1994Touch/SoleilmoonUS1F
Hafler Trio, theIntoutof1998SoleilmoonUS1F
Hafler Trio, theWhistling About Chickens2003FireUK2F
Hafler Trio, theA Small Child Dreams of Voiding the Plague2003ImportantUS1S
Hafler Trio, theCleave: A Great Openings2003NexteraCZ1F
Hafler Trio, thePart the Second. No Man Put Usunder: 7 Fruitful and Seamless Unions2003Die StadtDE1F
Hafler Trio, theKill the King2003Korn PlasticsDE1F
Hafler Trio, theNormally2003SoleilmoonUS2F
Hafler Trio, theHow to Slice a Loaf of Bread2003PhonometrographyUK3F
Hafler Trio, theKisses with Both Hands from God's Little Toy2004ImportantUS1S
Hafler Trio, theI Never Knew That's Who You Thought You Were2004ImportantUS1S
Hafler Trio, theThe Sea Org2004Korn PlasticsNL1F
Hafler Trio, theKill the King2004Korn PlasticsNL1F
Hafler Trio, theHow to Reform Mankind2004Korn PlasticsNL1F
Hafler Trio, theMastery of Money2004Korn PlasticsNL1F
Hafler Trio, theÁ Éc Að, Halda Afram?2005ImportantUS1S
Hafler Trio, theBeing a Firefighter Isn't Just About Squirting Water2005ImportantUS1S
Hafler Trio, theAn Utterance of the Supreme Ventriloquist2005SoleilmoonUS1F
Hafler Trio, theExactly As I Am2006ImportantUS2F
Hafler Trio, the / Colin PotterA Pressed On Sandwich2006NexteraCZ1F
Hafler Trio, the / Colin Potter / Andrew Liles3 Eggs2006ImportantUS1F
Hafler Trio, the & AutechreAE30 & H3OE2003PhonometrographyUK2S
Hafler Trio, the & the Sons of GodResurrection1993TouchUK1F
Hafler Trio, the and AutechreAEO3 & 3HAE2005Die StadtDE2F
Hafler Trio, the and JonsiExactly As I Do2005ImportantUS2F
Haigh, RobertWritten On Water2008CroutonUS1F
Haigh, RobertNotes and Crossings2009SirenJP1F
Haigh, RobertAnonymous Lights2010SirenJP1F
Haigh, RobertStrange and Secret Things2011SirenJP1F
Haigh, Robert and Silent StormFrom the Air2007Sea PoolUS1F
Haino, KeijiBeginning and End, Interwoven1994StreamlineDE1F
Haino, KeijiThe 21st Century Hurdy-y-Guide-y Man1995Modern MusicJP1F
Haino, KeijiSo, Black Is Myself1997Alien8CA1F
Haino, KeijiAbandon all words at a stroke, so that prayer can come spilling out2001Alien8CA1F
Haino, KeijiLive in Japan2006ImportantUS2F
Haino, Keiji & Sitaar Tah!Animamima2006ImportantUS2F
Haino, Keiji with BorisBlack: Implication Flooding1998InoxiaJP1F
Half Past HumanPark Attack2006Ba Da Bing!US1F
Halliday, ToniHearts and Handshakes1989WTG/CBSUS1F
Halstead, NeilSleeping on Roads20024ADUS1F
Hammond, MarcThe Garden of Forking Paths2007ExtremeAU1F
Hancock, HerbieHead Hunters1973Epic LegacyUS1F
Hancock, HerbieThrust1974ColumbiaUS1F
Hancock, HerbieSextant1974ColumbiaUS1F
HandelWater Music1987DelosUS1F
Handsome Boy Modeling SchoolSo, How's Your Girl?1999Tommy BoyUS1F
Hank & SlimThe World Turned Gingham2000CaciocavalloUS1F
HardwareThird Eye Open1994RykodiscUS1F
Harper, RoyCounter Culture2005Science FrictionUK2F
Harrison, GeorgeWonderwall Music1968AppleUS1F
Harrison, GeorgeElectronic Sound1969ZappleCA1F
Harrison, GeorgeBest of Dark Horse1976-19891989Warner Bros.US1F
Harrison, GeorgeAll Things Must Pass2001AppleUS2F
Harvey, PJDry1992IndigoUS1F
Harvey, PJRid of Me1993IslandUS1F
Harvey, PJTo Bring You My Love1995IslandUS1F
Harvey, PJIs this Desire?1998IslandUS1F
Harvey, PJStories from the City, Stories from the Sea2000IslandUS1F
Hatakeyma, ChiheiMinima Moralia2006KrankyUS1F
Hauschildt, SteveSequitur2012KrankyUS1F
Haza, Ofra1997BMG AriolaDE1F
HeadcaseMushiness1999The Music CartelUS1F
HearseDead-On Audio2004ScarcelightUK1S
Heart Throbs, theWorser1993One Little IndianUK1S
Heathen ShameSpeed the Parting Guest2005Twisted VillageUS1F
Hecker, MaximilianInfinite Love Songs2001Kitty-YoDE1F
Hecker, MaximilianLady Sleep2005Kitty-YoDE1F
Hecker, MaximilianHelp Me2005Kitty-YoDE1S
Hecker, TimHarmony in Ultraviolet2006KrankyUS1F
Hecker, TimRadio Amor2007Alien8CA1F
Hecker, TimAn Imaginary Country2009KrankyUS1F
Hecker, TimRavedeath, 19722011KrankyUS1F
Hecker, TimDropped Pianos2011KrankyUS1F
Heemann, ChristophInvisible Barrier1993ExtremeUS1F
Heemann, ChristophDay of the Eclipse1997BarooniBE1F
Heemann, ChristophAftersolstice1999BarooniUK1F
Heemann, ChristophTime Is the Simplest Thing2003Three PoplarsDE1S
Heemann, ChristophThe Rings of Saturn2008Dom ButwachsDE1F
Heemann, Christoph / Andreas MartinLebenserinnerungen Eines Lepidopterologen1999RobotUS2F
Heemann, Christoph / MerzbowSleeper Wakes on the Edge of the Abyss1993StreamlineDE1F
Heemann, Christoph and Andreas Martin2006Dom BartwuchsDE1S
Heida & HeidingjarnirTiufingurupptilguds2005GeimsteinnIS1F
Heinz, KarlFuck2003RRRecordsUS1F
HeligolandCreosote & Tar1997Calcium ChlorideUK1S
Heligoland2000Calcium ChlorideUK1F
Her Space HolidayHome is Where You Hang Yourself2000TigerstyleUS2F
Her Space HolidayManic Expressive2001TigerstyleUS1F
Her Space HolidayAudio Astronomy2002TigerstyleUS1F
Her Space HolidayThe Past Presents the Future2005Worlds FairUS1F
Herbert [Doctor Rockit]Indoor Fireworks2000LifelikeUK1F
Herbert, ChrisMezzotint2006KrankyUS1F
Herbert, MatthewLet's All Make Mistakes2000TresorDE1F
Hercules and Love Affair2008MuteUS1F
Hercules and Love AffairBlue Songs2011Moshi MoshiUS2F
Herren, Scott [Delarosa and Asora]Backsome EP2000SchematicUS1S
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JandekThe Gone Wait2003Corwood IndustriesUS1F
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JandekThe End of It All2004Corwood IndustriesUS1F
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JandekNewcastle Sunday2006CorwoodUS2F
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Kings of Convenience [Erlend Øye]Unrest2003Source/AstralwerksUS1F
KinskiTour EP2002Sub PopUS1S
KinskiBe Gentle with the Warm Turtle2002Sur la PlegeUK1F
KinskiAirs Above Your Station2003SubPopUS1F
KinskiDon't Climb on and Take the Holy Water2004Strange AttractorsUS1F
KinskiAlpine Static2005Sub PopUS1F
KinskiSpacelaunch for Frenchie2005Strange AttractorsUS1F
KinskiI Didn't Mean to Interrupt Your Beautiful Moment20073 LobedUS1S
Kinski / Acid Mothers Temple2003Sub PopUS1F
Kirk, Richard H.Disposable Half Truths1979MuteUK1F
Kirk, Richard H.Time High Fiction1983MuteUK2F
Kirk, Richard H.Black Jesus Voice1986MuteUK1F
Kirk, Richard H.Ugly Spirit1986MuteUK1F
Kirk, Richard H.Virtual State1994WarpUK1F
Kirk, Richard H.The Number of Magic1995WaxTrax!US1F
Kirk, Richard H.Trafficante1998AlphaphoneUK1F
Kirk, Richard H.Knowledge Through Science1998Blast FirstUK1F
Kirk, Richard H.Darkness at Noon1999TouchUK1S
Kirk, Richard H.Loop Static [amine ß ring modulations] 2000TouchUK1S
Kirk, Richard H.The War Against Terror2003IntoneUK1F
Kirk, Richard H.Earlier/Later2004MuteUK2F
Kirk, Richard H. [Agents with False Memories]1996Ash InternationalUK1F
Kirk, Richard H. [Al Jabr]One Million and Three1999AlphaphoneUK1F
Kirk, Richard H. [BioChemical Dread]Bush Doctrine2003CocosolidcitiUK1F
Kirk, Richard H. [Blackworld]Subduing Demons (In Yorkshire)2000AlphaphoneUK1F
Kirk, Richard H. [Dark Magus]Night Watchman1997TouchUK1F
Kirk, Richard H. [Electronic Eye]Closed Circuit1994BeyondUK2F
Kirk, Richard H. [Electronic Eye]The Idea of Justice1995BeyondUK1F
Kirk, Richard H. [Electronic Eye]Neurometrik2000AlphaphoneUK1F
Kirk, Richard H. [Meets the Truck Bombers of Suburbia]Uptown feat. Pat Riot Vol. 12004IntoneUK1F
Kirk, Richard H. [Nitrogen]Intoxica1996TouchUK2F
Kirk, Richard H. [Orchestra Terrestrial]Here and Elsewhere2001Die StadtDE1F
Kirk, Richard H. [Sandoz in Dub]Chant to Jah1998TouchUK1F
Kirk, Richard H. [Sandoz]Digital Lifeforms1993TouchUK1F
Kirk, Richard H. [Sandoz]Intensely Radioactive1994TouchUK1F
Kirk, Richard H. [Sandoz]Every Man Got Dreaming1995TouchUK1F
Kirk, Richard H. [Sandoz]Dark Continent1996TouchUK1F
Kirk, Richard H. [Sandoz]God Bless the Conspiracy1997TouchUK1F
Kirk, Richard H. [Sandoz]Afrocentris2001IntoneUK1F
Kirk, Richard H. [Sandoz]Digital Lifeforms Redux2004MuteUK2F
Kirk, Richard H. [Sweet Exorcist]C.C.C.D.1990WarpUK1F
Kirk, Richard H. [Sweet Exorcist]Spirit Guide to Low Tech1994TouchUK1F
Kirk, Richard H. [V/A]Alphaphone vol. 1 - Step Write Run1996TouchUK2F
Kirk, Richard H. [V/A]Unreleased Projects Vol. 12003IntoneUK1F
Kirk, Richard H. [V/A]Unreleased Projects Vol. 22004IntoneUK1F
Kirk, Richard H. [V/A]Unreleased Projects Vol. 32004IntoneUK1F
Kirk, Richard H. / Peter HopeHoodoo Talk1987Wax Trax!US1F
Kiss Me DeadlyMisty Medley2005Alien8CA1F
Kleine, ChristianValis2001Morr MusicDE1F
Kleine, ChristianBeyond Repair2001City Centre OfficesDE1F
KLF, theWaiting for the Rights of Mu1988Echo BeachDE1F
KLF, theChill Out1990Wax Trax!US1F
KLF, the3 A.M. Eternal (Live at the S.S.L.)1990KLF CommunicationsUK1S
KLF, theWhat Time Is Love?1990KLF CommunicationsUK1S
KLF, theThe White Room1991KLF CommunicationsUK1F
KLF, theThe White Room1991AristaUS1F
KLF, the3 A.M. Eternal (Present the Moody Boys Selection)1991Blow UpDE1S
KLF, theLast Train to Trancentral (Meets the Moody Boys Uptown)1991Blow UpDE1S
KLF, theAmerica: What Time is Love1991KLF CommunicationsUS1S
KLF, theAmerica: What Time is Love1991AristaUS1S
KLF, theJustified and Ancient1991KLF CommunicationsUK1S
KLF, theMu1992ToshibaJP1S
KLF, theUltra Rare Trax1993UK1F
KLF, theThe Lost Sounds of Mu1995KLF-ishUK1F
KLF, theThe Lost Sounds of Mu II1996KLF-ishUK1F
KLF, theThe White Room - Original Soundtrack1998KLF-ishUK1F
KLF, the [2K]Fuck the Millenium1997Blast FirstUK1S
KLF, the [Justified Ancients of Mu Mu]1987 - What the Fuck's Going On?1991B&MUS1F
KLF, the [Space]1989KLF CommunicationsUK1F
KLF, the [The Jamms]History of the Jamms aka the Timelords1988TVTUS1F
KLF, the [The Jamms]It's Grim Up North1991KLF CommunicationsUK1S
KLF, the [The K Foundation presents the Red Army Choir]K Cera Cera (War Is Over If You Want It)1993NMCIL1S
KLF, the [The Timelords]Doctorin' the Tardis1988TVTUS1S
KLF, the [The Timelords]Doctorin' the Tardis1991TVTUS1S
KMFDMGodlike1990Wax Trax!US1S
KMFDMVirus1990Wax Trax!US1S
KMFDMSplit/Piggybank1991Wax Trax!US1S
KMFDMNaive1991Wax Trax!US1F
KMFDMMoney1992Wax Trax!US1F
KMFDMVogue/Sex on the Flag1992Wax Trax!UK1S
Knaack, DonaldDance Music1994RRRecordsUS1F
Knife, the2001MuteUS1F
Knife, theDeep Cuts +DVD2006MuteUS1F
Knife, theSilent Shout +DVD2007MuteUS2F
Knife, theShaking the Habitual2013MuteUS2F
KnifehandchopHow I Left You2004Tigerbeat6US1F
Knots and CrossesCreatures of Habit1992CrossongsUS1F
Knots and CrossesCurve of the Earth1993CrossongsUS1F
KoloDiversions of Grandeur2000CfomUS1F
Köner, ThomasUnreforschtes Gebiet2003Die StadtDE1F
Kool KeithBlack Elvis/Lost in Space1999Ruffhouse/ColumbiaUS1F
Kowalsky, GreggThrough the Cardial Window2006KrankyUS1F
Kowalsky, GreggTape Chants2009KrankyUS1F
KozoPlanned Penetration2000WaveformUS1F
Kraftwerk11970Crown RecordsIT1F
KraftwerkThe Robots1991ElektraUS1S
KraftwerkExpo 20001999EMIDE1S
KraftwerkTour de France1999EMIDE1S
KraftwerkThe Catalogue2009 MuteUK8F
Kraftwerk [Ralf & Florian]1973GermanofonDE1F
Kraftwerk~OrganisationTone Float1971Rainbow ProductionsDE1F
Kraus, SharronThe Fox's Wedding2008Durtro JnanaCA1F
Kraus, ShmulikA Criminal Record2004MioIL1F
KriedlerAppearance and the Park1999MuteUS1F
Kristian, Shalabi, St-Onge2001Alien8CA1F
Kruder & DorfmeisterG-Stoned1993G-StoneAT1F
Kruder & DorfmeisterThe K&D Sessions1998Studio !K7UK2F
Kubin, FelixThe Tetchy Teenage Tapes 1981-19852002SkippFR1F
Kubisch, ChristinaFive Electrical Walks2007ImportantUS1F
Kubisch, ChristinaNight Flights2007ImportantUS1F
Kubisch, ChristinaMondo Fluido2011ImportantUS1F
Kubisch, ChristinaMagnetic Fields2011ImportantUS1F
Kyrie EleisonThe Complete Recordings 1974-19782003MioIL3F
L'AltraMusic of a Sinking Occasion2000AestheticsUS1F
L'AltraIn the Afternoon2002AestheticsUS1F
Labelle, BrandonShadow of a Shadow2000SelektionDE1F
LabradfordA Stable Reference1995KrankyUS1F
LabradfordMi Media Naranja1997KrankyUS1F
LabradfordE Luxo So1999KrankyUS1F
LabradfordPrazision LP2007KrankyUS1F
Ladytron6042000Emperor NortonUS1F
LadytronExtended Play +DVD2006RykodiscUS1F
LadytronGravity the Seducer +DVD2011NettwerkCA1F
LaibachRekapitjulatia 1980-841984NSKUK1F
LaibachThe Occupied Europe Tour1985MuteUS1F
LaibachKrst Pod Triglavom-Baptism1986Sub RosaBE1F
LaikaAntenna1994Too PureUK1S
LaikaSilver Apples of the Moon1995AmericanUS1F
LaikaSounds of the Satellites1997SireUS1F
LaikaAlmost Sleeping1997Too PureUK1S
LaikaUneasy2000Too PureUK1S
LaikaBadtimes2000Too PureUK1S
LaikaGood Looking Blues2000Too PureUS1F
LaikaLost In Space volume one (1993-2002)2002Too PureUS2F
LaikaWherever I Am I Am What Is Missing2003Too PureUS1F
LakunaCastle of Crime19994ADUS1F
Lali PunaTridecoder1999DarlaUS1F
Lali PunaScary World Theory2001Morr MusicDE1F
Lali PunaFaking the Books2004Morr MusicDE1F
Lali PunaI Thought I Was Over That (Rare, Remixed, and B-Sides)2005Morr MusicDE1F
Lali PunaOur Inventions2010MorrDE1F
Lali Puna + Bomb the BassClear Cut2001Morr MusicDE1S
LambFear of Fours1999FontanaUS2F
LambBetween Darkness and Wonder2003MercuryCA1F
LambBest Kept Secrets (the best of Lamb: 1996-2004) +DVD2004KochUS1F
LambWhat Sound?2001KochUS2F
LandNight Within2012ImportantUS1F
Land of KushAgainst the Day2009ConstellationCA1F
Land of KushMonogamy2010ConstellationCA1F
Land of the LoopsPuttering About a Small Land2000UpUS1F
LandingThe Landing EP1999The Music FellowshipUS1S
LandingCircuit2001Music FellowshipUS1F
LandingSeasons2001Ba Da Bing!US1F
LandingOceanless2001Strange AttractorsUS1F
LandingTour EP2002The Music FellowshipUS1S
LandingFade In Fade Out2002Strange AttractorsUS1S
LandingPassages Through2003KUS1F
LandingBrocade2005Strange AttractorsUS1F
LarsenRever2002Young GodUS1F
LarsenMusm II2007ImportantUS1F
Larsen [F.M. Palumbo]EP2004DeathtripperIT1S
Larsen [F.M. Palumbo/Paul Beauchamp]2002PreIT1S
Larsen + Z'EVIn V.Tro2011ImportantUS1F
Larsen and FriendsAbeceda +DVD2007ImportantUS1F
LarvaeDead Weight2006Ad NoiseamDE1F
Laswell, BillAPC Tracks Vol. 11996APCUK1F
Laswell, BillAPC Tracks Vol. 21996APCUK1F
Laswell, BillCity of Light1997Sub RosaUS1F
Laswell, BillOscillations1997Sub RosaUS1F
Laswell, BillHear No Evil1999MetaUS2F
Laswell, BillDub Chamber 32000ROIRUS1F
Laswell, Bill [Divination]Ambient Dub Volume 11994SubharmonicUS1F
Laswell, Bill [Divination]Ambient Dub Volume 21994SubharmonicUS1F
Laswell, Bill [V/A]Axiom Ambient: Lost in the Translation1994AxiomUS2F
Laswell, Bill [V/A]Axiom Funk: Funkcronomicon1995AxiomUS2F
Laswell, Bill [V/A]Altered Beats1996AxiomUS1F
Laswell, Bill [V/A]Axiom Dub: Mysteries of Creation1996AxiomUS2F
Laswell, Bill / Mick Harris / Eraldo BernocchiEquations of Eternity1996WorldSoundUS1F
Laswell, Bill / Mick Harris / Eraldo BernocchiVeve - Equations of Eternity 21998WorldSoundUS1F
Laswell, Bill and Terre ThaemlitzWeb1995SubharmonicUS1F
LaubUnter Anderen Bedingunen Als Liebe1999Kitty-YoDE1F
Lawler, R. KeenanGhosts of a Plane of Air2006The Music FellowshipUS1F
LCD Soundsystem2005DFAUK2F
LCD Soundsystem45:332007DFAUK1F
LCD SoundsystemThis Is Happening2010VirginUS1F
Le CarAuto-Biography2000ErsatzUS1F
Leer, Thomas / Robert RentalThe Bridge1979MuteUK1F
LeftfieldRhythm and Stealth1999ColumbiaUS1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theGreetings 9 + Premonition 111988Materiali SonoriUK1F
Legendary Pink Dots, the9 Lives to Wonder1994Play it Again SamBE1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theFour Days1994Terminal KaleidescopeUK1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theFrom Here You'll Watch the World Go By1995SoleilmoonUS1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theRemember Me This Way1995SoleilmoonUS1S
Legendary Pink Dots, theChemical Playschool Volumes 8 & 91995Terminal KaleidescopeUK2F
Legendary Pink Dots, theLullabies for the New Dark Ages1996SoleilmoonUS4F
Legendary Pink Dots, thePrayer for Aradia1996Terminal KaleidescopeUK1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theUnder Triple Moons1997ROIRUS1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theChemical Playschool 101997SoleilmoonUS1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theHallway of the Gods1997SoleilmoonUS1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theStained Glass Soma Fountains1997SoleilmoonUS2F
Legendary Pink Dots, theSterre1997SPVPL1S
Legendary Pink Dots, theAncient Daze1997Terminal KaleidescopeUK1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theLive 19891997Terminal KaleidescopeUK1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theLive 85-881997Terminal KaleidescopeUK1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theNemesis Online1998SoleilmoonUS1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theThe Pre Millennial Single1998SoleilmoonUS1S
Legendary Pink Dots, theChemical Playschool Volumes 3 & 41998Terminal KaleidescopeUK2F
Legendary Pink Dots, theSing While You May1999BrudeniaRU1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theLive at the Metro1999SPVPL1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theA Perfect Mystery2000CacciocavalloUS1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theFarewell Milky Way2000CacciocavalloUS1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theKollabris2001Beta-Lactam RingUS1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theAny Day Now2001CaciocavalloUS1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theAsylum2001CaciocavalloUS1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theThe Crushed Velvet Apocalypse2001CaciocavalloUS1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theThe Maria Dimension2001CaciocavalloUS1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theThe Golden Age2001CaciocavalloUS1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theThe Lovers2001CaciocavalloUS1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theIsland of Jewels2001CaciocavalloUS1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theShadow Weaver2001CaciocavalloUS1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theMalachai: Shadow Weaver Part 22001CaciocavalloUS1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theChemical Playschool 11/12/132002CaciocavalloUS3F
Legendary Pink Dots, theThe Legendary Pink Box2002CaciocavalloUS2F
Legendary Pink Dots, theAll the King's Men2002ROIRUS1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theSynesthesia2002S.P.K.R.IT1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theAll the King's Horses2002CaciocavalloUS1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theBasilisk2002Beta-Lactam RingUS1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theLive in Hildesheim 19912003Terminal KaleidescopeNL1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theTraumstadt #12003Beta-Lactam RingUS1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theA Guide to Vol. 2 - Psychedellic Classics and Rarities2003Big BluePL2F
Legendary Pink Dots, theEl Kaleidoscopio Terminal2003Noise KontrolMX1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theThe Whispering Wall2004ROIRUS1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theCrushed Mementos2004Plinkity PlonkNL1F
Legendary Pink Dots, thePoppy Variations2004Terminal KaleidescopeNL1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theYour Children Placate You from Premature Graves2006ROIRUS1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theAlchemical Playschool2006SoleilmoonUS1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theAlchemical Playschool2008SoleilmoonUS1F
Legendary Pink Dots, thePlutonium Blonde2008ROIRUS1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theSeconds Late for the Brighton Line2010ROIRUS1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theThe Crushed Velvet Apocalypse1991SoleilmoonUS1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theHuman Radio2011Trademark of QuantityNL1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theAll the King's Sessions2011Trademark of QuantityNL1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theThe Maria Sessions2011Trademark of QuantityNL1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theAny Day Now Secrets2011Trademark of QuantityNL1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theThe Creature That Tasted Sound2012Trademark of QuantityNL1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theChemical Playschool 152012RustbladeNL1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theTaos Hum2013Trademark of QuantityNL1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theHallways of the Gods redux2013Trademark of QuantityNL2F
Legendary Pink Dots, the9 Lives to Wonder redux2013Trademark of QuantityNL1F
Legendary Pink Dots, theFrom Here You'll Watch the World Go By redux2013Trademark of QuantityNL2F
Legion of Green MenFloating in Shallow Water1999SwimUK1F
Lemon Jellylemonjelly.ky2001XL RecordingsUS1F
Lemon JellyLost Horizons2003XLUS1F
Lennon, JohnLegend1997ParlophoneUS1F
Leone, DominiqueAbstract2009ImportantUS1F
LesserGigolo Cop1997Vinyl CommunicationsUS1F
LesserMensa Dance Squad2001Tigerbeat6US1F
Level 42Level Best1989PolydorUS1F
Lewis, GrahamPre He1996WMOUS1F
Lewis, Graham [H-A-L-O]Eclipsed1995MNWUK1S
Lewis, Graham [H-A-L-O]Immanent1995MNWUK1F
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Lewis, Graham [He Said Omala]Matching Crosses1998OriginUS1F
Lewis, Graham [He Said]Hail1986MuteUS1F
Lewis, Graham [He Said]Could You?1989MuteUS1S
Lewis, Graham [He Said]Take Care1989MuteUS1F
Lewis, Graham [Hox]It-Ness2001R&SBE1F
Lewis, Graham [Ocsid]In Between1999OriginSE1F
Lewis, Graham [Ocsid]Opening Sweep2000Ash InternationalUK1F
LFOLove is the Message/Tan Ta Ra1991TommyBoyUS1S
LFOWhat is House?1992WarpUK1S
LFOTied Up1994WarpUK1S
LiarsThey Were Wrong So We Drowned2004MuteUS1F
LiarsDrum's Not Dead +DVD2006MuteUS1F
LichensThe Psychic Nature of Being2006KrankyUS1F
LichensOmns + DVD2007KrankyUS1F
LichensTime & Light (version) / ∞2008LichensUS1F
Lichens [Robert A. A. Lowe & Rose Lazar]Gyromancy2008Thrill JockeyUS1S
Life Partners, thePartners Forever2002Twisted VillageUS1F
Lightning BoltRide the Skies2000LoadUS1F
Lightning BoltWonderful Rainbow2003LoadUS1F
Liles, AndrewMy Long Accumulating Discontent2004NexteraCZ1F
Liles, AndrewIn My Father's House Are Many Mansions2006Fourth Dimension
LilithImagined Compositions for Water2002HushushCA1F
LimpOrion2002Morr MusicDE1F
Lippok, RobertFalling into Komëit2004MonikaDE1F
Liquid Liquid2008GR2US1F
Lisa Lisa and Cult JamSuper Hits1997ColumbiaUS1S
LithopsScrypt2003Thrill JockeyUS1F
LithopsMound Magnet2006Thrill JockeyUS1F
LithopsMound Magnet pt. 2 - Elevations Above Sea Level2008Killer PimpUS1F
Little AnnieSoul Possession2011SouthernUK1F
Little AnnieJackamo2011SouthernUK1F
Little AnnieShort and Sweet2011SouthernUK1F
Littleton, DanielDown by the Riverside2002Last AffairUS1F
Live HumanElefish Jellyphant2000MatadorUS1F
LockgrooveSleeping on the Elephant Fog2000KraveUS1F
LockgrooveCalm Right Down2004Shark AttackUS1F
LocustWeathered Well1994ApolloAT1F
Locust, thePlague Soundscapes2003AntiUS1F
Lonesome Organist, theCollector of Cactus Echo Bags1997Thrill JockeyUS1F
Long Fin KillieValentino1996Too Pure/AmericanUS1F
LoopHeaven's End2008ReactorUK2F
LoopFade Out2008ReactorUK2F
LoopThe World In Your Eyes2009ReactorUK3F
LoopA Gilded Eternity2009ReactorUK2F
Lopez, FranciscoUntitled #1042000Alien8CA1F
Lopez, FranciscoUntitled #1232002Alien8CA1F
Lopez, Francisco / Zbignew KarkowskiWhint2001AbsoluteUK2F
Lords of AcidLust1991CarolineUS1F
Lords of AcidTake Control1991CarolineUS1S
Lords of AcidRough Sex1992CarolineUS1S
Lords of AcidThe Crablouse1994AmericanUS1S
Los Planetos del AguaToo Many Bricks and Not Enough Sea2001AntennaUK1F
LoscilFirst Narrows2004KrankyUS1F
LoscilEndless Falls2010KrankyUS1F
LoscilSketches from New Brighton2012KrankyUS1F
Lotus PlazaThe Floodlight Collective2009KrankyUS1F
Lotus PlazaSpooky Action at a Distance2012KrankyUS1F
LoveThe Best of2003RhinoUS1F
Love and RocketsWaiting for the Flood1988RCAUS1S
Love and RocketsSo Alive1989Beggars BanquetUK1F
Love and RocketsNo Big Deal1989RCAUS1S
Love and RocketsBody and Soul1994AmericanUS1S
Love and RocketsThis Heaven1994Beggars BanquetUK1S
Love and RocketsThe Glittering Darkness1995Brggars BanquetUK1S
Love and RocketsLift1998Red AntUS1F
Love and RocketsSeventh Dream of Teenage Heaven2000Beggars BanquetUS1F
Love and RocketsEarth • Sun • Moon2000Beggars BanquetUS1F
Love and RocketsExpress!2001Beggars BanquetUS1F
Love and RocketsLove and Rockets/Swing!2002Beggars BanquetUS2F
Love and RocketsSorted! The best of2003Beggars BanquetUS1F
Love Spit Love1994ImagoUS1F
Love Spit LoveTrysome Eatone1997Maverick/SireUS1F
LowI Could Live in Hope1994Vernon YardUS1F
LowLong Division1995Vernon YardUS1F
LowThe Curtain hits the Cast1996Vernon YardUS1F
LowTransmission1996Vernon YardUS1S
LowSongs for a Dead Pilot1997KrankyUS1S
LowOne More Reason to Forget1998BlueSanct MuzakUS1F
LowOwl Remix Low1998Vernon YardUS1F
LowSecret Name1999KrankyUS1F
LowTravels in Constants Vol. 9 - The Exit Papers2000Temporary ResidenceUS1S
LowA Lifetime of Temporary Relief2003ChairkickersUS3F
LowCalifornia2004Rough TradeUK1S
LowThe Great Destroyer2005Sub PopUS1F
LowMonkey2005Sub PopUS1S
LowC'Mon2011Sub PopUS1F
LowThe Visible End2013Sub PopUS1S
Low [Alan Sparhawk]Solo Guitar2006SilberUS1F
Low & Spring Heel JackBombscare EP2000TugboatUK1S
Low + Dirty ThreeIn the Fishtank 72001KonkurrentUS1S
LowlifeSan Antorium2006LTMUK1F
LSD MarchConstellation of Tragedy2007ImportantUS1F
Luasa RaelonSeason of the Witch2006Snip SnipUS1F
Luasa RaelonInto the Void2007Crucial BlissUS1F
Luasa RaelonThe House of Flesh2008Snip SnipUS1F
Luasa RaelonVampyr (Light of the Beast)2010Fatal BeliefsUS1F
LullDreamt About Dreaming1995RawkusUS1F
LullJourney Through Underworlds1996RawkusUS1F
LumenThe Man Felt an Iron Hand…2001Temporary ResidenceUS1F
Lundvall, TorUnder the Shadows of Trees2003Eternal Autumn EditionsUK1F
Lundvall, TorLast Light2004Strange Fortune US1F
Lundvall, TorEmpty City2006Strange FortuneUS1F
Lundvall, TorYule2006Strange FortuneUS1F
Lundvall, TorThe Seasons Unfold Sampler2007Strange FortuneUS1F
Lundvall, Tor / Tony WakefordAutumn Calls1998TursaUK1F
LushNothing Natural19904ADUS1S
LushDesire Lines19944ADUK1S
LushSingle Girl (set)19954ADUK2S
LushLadykillers (set)19964ADUK2S
LushShake Babby Shake (set)19964ADUK2S
LustmordPurifying Fire2000SoleilmoonUS1F
LustmordThe Place Where Stars Hang2006SoleilmoonUS1F
LuxusHave a Nice Trip2000SmekkleysaIS1F
Lynn, TerryKingston Logic 2.02008Last GangUS1F
M [Aerial M]Aerial M1997Drag CityUS1F
M [Aerial M]M Is...1997Drag CityUS1S
M [Aerial M]Vivea1998DominoUK1S
M [Aerial M]October1998Drag CityUS1S
M [Aerial M]Post Global Music1999Drag CityUS1F
M [Papa M]Live from a Shark Cage1999Drag CityUS1F
M [Papa M]Travels In Constants volume 51999Temporary ResidenceUS1S
M [Papa M]1999 Tour Single1999Velvetone MusicUS1S
M [Papa M]Merry Christmas from Drag City2000Drag CityUS1S
M [Papa M]Sings2000Sea NoteUS1S
M [Papa M]Whatever, Mortal2001Drag CityUS1F
M [Papa M]Songs of Mac2001Western VinylUS1S
M [Papa M]Three Songs2002Drag CityUS1S
M [Papa M]One2002Drag CityUS1S
M [Papa M]Three2003Drag CityUS1S
M [Papa M]Four2003Drag CityUS1S
M [Papa M]Hole of Burning Alms2004Drag CityUS1F
M [Papa M]Five2004Drag CityUS1S
M [Papa M]Six2004Drag CityUS1S
M.I.A.Piracy Funds Terrorism2004DiploUS1F
M83Dead Cities, Red Seas, & Lost Ghosts2004MuteUS2F
MachaSee it Another Way - Singles Collected1999JetsetUS1F
MachaForget Tomorrow2004JetsetUS1F
Macha Loved BedheadBedhead Loved Macha2001JetsetUS1S
Machine in the Garden, theOne Winter's Night1999Middle PillarUS1F
Machine in the Garden, theOut of the Mists2000Middle PillarUS1F
MacLaurin, AngusGlass Music2000Bubble CoreUS1F
Madlib [Various]WLIB AM: King of rht Wigflip2008BBEUS1F
MadonnaKeep it Together1989SireUS1S
MadonnaJustify My Love1990SireUS1S
MadonnaCelebration2009Warner Bros.EU2F
Maeror TriLanguage of Flames and Sound1996Old Europa CaféIT1F
Maeror TriMeditamentum II1996ManifoldUS1F
Maeror TriEmotional Engramm1997Iris LightUK1F
Maëror TriArchaic States2000AbsurdUS1F
Maëror TriYearning for the Secret of Nature2001EE TapesBE1F
Magas Friends Forever2003Ersatz AudioUS1F
Magical Power MakoMusic from Heaven1997AtavisticUS1F
Magical Power MakoBlue Dot1997AtavisticUS1F
Magical Power MakoTrance Resonance1997AtavisticUS1F
Magical Power MakoLo Pop Diamonds1997AtavisticUS1F
Magical Power MakoHapmoniym2001MioIL5F
Magnetic Fields, theHoliday1993MergeUS1F
Magnetic Fields, theThe Charm of the Highway Strip1994MergeUS1F
Magnetic Fields, the69 Songs About Love1999MergeUS3F
MagnogMore Weather1997KrankyUS2F
Magnolia Electric Co.Fading Trails2006Secretly CanadianUS1F
Magnolia Electric Co.Sojourner +DVD2007Secretly CanadianUS4F
Magnolia Electric Co., the2003Secretly CanadianUS1F
Magnolia Electric Co., theWhat Comes After the Blues2005Secretly CanadianUS1F
Magnolia Electric Co., theHard to Love a Man2005Secretly CanadianUS1S
Magnolia Electric Co., theTrials & Errors2005Secretly CanadianUS1F
MainHydra Calm1992Situation TwoUK1F
MainMirror Pool1994Beggars BanquetUK1F
MainHz1996Beggars BanquetUS6F
MainDeliquescence1997Beggars BanquetUK1F
MainFirmament III1997Beggars BanquetUK1F
MainFirmament IV1998Beggars BanquetUK1F
Major Stars42005Twisted VillageUS1F
Major StarsSyntoptikon2006ImportantUS1F
Makoto, KawabataO Si Amos a Sighire a Essere Duas Umbras?2004ImportantUS1F
Makoto, Kawabata & a qui avec GabrielGolden Tree2012ImportantUS1F
Mallidner, StephenPow Wow Plus1982MuteUK1F
Mallidner, Stephen [Ku-Ling Bros.]Creach1999Off World SoundsUK1F
Man or Astro-man?Eeviac1999Touch & GoUS1F
Man or Astro-Man?A Spectrum of Infinite Scale2000Touch & GoUS1F
Man or Astro-Man?A Spectrum of Finite Scale2000ZerotecUS1F
Mandell, JakeThe Placekick EP2000CarparkUS1S
ManheadBirth, School, Work, Death2003OutputUK1S
Manley, PhilLife Coach2011Thrill JockeyUS1F
Mann, AmieeI'm with Stupid1996DGCUS1F
ManualUntil Tomorrow1999Morr MusicDE1F
ManualAscend2002Morr MusicDE1F
ManualIsares2003Static CaravanUK1F
Manual & SyntaksGolden Sun2004DarlaUS1F
Manual with Jess KahrThe North Shore2004DarlaUS1F
ManufactureWorld Control1991NettwerkCA1S
Mapstation1999Soul Static SoundUK1S
Marl, MarleyRe Entry2001BBEUK1F
Marl, MarleyIn Control Volumes I & II2002LandspeedUS2F
Martin, AndreasLive im Loft2005DE1S
MarumariThe Remixes2002CarparkUS1F
MaseratiInventions for the New Season2007Temporary ResidenceUS1F
MaseratiPassages2009Temporary ResidenceUS1F
Massive Attack1991VirginUS1S
Massive AttackProtection1994VirginUS1F
Massive AttackMezzanine1998VirginUK1F
Massive AttackSingles 90 - 981999VirginUK11S
MasstisshaddhuShekinah2003Psychedelic PigUS1F
Master Musicians of BukkakeTotem Two2010ImportantUS1F
Matching Mole1972ColumbiaFR1F
MaterialThe Third Power1992AxiomUS1F
MaterialHallucination Engine1994AxiomUS1F
MaterialSeven Souls1997TrilokaUS1F
Matmos1997Vague TerrainUS1F
MatmosThe West1999DeluxeUS1F
MatmosQuasi-Objects1998Vague TerrainUS1F
MatmosA Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure2001MatadorUS1F
MatmosCalifornia Rhinoplasty2001MatadorUK1S
MatmosLive with J. Lesser2002Vague TerrainUS1F
MatmosThe Civil War2003MatadorUS1F
MatmosRat Relocation Program2004LocustUS1S
MatmosFor Alan Turing2006Vague TerrainUS1S
MatmosSupreme Balloon2008MatadorUS1F
Matmos [Iao Core]Armadillium Vulgare1998Vinyl CommunicationsUS1F
Matmos [Vague Terrain Recordings]A Viable Alternative to Actual Sexual Contact2002PieheadCA1F
Matsunaga, KouheiSelf VA.2010ImportantUS1F
Matters & DunawayHitech2004SymmetricUS1F
Matthews, EricIt's Heavy In Here1995Sub PopUS1F
Maya ShoreFarewell to Introductions2000The Music FellowshipUS1F
Mazurek, RobSweet & Vicious Like Frankenstein2003MegoAT1F
Mazzy StarShe Hangs Brightly1990CapitolUS1F
Mazzy StarSo Tonight That I Might See1993CapitolUS1F
Mazzy StarAmong My Swan1996CapitolUS1F
MC 900 Ft JesusUFO's Are Real1990NettwerkCA1S
MC 900 Ft JesusKiller Inside Me1991NettwerkCA1S
MC 900ft JesusHell with the Lid Off1989NettwerkCA1F
MC5, theKick out the Jams1969ElektraUS1F
McBride, BrianWhen the Detail Lost Its Freedom2005KrankyUS1F
McBride, BrianThe Effective Disconnect: Music Composed for the Documentary "Vanishing of the Bees"2010KrankyUS1F
McCartney, PaulWingspan2001CapitolUS12
McEntire, John [V/A]Reach the Rock [ST]1999HeftyUS1F
Meat Beat ManifestoStrap Down1988SweatboxUK1S
Meat Beat ManifestoGod O. D.1988Wax Trax!US1S
Meat Beat ManifestoStorm the Studio1989Wax Trax!US1F
Meat Beat ManifestoDog Star Man1989Play it Again SamBE1S
Meat Beat Manifesto0.991990MuteUS1F
Meat Beat ManifestoPsyhe-Out1990MuteUS1S
Meat Beat ManifestoHelter-Skelter1990Play it Again, SamUS1S
Meat Beat ManifestoArmed Audio Warfare1990Wax Trax!US1F
Meat Beat ManifestoNow1991MuteUS1S
Meat Beat ManifestoPsyche-Out1991Play it Again SamNL1S
Meat Beat ManifestoEdge of No Control1992MuteUS1S
Meat Beat ManifestoSatyricon1992MuteUS1F
Meat Beat ManifestoMindstream1993MuteUS1S
Meat Beat ManifestoMindstream1993MuteUS1S
Meat Beat ManifestoPeel Session1993Strange FruitUS1S
Meat Beat ManifestoSubliminal Sandwich1996Play it Again SamBE2F
Meat Beat ManifestoAsbestos Lead Asbestos1996Play it Again SamBE1S
Meat Beat ManifestoAsbestos Lead Asbestos1996Nothing/InterscopeUS1S
Meat Beat ManifestoIt's the Music1996Play it Again SamBE1S
Meat Beat ManifestoTransmission1996Play it Again SamBE1S
Meat Beat ManifestoHelter Skelter1997Nothing/InterscopeUS1S
Meat Beat ManifestoOriginal Fire1997Nothing/InterscopeUS1S
Meat Beat ManifestoAcid Again1998Nothing/InterscopeUS1S
Meat Beat ManifestoPrime Audio Soup1998Nothing/InterscopeUS1S
Meat Beat ManifestoActual Sounds + Voices1998Play it Again SamBE1F
Meat Beat ManifestoPrime Audio Soup1998Play it Again SamBE1S
Meat Beat ManifestoRUOK?2002RunUS1F
Meat Beat ManifestoFree Piece Suite2002RunUS1S
Meat Beat ManifestoStorm the Studio2003RunUS1F
Meat Beat ManifestoArmed Audio Warfare2003RunUS1F
Meat Beat ManifestoStorm the Studio Remixed2003Tino CorpUS1F
Meat Beat ManifestoR.U.O.K In Dub2004RunUS1F
Meat Beat Manifesto…In Dub2004RunUS1F
Meat Beat ManifestoAt the Center2005Thirsty EarUS1F
Meat Beat ManifestoOff-Centre2005Thirsty EarUS1S
Meat Beat ManifestoLive '052006TapelabUS1F
Meat Beat ManifestoAutoimmune2008MetropolisUS1F
Meat Beat ManifestoTour Single 20082008TapelabUS1S
Meat Beat ManifestoAnswers Come In Dreams2010MetropolisUS1F
Meat Beat Manifesto [Jack Dangers]¡Hello Friends!2001ShadowUS1F
Meat Beat Manifesto [Jack Dangers]Variaciones Espectrales2002Shadow/InstinctUS1S
Meat Beat Manifesto [Jack Dangers]Forbidden Planet Explored2004ImportantUS2F
Meat Beat Manifesto [Jack Dangers]Loudness Clarifies / Electronic Music from Tapelab2004ImportantUS2F
Meat Beat Manifesto [Jack Dangers]Music for Planetarium2008BrainwashedUS1F
Meat Beat Manifesto [V/A]Archive Things 1982-1988/Purged2007TapelabUS2F
Meat Beat Manifesto / Jack Dangers [V/A]Remix Collection Pro.File 12002Brooklyn MusicUS1F
Medeski, Martin & WoodCombustication1998Blue NoteUS1F
Medeski, Martin & WoodThe Dropper2000Blue Note/CapitolUS1F
Medeski, Martin & WoodAdditional tracks from The Dropper sessions previously unreleased2000Blue Note/CapitolUS1S
Meek, JoeI Hear a New World2001RPMUK1F
Meek, JoeMeeky Meek: Random Flakes Vol. 1B
Meek, JoeMeeky Meek: Random Flakes Vol. 2B
Meek, Joe [V/A]You're Holding Me Down2007CastleUS1F
Meek, Joe [V/A]Vampires, Cowboys, Spacemen & Spooks2007CastleUS2F
Meelkop, Roel5 (Ambiences)2005IntransitiveUS1F
MegadethRust in Peace2004CapitolUS1F
MeishaMeisha Returns Meisha Forever1998The Music FellowshipUS1F
Mellow CandleSwaddling Songs2008Cherry RedUK1F
Melt BananaTeeny Shiny2000A-ZapUS1F
Melt BananaCell-Scape2003A-ZapUS1F
Melt BananaBambi's Dilemma2007A-ZapUS1F
MelvinsChicken Switch2009IpecacUS1F
Menche, DanielSirocco2005ImportantUS1F
Menche, DanielJugularis2006ImportantUS1F
Menche, DanielGlass Forest2008ImportantUS1F
Mercury RevYerself is Steam1992ColumbiaUS1F
Mercury RevBoces1993ColumbiaUS1F
MerzbowBatztoutai with Metal Gadgets1993RRRecordsUK2F
MerzbowScumtron1997Blast FirstUK1F
MerzbowTint1997Vinyl CommunicationsUS1S
MerzbowIkebana: Amlux Rebuilt, Reused and Recycled2003ImportantUS2F
MerzbowLast of Analog Sessions2004ImportantUS3F
MerzbowFukukuro: 13 Japanese Birds Volume Two2009ImportantUS1F
Merzbow13 Japanese Birds: Uzura2009ImportantUS1F
Merzbow / Kouhei Matsunaga2002Tigerbeat6US1S
Merzbow / Pan SonicV2003VictoCA1F
Metal UrbainAnarchy in Paris2003AcuteUS1F
MetallicaRide the Lightning1984ElektraUS1F
MetallicaMaster of Puppets1986ElektraUS1F
Mi and L'auIf Beauty is a Crime2012ImportantUS1F
Mice Parade1997Bubble CoreUS1F
Mice ParadeRamda1999BubblecoreUS1F
Mice ParadeCollaborations2000After HoursJP1F
Mice ParadeMokoondi2001Bubble CoreUS1F
Michel, Nathanabc def2002Tigerbeat6US1F
Michel, NathanDear Bicycle2003Tigerbeat6US1F
Microstoria_snd1996Thrill JockeyUS1F
MicrostoriaInit Ding1997Thrill JockeyUS1F
MicrostoriaReprovisors1997Thrill JockeyUS1F
MicrostoriaModel 3, Step 22000Thrill JockeyUS1F
Midnight OilThe Green Disc1990ColumbiaUS1F
Midnight OilBlue Sky Mining1990ColumbiaUS1F
Midnight OilEarth and Sun and Moon1993ColumbiaUS1F
Mieses GegongeLive2003G. GegongeDE1F
Mighty Mighty BosstonesWhere'd You Go?1991Taang!US1S
Mile End Ladies String Auxiliary, theFrom Cells of Roughest Air2005BangorCA1S
Millis, RobertRecordings from Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and Myanmar2004AnomalousUS1F
Mills, Russell / UndarkPearl + Umbra1999Bella UnionUK1F
Mills, Russell / UndarkStrange Familiar2000Bella UnionUK1F
Mimir1990Flabber GastUK1F
MinistryWith Sympathy1983AristaUS1F
MinistryTwelve Inch Singles1985Wax Trax!US1F
Minny PopsDrastic Measures Drastic Movement2003LTMUK1F
Minotaur ShockChiff-Chaffs & Willow Warblers2001MelodicUK1F
Minotaur ShockMaritime20054ADUS1F
Miranda Sex GardenMadra1991MuteUS1F
Miranda Sex GardenGush Forth My Tears1991MuteUS1S
Miranda Sex GardenIris1992MuteUS1
Miranda Sex GardenPlay1993MuteUK1S
Miranda Sex GardenSunshine1993MuteUK1S
MirrorThe View2002Three PoplarsDE1F
MirrorInto the Wood2002Three PoplarsDE1F
MirrorNights2002Three PoplarsUK1F
MirrorEye of the Storm2003StreamlineUS1F
MirrorA Pilgrim's Solace #1302003Three PoplarsDE1F
MirrorLive in Bern2003Three PoplarsDE1F
MirrorDie Spiegelmanufakturer2003Die StadtDE1F
MirrorShadows2005Three PoplarsDE1F
MirrorNightwalkers bonus2005RobotUS1S
MirrorViking Burial for a French Car2005Plinkity PlonkNL1F
MirrorStill Valley2005Die StadtDE1F
Mirror Reveals, theFrames of Technicolor2000Middle PillarUS1F
MirroringForeign Body2012KrankyUS1F
MirzaBliss Out Vol. 7 - Anadromous1997DarlaUS1F
MirzaLast Clouds2001Ba Da Bing!US1F
Missing Brazilians, theWarzone1997On-UUK1F
Mission of BurmaVs.1982RykodiscUS1F
Mission of BurmaSignals, Calls, and Marches1987RykodiscUS1F
Mizutani, KiyoshiYokosawaka-iri2002CMRNZ1F
MobyEarly Underground1993InstinctUS1F
MobyEverything is Wrong1995ElektraUS1F
MobyInto the Blue1995MuteUK1S
MobyI Like to Score1997ElektraUS1F
Modern EnglishLife in the Gladhouse 1980-198420014ADUK1F
MogwaiTen Rapid1997JetsetUS1F
MogwaiYoung Team1997JetsetUS1F
Mogwai4 Satin1997JetsetUS1S
MogwaiKicking a Dead Pig1998JetsetUS2F
MogwaiCome on Die Young1999MatadorUS1F
MogwaiTravels In Constants vol. 122001Temporary ResidenceUS1S
MogwaiRock Action2001MatadorUS1F
MogwaiMy Father My King2001MatadorUS1S
Mogwai5 Track Tour Single2001Rock ActionUK1S
MogwaiHappy Songs for Happy People2003MatadorUS1F
MogwaiMr. Beast/DVD2006MatadorUS1F
MogwaiHardcore Will Never Die But You Will2011Sub PopUS2F
MogwaiEarth Division2011Sub PopUS1F
Mogwai/MagooDo the Rock Boogaloo1998Fierce PandaUK1S
Mojave 3Ask Me Tomorrow19964ADUS1F
Mojave 3Out of Tune19984ADUK1F
Mojave 3Excuses for Travellers20004ADUS1F
Mojave 3Spoon & Rafter20034ADUS1F
Mojave 3Puzzles Like You20064ADUS1F
MolassesYou'll Never Be Well No More1999FancyCA1S
MolassesA Slow Messe2003FancyCA2F
Molina, JasonLet Me Go, Let Me Go, Let Me Go2006Secretly CanadianUS1F
Molina, Jason & William JohnsonMolina & Johnson2009Secretly CanadianUS1F
MomusStars Forever1999Le Grand MagisteryUS2F
MonacoMusic for Pleasure1997PoydorUS1F
MonadeSocialisme Ou Barbarie (the Bedroom Recordings)2003Drag CityUS1F
MonadeA Few Steps More2005Too PureUS1F
MonadeSensible Et Extensible/At Last I am Free2005DuophonicUK1S
MonauralMonitor Interference1997Ba Da Bing!US1F
Monk & CanatellaEnther the Monk1999TelstarUK1S
Monk & CanatellaDo Community Service2000TelstarUK1F
Monkees, the20 Smash Hits1985Platinum MusicDE1F
Monkees, theThen and Now...Best of...1986AristaUS1F
Monkees, theMissing Links1988RhinoUS1F
Monkees, theHead1994RhinoUS1F
MonksBlack Monk Time1997Infinite ZeroUS1F
MonoUnder the Pipal Tree2001TzadikUS1F
MonoOne Step More and You Die2003Arena RockUS1F
MonoNew York Soundtracks2003Human HighwayJP1F
MonoWalking Cloud and Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered and the Sun Shined2004Temporary ResidenceUS1F
MonoYou Are There2006Temporary ResidenceUS1F
MonoTravels In Constants 22: The Phoenix Tree2007Temporary ResidenceUS1S
MonoHymn to the Immortal Wind2009Temporary ResidenceUS1F
MonoHoly Ground: NYC Live with the Wordless Music Orchestra +DVD2010Temporary ResidenceUS1F
Mono & World's End GirlfriendPalmless Prayer / Mass Murder Refrain2005Human HighwayJP1F
MonosSunny Day in Saginomiya2001EditionUS1F
MonosNightfall Sunshine2002Die StadtDE1F
MonosGenerating a Black Sea2005Die StadtDE1F
MonosGenerators2005Die StadtDE1F
MonosAbove the Sky2010ICDUK2F
Monster Movie2001ClairecordsUS1S
Monster MovieLast Night Something Happened2001ClairecordsUS1F
Monster MovieTo the Moon2004ClairecordsUS1F
Monster MovieTransistor2004GravefaceUS1S
Monster MovieAll Lost2006GravefaceUS1F
MonstreSucre 32001Alien8CA1F
Montgomery, RoyTemple IV1995KrankyUS1F
Montgomery, Roy324 E. 13th St #71999Drunken FishUS1F
Montgomery, Roy / Chris HeaphyTRUE1999KrankyUS1F
Monty PythonSings1991VirginUS1F
MoonshakeEva Luna1993MatadorUS1F
MoonshakeThe Sound Your Eyes Can Follow1994AmericanUS1F
Moore, ThurstonRoot1998Lo RecordingsUK1F
MooseSonny and Sam1991VirginUS1S
Moroder, GiorgioFrom Here to Eternity1977RepertoireDE1F
Morphew, JasonTransparent1997Ba Da Bing!US1F
Morphew, JasonNot for the Faint of Heart2000Ba Da Bing!US1F
Morphew, JasonThe Duke of Arkansas2002Ba Da Bing!US1F
Morphew, JasonSex2002Ba Da Bing!US1F
MorphineCure for Pain1993RykodiscUS1F
MorphineB Sides and Otherwise1998RykodiscUS1F
MorrisseyThe HMV/Parlophone Singles '88-'952009EMIUK3F
Mortal LoomAddicted to the Tragedy2002The Gate Media GroupUS1F
MotorpsychoLittle Lucid Moments2008Rune GrammofonNO1F
MotorpsychoHeavy Metal Fruit2010Rune GrammofonNO1F
Motorpsycho + Jaga Jazzist HornsIn the Fishtank 102002KonkurrentNL1S
Mould, BobWishing Well1989VirginUS1S
Mould, BobWorkbook1989VirginUS1F
Mould, BobBlack Sheets of Rain1990VirginUS1F
Mould, BobModulate1999GranaryUS1F
Mould, BobBody of Song2005Yep RockUS2F
Mould, BobLife and Times2009Anti-US1F
Mould, BobBob Mould + The Last Dog and Pony Show + LiveDog982012EdselUK3F
Mouldycliff, PhilWritten On Water2007ICRUK1F
Mount Vernon Astral TempleMusick That Destroys Itself2002EskatonUK2F
Mountain Home2007Language of StoneUS1F
Mouse On MarsVulvaland1994Beggars BanquetUS1F
Mouse On MarsIaora Tahiti1995Too Pure/AmericanUS1F
Mouse On MarsAutoditacker1997Thrill JockeyUS1F
Mouse On MarsCache Coeur naif1997Thrill JockeyUS1S
Mouse On MarsGlam1999Thrill JockeyJP1F
Mouse On MarsInstrumentals2000Thrill JockeyUS1F
Mouse On MarsNiun Niggung2000Thrill JockeyUS1F
Mouse On MarsActionist Respoke2001Thrill JockeyUS1S
Mouse On MarsIdiology2001Thrill JockeyUS1F
Mouse On MarsAgit Itter It It2002Thrill JockeyUS1S
Mouse On MarsRost Pocks2003Too PureUS1F
Mouse On MarsRadical Connector2004Thrill JockeyUS1F
Mouse On MarsVarcharz2006IpecacUS1F
Mouse On MarsParastrophics2012MonkeytownDE1F
MouthusThe Long Salt2006ImportantUS1F
MouthusFollow This House2007ImportantUS1F
Moyet, AlisonAlf1985ColumbiaUS1F
Moyet, AlisonRaindancing1987ColumbiaUS1F
Moyet, AlisonHoodoo1991ColumbiaUS1F
Moyet, AlisonWhispering Your Name1994ColumbiaUS1S
Mozart, W. A.2 Divermenti1991DenonUS1F
Mr. Geoffrey & JD FranzkeGet A Room2006ExtremeAU1F
Mr. OizoFlat Beat1999F CommunicationsNL1S
Mr. OizoAnalog Worms Attack1999MuteUS1F
Mr. ToadTrench Art2003MioIL1F
Ms. John SodaDrop Scene2002Morr MusicDE1S
Ms. John SodaNo P. or D.2002Morr MusicDE1F
Ms. John SodaWhile Talking2003Morr MusicDE1S
Ms. John SodaNotes and the Like2006MorrDE1F
MUBBBunny!Bbuny!!Bunny!!!2004V/Vm Test RecordsUK1F
Mu-Ziq [Kid Spatula]Full Sunken Breaks2000Planet MuUK1F
Mu-Ziq [µ-Ziq]Ultimate Bile Volume 1 Volume 21997AstralwerksUS1F
Mu-Ziq [µ-Ziq]Royal Astronomy1999AstralwerksUS1F
Mucho MachoThe Limehouse Link1999Beggars BanquetUS1F
Mucho MachoDeath of Wild Onion Drive2000WiiijaUK1F
Mueller, JeffFold and Perish1999MonitorUS1F
Mugstar,,,Sun, Broken…2010ImportantUS1F
Mullen, GeoffThrtysxtrllnmnfstns2006EntschuldigenUS1F
MúmPlease Smile My Noise Bleed2001Morr MusicDE1F
MúmFinally We Are No One2002FatcatUK1F
MúmLoksins Erus Við Engin2002SmekkleysaIS1F
MúmSummer Make Good2004FatcatUK1F
MúmYesterday Was Dramatic - Today is OK2005Morr MusicDE1F
MúmGo Go Smear the Poison Ivy2007FatcatUS1F
Múm & Andri Snær MagnasonFlugmaður1999MumandriIS1F
Múm & Andri Snær MagnasonBlái Hnötturinn2001MumandriIS1S
Mumma, GordonStudio Retrospect2000LovelyUS1F
Mumma, GordonLive-Electronic Music2002TzadikUS1F
Mumma, GordonElectronic Music of Theatre and Public Activity2005New World RecordsUS1F
Mumma, Gordon and David TudorDavid Tudor and Gordon Mumma2006New World RecordsUS1F
Murphy, PeterShould the World Fail to Fall Apart1986Beggars BanquetUK1F
Murphy, PeterDeep1990Beggars BanquetUS1F
Murphy, PeterHoly Smoke1992RCAUS1F
Murphy, PeterCascade1995AtlanticUS1F
Murphy, PeterWild Birds 1985-19952000Beggars BanquetUK1F
Musique ConcretBringing Up Baby2004FractalFR1F
Musique Concrete Ensemble, theDisconancias y Repeticiones Ambiguas2002Eco DiscosES1F
MuslimgauzeUzbekistani Bizarre and Souk2002ImportantUS1F
My Bloody ValentineThis is Your Bloody Valentine1990DossierDE1F
My Bloody ValentineEcstasy and Wine2001LazyUK1F
My Bloody ValentineIsn't Anything2012Sony MusicUK1F
My Bloody ValentineLoveless2012Sony MusicUK2F
My Bloody ValentineEps 1988-19912012Sony MusicUK2F
My Cat is an AlienCosmic Light of the Third Millennium2006ImportantUS1F
N.W.A. [V/A]The N.W.A. Legacy Volume 1 1988-19981999PriorityUS2F
N'Dour, YoussouEyes Open1992ColumbiaUS1F
N'Dour, YoussouThe Guide (Wommat)1994ChaosUS1F
NadjaTruth Becomes Death2005Alien8CA1F
NadjaRadiance of Shadows2007Alien8CA1F
NadjaSkin Turns to Glass2008The EndUS1F
NadjaDesire in Uneasiness2008Crucial BlastUS1F
NadjaBliss Torn from Emptiness2008Profound LoreUS1F
NadjaDagdrom2012Broken SpineUS1F
Nadler, MarissaBallads of Living and Dying2004EclipseUS1F
Nadler, MarissaThe Saga of Mayflower May2005EclipseUS1F
Nadler, MarissaLittle Hells2009KemadoUS1F
Nadler, MarissaMarissa Nadler2011Box of CedarUS1F
Nadler, MarissaMarissa Nadler Demos2011Box of CedarUS1F
Natural Snow BuildingsShadow Kingdom2009Blackest RainbowUK2F
Natural Snow BuildingsWaves of the Random Sea2011Blackest RainbowUK1F
Natural Snow Buildings [Twinsistermoon]Levels and Crossings2008DigitalisUS1F
Natural Snow Buildings [Twinsistermoon]The Hollow Mountain2009Blackest RainbowUK1F
Natural Snow Buildings [Twinsistermoon]Then Fell the Ashes…2011Primary NumbersUS1F
Natural Snow Buildings / Isengrind / TwinsistermoonThe Snowbringer Cult2013Ba Da Bing!US2F
Natural Snow Buildings/Isengrind/TwinsistermoonThe Snowbringer Cult2008Students of DecayUS2F
Nature and OrganisationA Dozen Summers against the World1994DurtroUK1S
Nature and OrganisationBeauty Reaps the Blood of Solitude1994DurtroUK1F
Nature and OrganisationDeath in a Snow Leopard Winter1998Snow LeopardUK1F
Naysayer, theDeathwhisker2000Carrot Top RecordingsUS1F
Need New Body2001File 13US1F
Negative EntropyCity Open to the Nomad1998Beta-Lactam RingUS1F
Neither/Neither WorldSuicide Notes2000Zos Kia SoundsUK1F
NeotropicMr. Brubaker's Symphony1998Ninja TuneUS1F
NeotropicLa Prochaine Fois2001Ninja TuneCA2F
NeptuneThe Ballet of the Process2002Mister RecordsUS1F
NeptunePatterns2007Self ReleaseUS1F
Nerve Net NoiseMeteor Circuit2002IntransitiveUS1F
NervesNew Animal1999Thrill JockeyUS1F
Neumeier, ManiSketches2007ImportantUS1F
Neurosis [Tribes of Neurot]Silver Blood Transmission2006RelapseUS1F
Neutral Milk HotelOn Avery Island1996FireUK1F
Neutral Milk HotelIn the Airplane Over the Sea1998MergeUS1F
New Blockaders, the20th Anniversary Offensive - Live at the Termite Club Leeds-England 06/06/062003HypnagogiaUK1F
New Fast Automatic DaffodillsBig1991MuteUS1S
New Fast Automatic DaffodillsThe Peel Sessions1991Strange FruitUS1F
New Fast Automatic DaffodillsBody Exit Mind1993MuteUS1F
New OrderMovement1981FactoryUK1F
New OrderPeel Sessions 11981Strange FruitUK1S
New Order1982FactoryUK1S
New OrderPower, Corruption, and Lies1983FactoryUK1F
New OrderPeel Sessions 21983Strange FruitUK1S
New OrderLow-Life1985FactoryUK1F
New OrderBrotherhood1986FactoryUK1F
New OrderBizarre Love Triangle1986QwestUS1S
New OrderTouched By the Hand of God1987FactoryUK1S
New OrderTrue Faith1987FactoryUK1S
New OrderSubstance1987QwestUS2F
New OrderBlue Monday 881988FactoryUK1S
New OrderFine Time1988FactoryUK1S
New OrderRound and Remix1989FactoryUK1S
New OrderRound and Round1989FactoryUK1S
New OrderTechnique1989QwestUS1F
New OrderWorld in Motion1990FactoryUK1S
New OrderBBC Radio 1 Live1992BBCUK1F
New OrderRepublic1993QwestUS1F
New OrderRegret1993QwestUS1S
New OrderWorld1993QwestUS1S
New OrderSpooky1993QwestUS1S
New Order? (the best of)1994LondonUK1F
New Order? (the rest of)1994LondonUK2F
New OrderBlue Monday-951995LondonUK1S
New OrderVideo 5-8-61997TouchUK1S
New OrderCrystal2001RepriseUS1S
New OrderGet Ready2001RepriseUS1F
New OrderConfusion2002WhakcedUK1S
New OrderRetro2002LondonUK5F
New OrderSingles2005LondonUK2F
New OrderWaiting for the Siren's Call2005LondonUK1F
New Year, theNewness Ends2001Touch & GoUS1F
New Year, theThe End is Near2004Touch & GoUS1F
New Year, the2008Touch & GoUS1F
Newman, ColinA to Z1980Beggars BanquetUK1F
Newman, ColinCN119824ADUK1S
Newman, Colin...the Singing Fish/Not To19824ADUK1F
Newman, ColinCommercial Suicide1988EnigmaUS1F
Newman, ColinIt Seems1989EnigmaUS1F
Newman, ColinBastard1997SwimUS1F
Newman, ColinCommercial Suicide2003Crammed DiscsBE1F
Newman, Colin [Immersion]Low Impact1999SwimUK1F
Newman, Colin [Oracle]Tree1995SwimUK1F
Newman, Colin / Malka SpigelLive1999SwimUK1F
Newman, HarrisNon-Sequiturs2004Strange AttractorsUS1F
Newman, HarrisAccidents with Nature and Each Other2005Strange AttractorsUS1F
Newsom, JoannaYs2006Drag CityUS1F
Niblock, PhillTouch Works, for Hurdy Gurdy and Voices2000TouchUK1F
Niblock, PhillTouch Food2003TouchUK2F
Nice NiceChrome2003Temporary ResidenceUS1F
Nice NiceYesss!2005AudraglintUS1S
Nice NiceSpring2005Temporary ResidenceUS1S
Nice NiceSummer2005Temporary ResidenceUS1S
Nice NiceFall2005Temporary ResidenceUS1S
Nice NiceWinter2005Temporary ResidenceUS1S
Nightblooms, the1993SeedUS1F
Nightblooms, the24 Days at Catastrophe Café1993SeedUS1F
Nightmare Air2009Nightmare AirUS1S
Nightmares on WaxHappiness!1992WarpUK1S
Nightmares on WaxCarboot Soul1999MatadorUS1F
Nightmares on Wax with De La SoulThe Sound of N.O.W.2000MatadorUS1S
Nihilist Spasm Band, theVol. 21996AlchemyJP1F
Nine Inch NailsFixed1992Nothing/InterscopeUS1S
Nine Inch NailsCloser to God1994IslandUK2S
Nine Inch NailsThe Perfect Drug versions1997Nothing/InterscopeUS1S
Nitzer EbbWarsaw Ghetto1985Power of VoiceUK1S
Nitzer EbbBelief1988GeffenUS1F
Nitzer EbbControl, I'm Here1988MuteUK1S
Nitzer EbbThat Total Age1988GeffenUS1F
Nitzer EbbShame1989MuteUK1S
Nitzer EbbHearts and Minds1989MuteUK1S
Nitzer EbbLightning Man/GettingCloser/Fun To Be Had1990GeffenUS1S
Nitzer EbbGetting Closer1990MuteUK1S
Nitzer EbbEbbhead1991GeffenUS1F
Nitzer EbbAs Is1991GeffenUS1S
Nitzer EbbBig Hit1995GeffenUS1F
Nitzer EbbBody of Work2006MuteUK2F
Nitzer EbbBody Rework2006MuteUK1F
Nmperign/Jason LescalleetIn Which the Silent Partner-Director is No Longer Able to Make his Point to the Industrial Dreamer1999IntransitiveUS1F
Nmperign/Jason LescalleetLove Me Two Times2006IntransitiveUS1F
No Means NoIn the Fishtank 11997KonkurrentNL1S
No Neck Blues BandIntonomancy2003YodUS1F
No Neck Blues BandEmbryo2006StaubgoldDE1F
Noise/GirlDiscopathology2005Killer PimpUS1F
NonBlood & Flame1986MuteUK1F
NonEasy Listening for Iron Youth1991MuteUS1F
NonIn the Shadow of the Sword1992MuteUK1F
NonGod & Beast1997MuteUS1F
NonReceive the Flame1999MuteUK1F
NonChildren of the Black Sun +DVD2002MuteUS1F
NonTerra Incognita: Ambient Works 1975 - Present2004MuteUS1F
NonBack To Mono2012MuteUS1F
Non [Boyd Rice / Frank Tovey]Easy Listening for the Hard of Hearing1981MuteUK1F
Non [Boyd Rice and Friends]Music, Martinis, and Misanthropy1990NERUK1F
Non [Boyd Rice Presents]Death's Gladstone Wedding1996HierarchyUK1F
Non [Boyd Rice Presents]The Amazing Ralph Gean - His Music, His Story2008Discriminate AudioUS2F
Non [Boyd Rice Presents]The Very Best of Little Fyodor's Greatest Hits2008Discriminate AudioUS1F
Non [Boyd Rice]The Way I Feel2000CaciocavalloUS1F
Non [V/A]Music for Pussycats2001CaciocavalloUS1F
Normal, theTVOD/Warm Leaterette1979MuteUS1S
Northern Song Dynasty2000People the SkyUS1F
Not BreathingSangre Azul1997InvisibleUS1F
Not BreathingThe Starry Wisdom1998InvisibleUS2F
Not BreathingItchy Tingles2000InvisibleUS1F
Not BreathingCarrion Sounds2003KimoSoticUS1F
Notwist, the1991SubwayDE1F
Notwist, theNook1992Big StoreDE1F
Notwist, the121997Zero HourUS1F
Notwist, theShrink1998Zero HourUS1F
Notwist, thePilot2001City SlangDE1S
Notwist, theNeon Golden2002City SlangDE1F
Notwist, thePick up the Phone2002City SlangDE1F
NoxagtTurning it Down Since 20012003LoadUS1F
NoxagtThe Iron Point2004LoadUS1F
NudgeTricked Out2002OutwardUS1F
NudgeElaborate Devices for Filtering Crisis2003Tigerbeat6US1F
NudgeInfinity Padlock2008AudraglintUS1S
NudgeAs Good As Gone2009KrankyUS1F
Null, K.K.Kosmik Engine2002ImportantUS1F
Null, K.K./DiscNullsonic1998Vinyl CommunicationsUS1S
Null, KKAbsolut Null Punkt2004ImportantUS1F
Null, KKKosmista Noisea2006ImportantUS1F
Null, KK (Absolut Null Punkt)Metacompound2006ImportantUS1F
Null, KK [Absolut Null Punkt]Metacompound2006ImportantUS1F
Numan, GaryThe Plan1978Beggars BanquetUS1F
Numan, GaryTubeway Army1978Beggars BanquetUS1F
Numan, GaryPleasure Principle1979Beggars BanquetUS1F
Numan, GaryReplicas1979Beggars BanquetUS1F
Numan, GaryTelekon1980Beggars BanquetUS1F
Numan, GaryDance1981Beggars BanquetUS1F
Numan, GaryNew Dreams for Old 84:981999SpitfireUS1F
Numan, GaryI, Assassin2002Beggars BanquetUS1F
Numan, GaryWarriors2002Beggars BanquetUS1F
NumbersIn My Mind All the Time2004Tigerbeat6US1F
NumbersNow You Are This2007Kill Rock StarsUS1F
Numbers/Erase Errata2002Tigerbeat6US1F
Nurse With WoundChance Meeting on a Dissecting Table...1979Untied DiariesUK1F
Nurse With WoundMerzbild Schwet1980Untied DiariesUK1F
Nurse With WoundTo the Quiet Men from a Tiny Girl1980Untied DiariesUK1F
Nurse With WoundThe 150 Murderous Passions1981United DairiesUK1F
Nurse With WoundSylvie and Babs1985Untied DiariesUK1F
Nurse With WoundGyllenskold/Brained1989LaylahUK1F
Nurse With WoundA Sucked Orance1990Untied DiariesUK1F
Nurse With WoundSugar Fish Drink1992United DairiesUK1F
Nurse With WoundLarge Ladies with Cake in the Oven1993United DairiesUK1F
Nurse With WoundSoresucker1993United DiariesUK1S
Nurse With WoundThe Ladies Home Tickler1993United DiariesUK1S
Nurse With WoundLive at Bar Maldoror1994United DairiesUK1F
Nurse With WoundRock 'N Roll Station1994United DairiesUK1F
Nurse With WoundYagga Blues1995United DiariesUK1S
Nurse With WoundWho Can I Turn To Stereo1996United DairiesUK1F
Nurse With WoundA Missing Sense1997United DairiesUK1F
Nurse With WoundSpiral Insana1997United DairiesUK1F
Nurse With WoundSecond Pirate Session1998United DairiesUK2F
Nurse With WoundAn Awkward Pause1999United DairiesUK1F
Nurse With WoundAlice the Goon2000United DairiesUK1F
Nurse With WoundAutomating Volume One2001United DairiesUK1F
Nurse With WoundFuneral Music for Perez Prado2001United DairiesUK1F
Nurse With WoundThunder Perfect Mind2001United DairiesUK1F
Nurse With WoundChance Meeting on a Dissecting Table Between a Sewing Machine and an Umbrella -Special Edition2001United DairiesUK1F
Nurse With WoundAutomating Vol. 22002United DairiesUK1F
Nurse With WoundSalt Marie Celeste2003United DairiesUK1F
Nurse With WoundShe and Me Fall Together In Free Death2003Beta-Lactam RingUS1F
Nurse With WoundChance Meeting of a Defective Tape Machine and a Migraine2003United DurtroUS1F
Nurse With WoundSoliloquy for Lilith2003United DairiesUK3F
Nurse With WoundAngry Eelectric Finger (Spitch Cock One)2004United DairiesUK1F
Nurse With WoundShipwreck Radio vol. 12004ICRUK2F
Nurse With WoundLofoten Deadhead2004ICRUK1F
Nurse With WoundDrunk with the Old Man of the Mountains2005United JnanaCA1F
Nurse With WoundEcho Poeme: Sequence No. 12005ICRUK1S
Nurse With WoundEcho Poeme: Sequence No. 22005Durtro JnanaCA1S
Nurse With WoundLivin' Fear of James Last2005SanctuaryUK2F
Nurse With WoundShipwreck Radio vol. 22005ICRUK2F
Nurse With WoundGulls Just Wanna Have Fun2005ICRUK1F
Nurse With WoundSoundpooling2006ICRUK1F
Nurse With WoundA Handjob from the Laughing Policeman2006ICRUK1F
Nurse With WoundRat Tapes One2006United DairiesUK1F
Nurse With WoundShipwreck Radio: Final Broadcasts2006ICRUK1S
Nurse With WoundRat Tapes 1 (rust)2006United DairiesIE1F
Nurse With WoundAn Awkward Pause (special edition)2006United JnanaCA2F
Nurse With WoundStereo Wastelands2006Beta-Lactam RingUS1F
Nurse With WoundHomotopy to Marie2007United JnanaCA1F
Nurse With WoundGyllensköld, Geijerstam and I at Rydberg's2007United JnanaCA1F
Nurse With WoundAngry Eelectric Finger: Images/Zero Mix2008Beta-Lactam RingUS1F
Nurse With WoundTwo Shaves and a Shine Remix Project2008United JnanaCA1F
Nurse With WoundMan with the Woman Face2008ICRUK2F
Nurse With WoundHuffin' Rag Blues2008United JnanaCA1F
Nurse With Woundpossible nursemix for Sun and Moon Ensemble2009Errata In ExelsisUS1S
Nurse With WoundMay the Fleas of a Thousand Camels Infest Your Armpits - live 20062009United DairiesUK1F
Nurse With WoundThe Memory Surface/The Surveillance Lounge2009United DirterUK3F
Nurse With WoundParanoia in Hi-Fi2009United DirterUK1F
Nurse With WoundSpace Music2009Beta-Lactam RingUS1F
Nurse With WoundAutomating Volume 32010United DairiesUS1F
Nurse With WoundCreakiness and Other Misdemeanours2012United JnanaCA1F
Nurse with Wound [Steven Stapleton / David Tibet]The Sadness of Things1995Untied DiariesUK1F
Nurse With Wound [Steven Stapleton / David Tibet]Musical Pumpkin Cottage1996United DurtroUK1F
Nurse With Wound [Steven Stapleton / David Tibet]Octopus1998DurtroUK1F
Nurse With Wound [The Sleeping Moustache]2006Helen ScarsdaleUS1F
Nurse With Wound [Tony Wakeford / Steven Stapleton]Revenge of the Selfish Shellfish2009RobotUS2F
Nurse With Wound [V/A]The Swinging Reflective - Favourite Moments of Mutual Ecstasy1999United DairiesUK2F
Nurse With Wound [V/A]Ød Lot2009United DairiesUK1F
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Nurse With Wound / AranosSantoor Lena Bicycle2000United DairiesUK1F
Nurse With Wound / CyclobeAngry Eelectric Finger 2: Paraparaparallelogrammatica2004Beta-Lactam RingUS1F
Nurse With Wound / Graham BowersRupture2012United DirterUK1F
Nurse With Wound / Hafler TrioThe Murray Fontana Orchestra Play the Hafler Trio1993StaalplaatNL1F
Nurse With Wound / Irr.App.(Ext.)Angry Eelectric Finger 3: Mute Bell Extinction Process2004Beta-Lactam RingUS1F
Nurse With Wound / Jim O'RourkeAngry Eelectric Finger 1: Tape Monkey Mooch2004Beta-Lactam RingUS1F
Nurse With Wound / StereolabCrumb Duck1996United DairiesUK1F
Nurse With Wound & LarsenErroneous: A selection of Errors2010ImportantUS1F
O RangFields and Waves1997HititUS1F
O RangHerd of Instinct1997HititUS1F
O.S.T.Death Notice1999ThousandUS1F
O'Connor, SineadThe Lion and the Cobra1987ChrysalisUK1F
O'Connor, SineadMandinka1987EnsignUK1S
O'Connor, SineadThree Babies1991EnsignUK1S
O'Connor, SineadSilent Night1991EnsignUK1S
O'Connor, SineadMy Special Child1991ChrysalisUS1S
O'Connor, SineadI Do Not Want What I Haven't Got2009ChrysalisUS2F
O'Connor, Sinead with Karen FinleyJump in the River1988EnsignUK1S
O'Neil, Tara JanePeregrine2000QuarterstickUS1F
O'Neil, Tara JaneIn the Sun Lines2001QuarterstickUS1F
O'Neil, Tara JaneTJO TKO2002Mr. LadyUS1F
O'Neil, Tara JaneWho Takes a Feather2003MapJP1S
O'Neil, Tara JaneYou Sound, Reflect2004QuarterstickUS1F
O'Neil, Tara JaneA Raveling2006AcuarelaES1S
O'Neil, Tara Jane & Dan LittletonMusic for a Meteor Shower2002TigerstyleUS1F
O'Rourke, JimDisengage1992StaalplaatNL2F
O'Rourke, JimBad Timing1997Drag CityUS1S
O'Rourke, JimEureka1999Drag CityUS1F
O'Rourke, JimHalfway to a Threeway1999Drag CityUS1S
O'Rourke, JimInsignificance2001Drag CityUS1F
O'Rourke, JimI'm Happy, and I'm Singing, and a 1, 2, 3, 42001MegoAT1F
O'Rourke, JimLong Night2008StreamlineUS2F
O'Rourke, Jim and Christoph HeemannPlastic People Vol. 12011StreamlineUS1F
O'Shea, Michael2001WMOUS1F
OceanPantheon of the Lesser2008ImportantUS1F
OctantCar Alarms and Crickets2000UpUS1F
Odd NosdamBurner2005AnticonUS1F
Ogden EdslMower of the Ogden Edsl1995OglioUS1F
Ohara, RazRealtime Voyeur1999Kitty-YoDE1F
Old Man GloomMeditations in B1999TortugaUS1F
Old Man GloomSeminar III2003Hydra HeadUS1F
Old Man GloomChristmas2004TortugaUS1F
Oldfield, HarryCrystal1990DurtroUK1F
Oldfield, MikeTubular Bells1973VirginUS1F
Oldfield, MikeThe Orchestral Tubular Bells1979VirginUS1F
Oldham, WillGuarapero - Lost Blues 22000Drag CityUS1F
Oldham, Will [Bonny Billy]Travels in Constants Vol. 7 - More Revery2000Temporary ResidenceUS1S
Oldham, Will [Marquis de Tren and Bonny Billy]Get On Jolly2000Palace MusicUS1F
Oliveros, PaulineAlien Bog/Beautiful Soop1997PogusUS1F
Oliveros, PaulineAccordio & Voice2007ImportantUS1F
Oliveros, PaulineThe Wanderer2007ImportantUS1F
Oliveros, PaulineReverberations: Tape & Electronic Music 1961-19702012ImportantUS10F
Oliveros, Pauline [Deep Listening Band]Great Howl at Town Haul2012ImportantUS1F
OmVariations on a Theme2004Holy MountainUS1F
OmConference of the Birds2006Holy MountainUS1F
OmPilgrimage2007Southern LordUS1F
One [1 Mile North]Minor Shadows2002Ba Da Bing!US1F
One [1-] Speed BikeSomeone Told Me Life Gets Easier in Your 50's2005Broklyn BeatsUS1F
One [1] Mile NorthGlass Wars2001Old Colony RecordsUS1F
OOIOOFeather Float2001BirdmanUS1F
OpalHappy Nightmare Baby1987SSTUS1F
Opalio, RobertoChants from Isolated Ghosts2008ImportantUS1F
OpiateSometimes2003Morr MusicDE1F
Optiganally YoursExclusively Talentmaker!2000Absolutely KosherUS1F
OraRosea2000Hic Sunt LeonesIT1F
OraAfter Rainfall2003ICRUK1F
Ora / Alio DieThe Door of Possibilities2000Hic Sunt LeonesIT1F
Orange Cake MixBliss Out Vol. 3 - Silver Lining Underwater1997DarlaUS1F
Orb, theAdventure's Beyond Ultraworld1991Big LifeUK2F
Orb, thePerpetual Dawn1991MercuryUS1S
Orb, theU.F. Orb1992Big LifeUK1F
Orb, theAssassin (set)1992Big LifeUK2S
Orb, theAubrey Mixes1992CarolineUS1F
Orb, thePeel Sessions1992Strange FruitUS1F
Orb, thelive 931993Island RedUK2F
Orb, theMorphology1993UK1F
Orb, thePomme Fritz1994Island RedUK1F
Orb, theOrbus Terrerum1995IslandUS1F
Orb, theAuntie Aubrey's Excursions Beyond the Call of Duty1996DeviantUK2F
Orb, theOrblivion1997IslandUS1F
Orb, theToxygene1997IslandUS1S
Orb, theU.F. Off - the Best of1998IslandUS2F
Orb, theCydonia2001IslandUS1F
Orb, the [FFWD>>]1993Inter-ModoUK1F
Orb, the vs. Meat Beat ManifestoBattersea Shield2004Malicious DamageUK1S
Orbison, RoyCrying2006Monument/LegacyUS1F
Orbison, RoyLonely and Blue2006Monument/LegacyUS1F
Orbison, RoyIn Dreams2006Monument/LegacyUS1F
OrbitLa Mano1995LunchUS1S
OrbitalLush 31993ffrrUK1S
OrbitalIn Sides1996ffrrUS2F
OrbitalThe Middle of Nowhere1999ffrrUS1F
OrbitalThe Altogether2001ffrrUS2F
OrbitalWork 1989-20022002ffrrUS1F
Orbital and Angelo BadalamentiBeached2000ffrrUK1S
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the DarkEnglish Electric2013BMG Rights ManagementUS1F
Orchestral Manœuvres in the DarkDazzle Ships1983VirginUK1F
Orchestral Manœuvres in the DarkCrush1985VirginUK1F
Orchestral Manœuvres in the DarkThe Pacific Age1986A & MUS1F
Orchestral Manœuvres in the DarkShame1987VirginUK1S
Orchestral Manœuvres in the DarkDreaming1989A & MUS1S
Orchestral Manœuvres in the DarkThe Best of OMD1989VirginUK1F
Orchestral Manœuvres in the DarkSugar Tax1991VirginUS1F
Orchestral Manœuvres in the DarkPandora's Box1991VirginUS1S
Orchestral Manœuvres in the DarkThen You Turn Away1991VirginUK1S
Orchestral Manœuvres in the DarkLiberator1993VirginUS1F
Orchestral Manœuvres in the DarkPeel Sessions 1981-19831999VirginDE1F
Orchestral Manœuvres in the DarkNavigation: The OMD B-Sides2001VirginUK1F
Orchestral Manœuvres in the DarkOrganisation2003VirginUK1F
Orchestral Manœuvres in the Dark2003VirginUK1F
Orchestral Manœuvres in the DarkArchitecture and Morality +DVD2007VirginUK1F
Orchestral Manœuvres in the DarkDazzle Ships2008VirginUK1F
Orchestral Manœuvres in the DarkMessages +DVD2008VirginUK1F
Orchestral Manœuvres in the Dark [the ID]2002Engine 2UK1S
OrganumVeil of Tears1994MatchlessUK1F
OrganumVolume Two2000RobotUS1F
OrganumBirds' Wings Were Glued to Their Bodies and Their Feet Froze to the Ground2000Die StadtDE1F
OrganumVolume One2000RobotUS1F
OrganumVacant Lights/Rara Avis2004Die StadtDE2F
OrganumDie Hennen Zähne2006Die StadtDE1S
OrganumOmega2008Die StadtDE1F
Organum [David Jackman]Up from Zero2003RobotUS1F
Organum / Z'evTocsin -6 Thru +22005Die StadtDE1F
Organum & the New BlockadersSalute2000RobotUS1F
Organum & the New BlockadersPulp2001RobotUS1F
Orgon, SiônOrgonized Chaos2004Experimental SeafoodUK1F
Original HamsterTrendsetter and the Followers2006Tigerbeat6US1F
OrpheusThe Complete Orpheus2001AkarmaIT2F
Orr, James ComplexChori's Bundle2003Ba Da Bing!US1F
Other People Place, the2001WarpUS1F
Other Two, theTasty Fish1991FactoryUK1S
Other Two, the& You1993LondonUK1F
Other Two, theselfish1993QwestUS1S
Out HudStreed Dad2002KrankyUS1F
Out HudOne Life To Leave: A Requiem2005KrankyUS1S
Out HudLet Us Never Speak of It Again2005KrankyUS1F
Out OutPepperbox Muzzle1990AxisUS1F
OvalWohnton1993Ata TakDE1F
OvalDiskont1994Thrill JockeyUS1F
OvalSystemich1996Thrill JockeyUS1F
OvalDok1997Thrill JockeyUS1F
P-Orridge, Genesis and Astrid MonroeWhen I Was Young2004ImportantUS1F
PaatosKallocain2004Inside OutDE1F
Padden, DanielPause for the Jet2008DekorderUK1F
Padden, Daniel [The One Ensemble & Sarah Kenchington]Dummy Jim2009AnkaUK1F
Padden, Daniel [The One Ensemble Orchestra]Other Thunders2009No-FiUK1F
Padden, Daniel [The One Ensemble]Wayward the Fourth2006Secret EyeUS1F
Padden, Daniel [The One Ensemble]Oriole2012Pickled EggUK1F
Padden, the One Ensemble of2003Catsup PlateUS1F
Padden, the One Ensemble ofThe Owl of Fives2003TextileFR1F
PaikThe Orson Fader2002ClairecordsUS1F
PaikSatin Black2005Strange AttractorsUS1F
PaikMonster of the Absolute2006Strange AttractorsUS1F
PainkillerCollected Works1998TzadikUS4F
Pale 9The Princess + The Warrior [ST]2001TraumaUS1F
Pale SaintsMrs. Dolphin19914ADJP1F
Pale SaintsIn Ribbons19924ADUS1F
Pale SaintsSlow Buildings19944ADUS1F
Palestine, CharlemagneKarenina2000DurtroUK2F
Palestine, CharlemagneThe Apocalypse Will Blossom2007Yes Miss OlgaUS1F
Palestine, Charlemange / Coulter / MathoulMaximin2002Young GodUS1F
Palmer, AmandaWho Killed Amanda Palmer? +DVD2008RoadrunnerUS1F
Pan•American360 business/360 bypass1999KrankyUS1F
Pan•AmericanThe River Made No Sound2002KrankyUS1F
Pan•AmericanQuiet City +DVD2004KrankyUS1F
Pan•AmericanFor Waiting, For Chasing2006MoszAT1F
Pan•AmericanWhite Bird Release2008KrankyUS1F
Pan•AmericanCloud Room, Glass Room2013KrankyUS1F
Pan•American / Komet / FisherofgoldPersonal Settings2001QuartermassBE1F
Panacea [Kate Mosh]Dynamo2001Killer PimpUS1F
Panasonic [Pan Sonic + Barry Adamson]Motorlab 32001Kitchen MotorsIS1F
Panasonic [Pan Sonic]A1999MuteUS1F
Panasonic [Pan Sonic]X1999MuteUK1F
Panasonic [Pan Sonic]Aaltopiiri2001MuteUS1F
Panasonic [Pan Sonic]19/01/995 20/01/9952001MuteUS1F
Panasonic [Pan Sonic]Live London 05/10/9952001Jenny DiversUS1F
Panasonic [Pan Sonic]Kesto2004MuteUK4F
Panasonic [Pan Sonic]Katodivaihe2007Blast First PetiteUK1F
Panasonic [VVV]Endless1998MuteUS1F
Panasonic [VVV]Resurrection River2005MegoAT1F
Pandit, KorlaRemembering1999déjà vuUS1F
PantaleimonTrees Hold Time1999DurtroUK1F
PantaleimonChange My World2003PanDurtroUK1F
PantaleimonMercy Oceans2007Durtro JnanaCA1F
PantaleimonHeart of the Sun2008Durtro JnanaCA1F
Papas FritasPop Has Freed Us2003Minty FreshUS2F
ParisGuerrilla Funk2003Guerrilla FunkUS1F
ParisSleeping with the Enemy2003Guerrilla FunkUS1F
ParisThe Devil Made Me Do It2003Guerrilla FunkUS1F
ParisSonic Jihad2003Guerrilla FunkUS1F
Parker, AndreaKiss My Arp1999Beggars BanquetUS1F
ParlourOctopus Off-Broadway2002Temporary ResidenceUS1F
ParlourGoogler2003Temporary ResidenceUS1F
Parodi, ClaudioHorizontal Mover (homage to Alvin Lucier)2006ExtremeAU1F
Part ChimpChart Pimp2003MonitorUS1F
PastelsIlluminati1998Up RecordsUS1F
Paul NewmanFrames Per Second1997Trance SyndicateUS1F
Paul Newman1999TrustworthyUS1S
Paul NewmanTravels in Constants Vol. 82000Temporary ResidenceUS1S
PavementTerror Twilight1999MatadorUS1F
Peace Orchestra1999G Stone RecordingsUK1F
Peace OrchestraReset2002K7DE1F
PeachesThe Teaches of Peaches2000XLUS2F
Pearls Before SwineOne Nation Underground1967ESPIT1F
Pearls Before SwineBaklava1968ESPIT1F
Pearson, DannyThe Oblivion Seeker2003FrozenUS1F
PedroYou, Me & Everyone2007MushUS1F
Pekler, AndrewCue2007KrankyUS1F
PelePeople Living With Animals. Animals Kill People.1998Star Star StereoUS1F
PeleElephant1999Sign Language RecordsUS1F
PeleThe Nudes2000PolyvinylUS1F
Pele / Toeima2002Mu ZyqJP1S
PelicanThe Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw2005Hydra HeadUS1F
People Like UsHate People Like Us1999SoleilmoonUK2F
People Like UsA Fistful of Knuckles2000CacciocavalloUS1F
People Like UsLassie House/Jumble Massive2000CaciocavalloUS1F
People Like UsThermos Explorer2000Hot AirUK1F
Perceptionists, theBlack Dialogue2005Definitive JuxUS1F
Pere UbuTerminal Tower1998DGCUS1F
Pere UbuDub Housing1999Thirsry EarUS1F
Pere UbuNew Picnic Time1999Thirsty EarUS1F
Perhacs, LindaParallelograms2003The Wild PlacesUS1F
Perri, SandroPlays Polmo Polpo2006ConstellationCA1S
Perri, SandroTiny Mirrors2007ConstellationCA1F
Perri, Sandro and FriendsEuropean Tour 20072007AudisensaCA1F
PestrepellerIsle of Dark Magick2006ImportantUS1F
Pet Shop BoysThe Ultimate Mix1986ZYXDE1S
Pet Shop BoysHeart1988ParlophoneUK1S
Pet Shop BoysThe Maxi-CD Collection1991ZYXDE4S
Pet Shop BoysHow Can You Expect to Be Taken Seriously?1991EMIUS1S
Pet Shop BoysWhere the Streets Have No Name/Can't Take My Eyes Off You1991EMIUS1S
Pet Shop BoysGo West1993EMIUS1S
Pet Shop BoysVery Relentless1993ParlophoneUK2F
Pet Shop BoysAbsolutely Fabulous1994ParlophoneUK1S
Pet Shop BoysDisco 21994EMIUS2F
Pet Shop BoysSingle1996EMIUK1S
Pet Shop BoysSomewhere1997AtlanticUS1S
Pet Shop BoysEssential1998EMIUS1F
Pet Shop BoysNightlife1999SireUS2F
Pet Shop BoysPlease / Further Listening 1984-19862001ParlophoneCA2F
Pet Shop BoysVery / Further Listening 1992-19942001ParlophoneCA2F
Pet Shop BoysActually / Further Listening 1987-19882001ParlophoneCA2F
Pet Shop BoysBilingual / Further Listening 1995-19972001ParlophoneCA2F
Pet Shop BoysIntrospective / Further Listening 1988-19892001ParlophoneCA2F
Pet Shop BoysBehaviour / Further Listening 1990-19912001ParlophoneCA2F
Pet Shop BoysRelease2002SanctuaryUS2F
Pet Shop BoysMiracles2003EMIUK1S
Pet Shop BoysPop Art2003EMIUK3F
Pet Shop BoysFundemental2006RhinoUS2F
Pet Shop BoysYes, etc.2009AstralwerksUS2F
Pet Shop Boys [V/A]Disco 42007EMIAR1F
Petit, PhilippeSilk Screened2009TraceUK1F
Phair, LizExile in Guyville1993MatadorUS1F
Phair, LizWhip Smart1994AtlanticUS1F
Phair, LizJuvenalia1995MatadorUS1S
Phair, Lizwhitechocolatespaceegg1998CapitolUS1F
Phenomenological Boys, theMelody, Melody, & More Melody!2002TomlabDE1F
Philosopher's StonePreparation1997KrankyUS1F
Philosopher's StoneApparatus1999KrankyUS1F
PhoeneciaOdd Jobs1999SchematicUS1S
Phon.OBurn Down the Town2005Tigerbeat6US1F
PhotekForm and Function1998AstralwerksUS1F
Pia FrausIn Solarium2002ClairecordsUS1F
Piano MagicBliss Out V. 131998DarlaUS1F
Piano MagicLow Birth Weight1999Rocket GirlUK1F
Piano MagicArtists' Rifles2000RocketgirlUK1F
Piano MagicSeasonally Affective 1996-20002001Rocket GirlUK2F
Piano MagicSaint Marie2004Green UFOsES1S
Piano MagicOpen Cast Heart EP2005ImportantUS1S
Piano MagicIncurable2006ImportantUS1S
Piano MagicPart Monster2007ImportantUS1F
Pimmoninvalid objects series ()2001FalltIE1S
PimmonElectronic Tax Return2001Tigerbeat6US1S
Pink FloydPiper at the Gates of Dawn1967CapitolUS1F
Pink FloydInterstellar Overdrive1967EMIUK1S
Pink FloydA Saucerful of Secrets1968CapitolUS1F
Pink FloydMore [ST]1969EMIUK1F
Pink FloydAtom Heart Mother1970CapitolUS1F
Pink FloydMeddle1971CapitolUK1F
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Pink FloydDark Side of the Moon1973CapitolUS1F
Pink FloydWish You Were Here1975EMIUK1F
Pink FloydThe Early Singles1992ColumbiaUS1F
Pink FloydPulse1995ColumbiaUS2F
PistelElectronic Dub Collective Two2001150 BPMCH1F
Pitre, Duane/Pilotram EnsembleOrganized Pitches Occuring in Time2007ImportantUS1F
PixiesSurfer Rosa & Come on Pilgrim19884ADUK1F
PixiesTrompe le Monde19914ADUK1F
PixiesPlanet of Sound19914ADUK1S
PixiesDeath to the Pixies1997ElektraUS2F
PixiesComplete 'B' Sides20014ADUK1F
PixiesWave of Mutilation - The Best of20044ADUS1F
Pizzicato FiveMade in USA1995MatadorUS1F
Pizzicato FiveRemix Album: Happy End of You1998MatadorUS1F
Pizzicato FiveThe International Playboy & Playgirl Reco1999MatadorUS1F
PlaidNot for Threes1998NothingUS1F
PlaidRest Proof Clockwork1999NothingUS1F
PlaidPeel Session1999WarpUK1S
Planet SoulSet U Free1995Strictly RhythmUS1S
Planner, NigelNeil's Heavy Concept Album1984EastWestJP1F
PlastikmanSheet One1993NovaMuteUS1F
Plastikman [Richie Hawtin]Decks, Efx & 9091999NovaMuteUS1F
Platina, theThe Girl with the Flaxen Hair2004MioIL1F
PloneFor Beginner Piano1999MatadorUS1F
Plotkin, James / Brent GutzeitMosquito Dream1999KrankyUS1F
Plotkin, James / Mark SpybeyA Peripheral Blur1998KrankyUS1F
Plotkin, James / Mick HarrisCollapse1996SombientUS1F
PluramonBit Sand Riders2000Mille PlateauxDE1F
Pluxus Pluxus vs Fridge vs Pluxus2000BT/SpaceUS1S
Pole PositionXO Edition 22002Polar MusicUS1F
Polmo PolpoThe Science of Breath2002SubstractifCA1F
Polmo PolpoLike Hearts Swelling2003ConstellationCA1F
Pop Will Eat ItselfWise Up Suckers1996BMGUK1F
Pop, IggyNude & Rude1996VirginUS1F
Poppy, AndrewTime at Rest Devouring Its Secret2000siRcom/map.ref.ltdUK1F
Popul VuhNicht Hoch Im Himmel1998Mystic RecordsUK1F
Porter RicksBiokinetics1996Chain ReactionDE1F
Porter Ricks : Techno AnimalSymbiotics1999Mille PlateauxDE1F
Postal Service, theGive Up2003Sub PopUS1S
Potter, ColinAnd Then2000ICRUK1F
Potter, ColinSee2003InfractionUS1F
Potter, ColinDrone Works #22004ICRUK1S
Potter, ColinIt Was Like This2006ICRUK2F
Potter, Colin & Paul BradleyBehind Your Very Eyes2003ICRUK1F
Potter, Colin & Phil MouldycliffDrone Works #32004ICRUK1F
Power Station, the1985ParlophoneUS1F
PramMusic for Your Movies1996DuophonicUK1S
PramThe Museum of Imaginary Animals2000MergeUS1F
PramThe Moving Frontier2008DominoUS1F
PraxisTransmutation Live1997Douglas MusicUS1F
Prekop, Sam1998Thrill JockeyUS1F
Primal ScreamScreamedelica1991SireUS1F
Primal ScreamXtrmntr2000AstralwerksUS1F
Prime, MichaelAquifers1993RRRecordsUS1F
Primitives, theLovely1988RCAUS1F
Primitives, thePure1989RCAUS1F
Primitives, theAll the Way Down1990RCAUS1S
PrinceBatman [ST]1989Warner Bros.US1F
PrinceThe Scandalous Sex Suite1989Warner Bros.US1S
PrinceThe Hits/The B Sides1993Paisley ParkUS3F
PrinceCome1994Paisley ParkUS1F
PrinceThe Black Album1994Warner Bros.US1F
PrincePurple Medley1995Warner Bros.US1S
PrinceNew Power Soul1998NPGUS1F
PrinceThe Vault: Old Friends 4 Sale1999Warner Bros.US1F
Prince [symbol thing]the Beautiful Experience1994NPGUS1F
Prince [symbol thing]The Gold Experience1995Warner Bros.US1F
Prince [symbol thing]Emancipation1996NPGUS3F
Prince [symbol thing]Crystal Ball1997NPGUS4F
Prince and the N.P.G.Diamonds and Pearls1991Paisley ParkUS1F
Prince and the N.P.G.Cream1991Paisley ParkUS1S
Prince and the N.P.G.Gett Off1991Paisley ParkUS1S
Prince and the N.P.G.P1992Paisley ParkUS1F
Prince and the N.P.G.71992Paisley ParkUS1S
Prince and the N.P.G.Money Don't Matter 2 Night1992Paisley ParkUK1S
Prince and the N.P.G.My Name is Prince1992Paisley ParkUS1S
Prince and the RevolutionPurple Rain1984Warner Bros.US1F
ProduktStretch1997Raster MusicUK1F
Project DarkExcited by Gramophones Volume 41998InvisibleUS1F
Psychedelic Furs, theAll of This and Nothing1987ColumbiaUS1F
Psychedelic Furs, theBook of Days1989ColumbiaUS1F
Psychedelic Furs, theWorld Outside1991ColumbiaUS1F
Psychedelic Furs, theOriginal Album Classics2008ColumbiaUK5F
Psychic TVDreams Less Sweet1983Some BizarreUK1F
Psychic TVMiain Goettin in Gen1994DossierDE1F
Psychic TVForce Thee Hands ov Chants1994TempusUK2F
Psychic TVBeauty from thee Beast1995VisionaryUK1F
Psychic TVOv Power1997UK1F
Psychic TVForce the Hand of Chance1997Some BizarreUK1F
Psychic TVForce the Hand of Chance1997CleopatraUS1F
Psychic TV Splinter Test 11993UK3F
Psychic TV Splinter Test 21993UK3F
Psychic Warriors of GaiaKraak Remixes1996KkUK1S
Public EnemyIt Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold us Back1989Def JamUS1F
Public EnemyFear of a Black Planet1990Def JamUS1F
Public EnemyApocolypse '91-The Enemy Strik1991Def JamUS1F
Public EnemyMuse Sick-N-Hour Mess Age1994Def JamUS1F
Public EnemyHe Got Game - Soundtrack1998Def JamUS1F
Public Enemy featuring ParisRebirth of a Nation2006Guerrilla FunkUS1F
Public Image Ltd.Metal Box1979VirginUK1F
Public Image Ltd.The Greatest Hits (So Far)1990VirginUK1F
PullmanTurnstyles & Junkpiles1998Thrill JockeyUS1F
PullmanViewfinder2001Thrill JockeyUS1F
Qrella, MashaUnsolved Remained2005Morr MusicDE1F
QueenGreatest Hits1981EMIUK1F
QueenGreatest Hits vol. 21991EMIUK1F
Queen Elizabeth1994Echo Special ProjectsUK1F
Queen Elizabeth2 - Elizabeth Vagina2002Head HeritageUK2F
Queen of JapanNightlife in Tokyo2001Angelica KohlhermannAT1F
QuickspaceThe Death of Quickspace2000MatadorUS1F
Quintron & Miss PussycatSwamp Tech2005Tigerbeat6US1F
RUnder the Cables, Into the Wind2005ImportantUS1F
RIn Pink2007ImportantUS1F
R.E.M.Out of Time1991Warner Bros.US1F
R.E.M.Singles Collection1991Warner Bros.UK4S
R.E.M.Fables of the Reconstruction1992IRSUK1F
R.E.M.Automatic for the People1992Warner Bros.US1F
R.E.M.Life's Rich Pageant1993IRSUK1F
R.E.M.The Sdewinder Sleeps Tonite1993Warner Bros.US1S
R.E.M.E-Bow the Letter1996Warner Bros.US1S
Ra, SunHeliocentric Worlds Vol. 11965ESPNL1F
Ra, SunSpace is the Place1973ImpulseUS1F
Ra, SunHeliocentric Worlds Vol. 22000ESP-DiskNL1F
Ra, Sun's Arkestra (under the direction of Marshall Allen)A Song for the Sun1999El RaUS1F
Rachel'sMusic for Egon Schiele1996QuarterstickUS1F
Rachel'sThe Sea and the Bells1996QuarterstickUS1F
Rachel's/MatmosFull on Night2000QuarterstickUS1S
RadianRec. Extern2002Thrill JockeyUS1F
RadianJuxtaposition2004Thrill JockeyUS1F
Radigue, ElianeVice Versa, etc…2009ImportantUS2F
Radigue, ElianeTriptych2009ImportantUS1F
Radigue, ElianeTransamorem-Transmortem2011ImportantUS1F
Radioactive Man2001Rotters Golf ClubUK1F
RaglaniOf Sirens Born2008KrankyUS1F
Rain Parade, theEmergency Third Rail Power Trip/Explosions in the Glass Palace1983RestlessUS1F
Ramases IIIBasilica2008ImportantUS2F
Rameses IIIMatanuska2005The Music FellowshipUS1F
Rameses IIIHoney Rose2007ImportantUS1S
Ranaldo / Giffoni / Moore / ClineFour Guitars Live2006ImportantUS1F
Ranaldo, LeeDirty Windows1999AtavisticUS1F
Ranaldo, LeeAmbient Loop for Vancouver2006ImportantUS1F
Ranelin, PhilRemixes2001HeftyUS1F
Rank SinatraChairman of the Bored2004V/Vm Test RecordsUK1F
ReanimatorSpecial Powers2006Community LibraryUS1F
Receptionists, theThe Last Letter1997Ba Da Bing!US1F
RecoilHydrology plus 1 + 21987MuteUK1F
RecoilFaith Healer1992SireUS1S
RecoilUnsound Methods1997RepriseUS1F
RecoilSubhuman +DVD2007MuteUS1F
Red House PaintersDown Colorful Hill19924ADUS1F
Red House PaintersRed House Painters19934ADUS1F
Red House Painters19934ADUS1F
Red House PaintersShock Me19944ADUK1S
Red House PaintersOcean Beach19954ADUS1F
Red House PaintersSongs for a Blue Guitar1996SupremeUS1F
Red House PaintersRetrospective19994ADUS2F
Red House PaintersOld Ramon2001Sub PopUS1F
Red House Painters [Mark Kozelek]White Christmas Live2001Sub PopUS1F
Red House Painters [Mark Kozelek]What's Next to the Moon2001Badman Recording Co.US1F
Red House Painters [Sun Kil Moon]Ghosts of the Great Highway2003JetsetUS1F
Red House Painters [Sun Kil Moon]Admiral Fell Promises2010Caldo VerdeUS1F
Red Morning Chorus1999People the SkyUS1F
Red SnapperOur Aim is to Satisfy2000MatadorUS1F
Redfearn, Alec K. and the EyesoresThe Smother Party2006North East IndieUS1F
Reed, LouMetal Machine Music2000BuddhaDE1F
Reed, LouNYC Man: The Collection2003RCAUS2F
Reed, LouConey Island Baby2006RCA/LegacyUS1F
Reformed FactionVota2006KlanggalerieAT1F
Reformed FactionThe War Against…2007SoleilmoonUS1F
Reformed FactionI am the Source of Light, I Am Not A Mirror2009SoleilmoonUS3F
Reformed Faction11 Steuck/The World Awake2012SoleilmoonUS2F
Reich, SteveRecih Remixed1999NonesuchUS1F
Reinhardt, Jonas2008KrankyUS1F
Reinhardt, JonasPowers of Audition2010KrankyUS1F
ReminderContinuum2006Eastern DevelopmentsUS1F
Remington StandardWhy Less Desire to be Neat?1998The Music FellowshipUS1F
Ren + StimpyCrock O' Christmas1993NickelodeonUS1F
Renegade SoundwaveIn Dub1991MuteUS1F
Residents, theHeaven?1986RykodiscUS1F
Residents, theHell!1986RykodiscUS1F
Residents, theOur Finest Flowers1992ESDUS1F
Residents, theResidue Deux1998East Side DigitalUS1F
Residents, theRiver of Crime2006CordlessUS1F
Residents, theThe River of Crime Episodes 1-52006CordlessUS2F
RetinaVolcano Waves 1-82001HeftyUS1F
Retribution Gospel Choir2008Caldo VerdeUS1F
Retribution Gospel Choir22010Sub PopUS1F
Retribution Gospel Choir / No Wait Wait2005 Tour EP2005ChairkickersUS1S
RetsinSalt Lick1995Simple MachinesUS1F
RetsinEgg Fusion1996Simple MachinesUS1F
RetsinSweet Lunch of Amaryllis1998Carrot Top RecordsUS1F
Rev, MartinTo Live2003File ThirteenUS1F
Revell, GraemeHand that Rocks the Cradle [ST]1992Warner Bros.US1F
Revell, GraemeBody of Evidence [ST]1993MilanUS1F
Revell, GraemeHard Target [ST]1993Varese SarabandeUS1F
Revell, GraemeMusic Brut Collection1994MuteUK1F
Revell, GraemeThe Crow [ST]1994Varese SarabandeUS1F
Revell, GraemeThe Craft [ST]1996Varese SarabandeUS1F
Revell, GraemeVision II1997AngelUS1F
RevengeSeven Reasons1990FactoryUK1S
Rhythm & NoiseChasm's Accord1996AsphodelUS1F
Rhythm & SoundThe Versions2003AsphodelUS1F
Rhythm & SoundSee Mi Yah2005Basic ChannelDE1F
Rhythm & SoundSee Mi Yah Remixes2006Basic ChannelDE1F
Richard H. Kirk [Blacworld]Subduing Demons in South Yorkshire Part 22005IntoneUK1F
RideGoing Blank Again2001IgnitionUK1F
RideThe Box Set2001IgnitionUK3F
Riles, Zak2008ImportantUS1F
Rip Off Artist, theIn Through the Out Door2003Tigerbeat6US1F
RisilNon Meters Vol. 12009ImportantUS1F
RivuletsYou've Got Your Own2004AcuarelaES1S
RivuletsYou Are My Home2006ImportantUS1F
RivuletsWe're Fucked2011ImportantUS1F
Rivulets/Marc Gartman2004TractUS1S
Roberts, DeanMoth Park / Soundtracks to Utopia1997Formacentric DiskUS1F
Roberts, DeanAll Cracked Medias1998Mille PlateauxDE1F
Roberts, DeanBe Mine Tonight2003KrankyUS1F
Roberts, DeanAnd the Black Moths Play the Grand Cinema2004StaubgoldDE1F
Roberts, Dean [Thela]1994Ecstatic PeaceUS1F
Roberts, Dean [Thela]Argentina1996Ecstatic PeaceUS1F
Roberts, Dean [White Winged Moth]I Can See Inside Your House1995Poon VillageUS1F
Roberts, Dean [White Winged Moth]Ribbon Arcade1998Formacentric DiskUS1F
Roberts, Dean / Werner DafeldeckerAluminium2002ErstwhileUS1F
Rock, PetePetestrumentals2002BBEUK1F
RocketshipA Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness1995SlumberlandUS1F
Rockmore, ClaraThe Art of the Theremin1987DelosUS1F
Rockmore, ClaraLost Theremin Album2006BridgeUS1F
Rodgers, JohnA Rose is a Rose…2007ExtremeAU1F
Rogers Sisters, theEmotion Control/The Conversation2005Too PureUS1S
Rogerson, Diana [A Bad Diana]The Lights Are On But No-One's Home2007United JnanaCA1F
Rogerson, Diana [Chrystal Belle Scrodd]Beastings1993United DairiesUK1F
Rogerson, Diana [Chrystal Belle Scrodd]The Inevitable Chrystal Belle Scrodd Record2005KlanggalerieAT1F
Rogerson, Diana [Chrystal Belle Scrodd]Belle de Jour2005KlanggalerieAT1F
Rogerson, Diana & Andrew LilesNo Birds Do Sing2008United DirterUK1F
RollerballEinaugige Kirsche1999Road ConeUS1S
RollerballBathing Music2000Road ConeUS1F
RollerballTrail of the Butter Yeti2001Road ConeUS1F
RollerballReal Hair2003SilberUS1F
Rolling Stones, theExile on Main St.1972VirginUS1F
Rome1996Thrill JockeyUS1F
Ronnie & ClydeIn Glorious Black and Blue1997SwimUK1F
Roots of Orchis, theSome Things Plural2002SlowdanceUS1F
Rose of SharonEven the Air is Out of Tune2001EspoUS1S
Rose, JackTwo Originals Of…2003VHFUS1F
Rose, JackRaag Manifestos2004VHFUS1F
Rose, JackDr. Ragtime and His Pals / Self-Titled2008Tequila SunriseUS2F
RothkoTruth Burns1999Foundry RecordingsUK1S
RothkoA Negative for Francis1999OnUK1F
RothkoForty Years to Find a Voice2000LeafUK1F
RothkoNot Gone, Not Forgotten2001LeafUK1F
Roxy MusicAvalon1982RepriseUS1F
Ruby FallsHeroines1996Silver Girl RecordsUS1F
Ruby FallsFor the New Crop2000HeartcoreUS1F
Rudolph, Adam & Hamid DrakeHu Vibrational Boonghee Music 12002Eastern DevelopmentsUS1S
Rumah Sakit2000Temporary ResidenceUS1F
Rumah SakitTravels in Constants Volume Eleven2001Temporary ResidenceUS1S
Rumah SakitObscured by Clowns2002Temporary ResidenceUS1F
Run DMCGreatest Hits2002AristaUS1F
Russell, ArthurThe World of2004Soul JazzUK1F
Russell, ArthurWorld of Echo2005AudikaUS1F
Russell, ArthurAnother Thought2006AudikaUS1F
Russell, ArthurSpringfield2006AudikaUS1S
Russell, Arthur24-242011AudikaUS2F
Russell, ArthurLove Is Taking Over2008AudikaUS1F
Rutles, the [ST]1979RhinoUS1F
Sad RocketsTransition2000MatadorUS1F
SaganUnseen Forces +DVD2004Vague TerrainUS1F
Sagor & SwingAut Hänger Samman2003HapnaSE1F
Saint JoanOne at Twilight2005Saint JoanUK1S
SandUltrasonic Seraphim1997United DurtroUK2F
Sandoval, Hope & the Warm InventionsThrough the Devil Softly2009NettwerkUS1F
Savage RepublicProcession - An Aural History2010LTMUK1F
SawakotOmnibus2005Community LibraryUS1F
ScalaBeauty Nowhere1996TouchUK1F
ScalaCompass Heart1998TouchUK1F
ScalaTo You in Alpha1998Too Pure/Jade MusicJP1F
ScannerSound for Spaces1998Sub RosaBE1F
ScannerLauwarm instrumentals1999SulphurUK1F
Scanner vs. Signs Ov Chaos1997EaracheUS1S
Scheffner, PhilipFon2001PongDE1F
Schnauss, UlrichFar Away Trains Passing By2001City Centre OfficesDE1F
Schnauss, UlrichA Strangely Isolated Place2003City Centre OfficesDE1F
Schnauss, UlrichA Strangely Isolated Place [disc two]2004DominoUS1S
Schneider TMMoist1999MuteUS1F
Schneider TMZoomer2002MuteUS1F
Schneider TMReconfigures2004EarsugarUK1F
Schnitzler, ConradKlavierhelm2006ImportantUS1F
Schnitzler, ConradTrigger Trilogy2006ImportantUS3F
ScornLogghi Barogghi1996EaracheUS1F
ScornVae Solis1996EaracheUS1F
ScornImaginaria Award EP2000Ant-ZenDE1S
ScornGreetings from Birmingham2000HymenDE1F
ScornPlan B2002HymenDE1F
Scorn [Matera]Same Here1997InvisibleUS1F
Scorn [Mick Harris & Ambre]Dys2001HushushCA1F
Scorn [Mick Harris]Having It2000HushushCA1F
Scorn [Quoit]Lounge1996PossibleUK1F
Scorn [V/A]Sonics Everywhere1998InvisibleUS2F
Scott, JimmyThe Source1970Atlantic MastersUS1F
Scott, RaymondManhattan Research Inc.2000BastaNL2F
Scratch Pet LandSolo Soli iiiii2000SonigDE1F
Scratoa!Live en San Anton2010Killer PimpUS1F
Screaming Trees [UK]A Fracture in Time1988NativeNL1F
Scritti PolittiCupid and Psyche '851985Warner Bros.US1F
Scritti PolittiProvision1988Warner Bros.US1F
Scritti PolittiShe's a Woman (with Shabba Ranks)1991VirginUK1S
Scritti PolittiAnomie & Bonhomie1999VirginUS1F
Scritti PolittiSongs To Remember2001VirginUK1F
Scritti PolittiEarly2004Rough TradeUS1F
Scritti PolittiWhite Bread Black Beer2006NonesuchUS1F
Sczepanik, NicholasPlease Stop Loving Me2011StreamlineUS1F
Sea and Cake, the1994Thrill JockeyUS1F
Sea and Cake, theNassau1995Thrill JockeyUS1F
Sea and Cake, theThe Biz1996Thrill JockeyUS1F
Sea and Cake, theThe Fawn1997Thrill JockeyJP1F
Sea and Cake, theTwo Gentlemen1997Thrill JockeyUS1S
Sea and Cake, theOui2000Thrill JockeyUS1F
Sea and Cake, theOne Bedroom2002Thrill JockeyUS1F
Sea and Cake, theGlass2003Thrill JockeyUS1S
Sea and Cake, theEverybody2007Thrill JockeyUS1F
SeaworthyThe Ride2003JetsetUS1F
SeclusionYukigafuru (parts 1-4)1993Some Fine LegacyDE1F
Second [2nd] GenIrony Is2001NovaMuteUS1F
Section 25Always Now2000LTMUK1F
Section 25The Key of Dreams2000Les Temps ModernesAT1F
Section 25Retrofit2010LTMUK1F
SeefeelPure, Impure1993Too PureUK1S
SeefeelQuique2007Too PureUS2F
SeekonkFor Barbara Lee2003KimcheeUS1F
SeelySeconds1997Too PureUS1F
SeelyWinter Birds2000KochUS1F
Seht & StelzerExactly What You Want2006IntransitiveUS1F
Señor Coconut and His OrchestraEl Baile Alemám1999EastWestJP1F
Señor Coconut and His OrchestraFiesta Songs2003Emperor NortonUS1F
Set Fire to FlamesSings Reign Rebuilder2001Alien8CA1F
Set Fire to FlamesTelegraphs in Negative/Mouths Trapped in Static2003Alien8CA2F
Seven [7] HurtzElectroleum2003OutputUK1F
Seven [7] Year Rabbit CycleAche Horns2006Free Porcupine SocietyUS1F
Seventeen [17] PygmiesJedda By the Sea/Hatikva1984Lazy DogIT1F
Seventeen [17] PygmiesWelcome1988Great Jones/IslandUS1F
Seventeen [17] PygmiesMissyfish/Hatikva1991Nate Starkman and SonDE1F
Seventeen [17] Pygmies13 Blackbirds/13 Lotus2007TrakwerxUS2F
Severed HeadsBig Car1989NettwerkCA1S
Shaggs, thePhilosophy of the World1969RCAUS1F
Shakespear's SisterStay1992LondonUS1S
Shalabi Effect2000Alien8CA2F
Shalabi EffectThe Trial of St-Orange2002Alien8CA1F
Shalabi EffectUnfortunately2005Alien8CA1F
Shalabi, SamOn Hashish2001Alien8CA1F
Shalabi, SamOsama2003Alien8CA1F
Shamen, theEn-Tact1990One Little IndianUK1F
Shamen, theEn-Tact1991EpicUS1F
Shamen, theMove Any Mountain-Progen 911991EpicUS1S
Shamen, theMake it Mine1992EpicUS1S
Shamen, theShow of Strength (set)1992One Little IndianUK2S
Shamen, theDifferent Drum1993One Little IndianUK1F
Shamen, theAxis Mutatis/Arbor Bona Arbor Mala1995One Little IndianUK2F
Shellac1000 Hurts1999Touch & GoUS1F
ShellacExcellent Italian Greyhound2007Touch & GoUS1F
Shelleyan OrphanHellborine1987ColumbiaUS1F
Shelleyan OrphanCentury Flower1989ColumbiaUS1F
Shelleyan OrphanHumroot1992ColumbiaUS1F
Shelleyan OrphanWaking Up1992ColumbiaUS1F
Shelleyan OrphanWe Have Everything We Need2008One Little IndianUK1F
Shenzou 56 Songs2004Shenzou 5US1S
Shinjuku ThiefThe Witch Hammer1993ProjektUS1F
Shipp Quartet, MatthewPastoral Composure2000Thirsty EarUS1F
Shipping NewsVery Soon, and in Pleasant Company2001Touch & GoUS1F
Shipping NewsRMSN Three-Four2003QuarterstickUS1F
Shipping NewsFlies the Fields2005QuarterstickUS1F
Shrimp BoatSomething Grand2004Aum FidelityUS4F
Shudder to Think [V/A]First Love, Last Rites [ST]1998EpicUS1F
Shy ChildPlease Consider Our Time2002GrenadineCA1F
Shy ChildOne with the Sun2004Say HeyUS1F
SiansphericSomnium1996Sonic UnyonCA1F
SiansphericThe Sound of the Colour of the Sun2001Sonic UnyonCA1F
SiansphericRGB +DVD2005Sonic UnyonCA1F
Siberry, JaneWhen I was a Boy1993RepriseUS1F
SickboyShake Hands with a Clenched Fist2004Tigerbeat6US1F
SicknessI Have Become the Disease That Made Me2002GroundfaultUS1F
Siewert, MartinNo Need to be Lonesome2004MoszAT1F
Siewert, Martin / Martin BrandlmayrToo Beautiful to Burn2003ErstwhileUS1F
SightingsThrough the Panama2007LoadUS1F
Sigur RósSvefn-G-Englar1999FatcatUK1S
Sigur RósNý Batterí2000FatcatUK1F
Sigur Rós( )2002Play it Again, Sam / MCAUS1F
Sigur RósHlemmur2003KrúnkUK1F
Sigur Rósuntitled #1 [vaka] +DVD2003FatcatUK1S
Sigur RósBa Ba Ti Ki Di Do2004GeffenUS1S
Sigur RósTakk2005GeffenUS1F
Sigur RósSaeglopur +DVD2006GeffenUS1S
Sigur RósHvarf/Heim2007XLUS2S
Sigur Rós & Steindór Andersen2001KrúnkIS1S
SilkwormYou Are Dignified2003Touch & GoUS1S
Sill, JudeeDreams Come True2005WaterUS2F
Sill, JudeeHeart Food2006WaterUS1F
Silver Apples1997MCAUS1F
Silver ApplesThe Garden1998WhirlybirdUS1F
Silver ApplesBeacon Remixed1998WhirlybirdUS1F
Silver ApplesTour EP2008Gifted ChildrenUS1S
Silver Mt. Zion [a]He Has Left Us Alone, But Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of the Room2000ConstellationCA1F
Silver Mt. Zion [Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band with Choir, the]This Is Our Rock, Thee Rusted Satellites Gather + Sing,2003ConstellationCA1F
Silver Mt. Zion [Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band, the]Born Into Trouble As the Sparks Fly Upwards2001ConstellationCA1F
Silver Mt. Zion [Thee Silver Mountain Reveries]Pretty Little Lightning Paw2004ConstellationCA1S
Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La-La Band, theeHorses in the Sky2005ConstellationCA1F
SilvermanState of Union2001Terminal KaleidescopeUS1F
SilvermanWoodland Calling2007Trademark of QuantityNL1F
SilvermanSpectral Artefact2007Trademark of QuantityNL1F
SilvermanSun with a Beating Heart2007Trademark of QuantityNL1F
Silverman, theDream Cell1995Terminal KaleidescopeUK1F
Silverman, theSilvermandalas1998SoleilmoonUS1F
Silverman, theRequiem Settings2002SoleilmoonUS1F
Silverman, theNature of Illusion2005Beta-Lactam RingUS2F
Silverman, theState of Union2007Beta-Lactam RingUS1F
Silverman, theBlank for Your Own Message2008Beta-Lactam RingUS1F
Silverman, theTime on Thin Ice2010Beta-Lactam RingUS1F
Silverman, theElemental2010Trademark of QuantityNL1F
Silverman, theDream Cell2012Trademark of QuantityNL2F
Silverman, theFinisterre2013Trademark of QuantityNL1F
Simmons, DesmondAlone on Penguin Island1995WMOUS1F
Simone, NinaPastel Blues1964PhillipsUS1F
Simone, NinaI Put a Spell On You1965PhillipsUS1F
Simone, NinaWild is the Wind1966PhillipsUS1F
Simple MindsOnce Upon a Time1985A & MUS1F
Simple MindsLive In the City of Light1987VirginUK2F
Simple MindsThe Amsterdam EP1989VirginUK1S
Simple MindsThis is Your Land1989VirginUK1S
Simple MindsThemes - Volume 11990VirginUK5S
Simple MindsThemes - Volume 21990VirginUK5S
Simple MindsGlittering Prize1992VirginUK1F
Simple MindsGood News from the Next World1995VirginNL1F
Simple MindsNéapolis1998ChrysalisUK1F
Simple MindsX52012VirginUK5F
Siouxie and the BansheesOnce Upon a Time - The Singles1981GeffenUS1F
Siouxie and the BansheesTwice Upon a Time - The Singles1992GeffenUS1F
Sisters of MercySome Girls Wander By Mistake1992Merciful ReleaseUK1F
Six Organs of AdmittanceThe Sun Awakens2006Drag CityUS1F
Six Organs of AdmittanceRTZ2009Drag CityUS2F
Six Organs of AdmittanceLuminous Night2009Drag CityUS1F
Six Organs of AdmittanceCompathia2003Holy MountainUS1F
Six Organs of AdmittanceFor Octavio Paz1998Holy MountainUS1F
Skinny PuppyBites and Remission1986NettwerkCA1F
Skinny PuppyCleanse, Fold, and Manipulate1987CapitolUS1F
Skinny PuppyRabies1989CapitolUS1F
Skinny PuppyTormentor1990CapitolUS1S
Skinny PuppyLast Rights1992CapitolUS1F
Skinny PuppyThe Singles Collect1999NettwerkUS1F
Skinny PuppyThe B Sides Collect1999NettwerkUS1F
Sky City2007ImportantUS1F
Slag Boom Van LoonSo Soon2001Planet MuUK1F
SlayerReign in Blood1986Def JamUS1F
SlayerSouth of Heaven1988Def JamUS1F
SleepHoly Mountain1992EaracheUS1F
SleepcyAnd Again2001AmbushUS1F
Slick SixtyNibs and Nabs1999MuteUS1F
Slicker [John Hughes]Scarlet Diva [ST]2001HeftyUS1F
SlintSpiderland1991Touch & GoUS1F
SlintTweez1993Touch & GoUS1F
Slint1994Touch & GoUS1S
SlomoThe Creep2006ImportantUS1F
SlomoThe Bog2008ImportantUS1F
SlowdiveHolding Our Breath1991CreationUK1S
SlowdiveBlue Day1992CreationUK1F
SlowdiveJust for a Day2005Castle/SanctuaryUK2F
SlowdivePygmalion2010Cherry RedUK2F
SlumberlandEpisode 2 - Awake and Dreaming2000WaveformUS1F
Sly & Robbie [V/A]Unmetered Taxi2004Pressure SoundsUK1F
Sly and RobbieDrum & Bass Strip to the Bone by Howie B1999Palm PicturesUS1F
Smaldone, Micah BlueSome Sweet Day2004North East IndieUS1F
Smaldone, Micah BlueHither and Thither2005North East IndieUS1F
Smaldone, Micah BlueUntitled2007North East IndieUS1S
Small ColorIn Light200912kAU1F
Smashing PumpkinsGish1991CarolineUS1F
Smashing PumpkinsI am One1992HutUK1S
Smashing PumpkinsPeel Sessions1992HutUK1S
Smashing PumpkinsCherub Rock1993HutUK1S
Smashing PumpkinsSiamese Dream1993VirginUS1F
Smashing PumpkinsDisarm (smile)1994HutUK1S
Smashing PumpkinsEarphoria1994VirginUS1F
Smashing PumpkinsPisces Iscariot1994VirginUS1F
Smashing PumpkinsMellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness1995VirginUS2F
Smashing Pumpkins1979 Mixes1995VirginUK1S
Smashing PumpkinsThe Aeroplane Flies High1996VirginUS5S
Smashing PumpkinsAdore1998VirginUS1F
Smashing PumpkinsRotten Apples2001VirginUS2F
Smith, Curt [Mayfield]1997Zero DiscUS1F
Smith, KendraFive Ways of Disappearing19954ADUS1F
Smith, PattiHorses2005Arista/Columbia/LegacyUS2F
Smiths, theComplete2011RhinoUS8F
Smithson, DawnSafer Here2005KrankyUS1F
sndstdio2000Mille PlateauxDE1F
SneaksterPseudo Nouve1999Bella UnionUK1F
Sneakster / Robin GuthrieFifty-Fifty1999Bella UnionUK1F
SnowponyThe Slow-Motion World1998RadioactiveUS1F
SnuffIn the Fishtank 41998KonkurrentNL1S
So Percussion & MatmosTreasure State2010CantaloupeUS1F
Sodahberk, DwayneDon't Want to Know You2002Tigerbeat6US1F
Sodahberk, DwayneThe Partying Without Inhibition or Dignity EP2003Tigerbeat6US1S
Sodahberk, DwayneUnfortunately2003Tigerbeat6US1F
Sodahberk, DwayneCut Open2006Tigerbeat6US1F
SofandiUgly Demons2002Thule MusikIS1F
Soft BoysUnderwater Moonlight2001MatadorUS2F
Soft CellNon-Stop Erotic Cabaret1981PhonogramUK1F
Soft CellNon-Stop Ecstatic Dancing1998MercuryUK1F
Soft CellThe Art of Falling Apart1998MercuryUK1F
Soft CellThis Last Night in Sodom1998MercuryUK1F
Soft Cell/Marc AlmondMemorabilia 91- The Singles1991MercuryUS1F
Soft Pink Truth, theDo You Party?2003Smells LikeUS1F
Soft Pink Truth, theDo You Want New Wave or Do You Want2004Tigerbeat6US1F
Soil Bleeds Black, theAlchemie1999World SerpentUK1F
Sol InvictusBlack Europe1994World SerpentUK1F
Sol InvictusAll Things Strange and Rare1999TursaUK1F
Sol InvictusBrugge2001TursaUK1F
Sol Invictus [Tony Wakeford]La Croix1993TursaUK1F
Sol Invictus [Tony Wakeford]L'Orchestre Noir1998TursaUK2F
SolexSolex vs. the Hitmeister1998MatadorUS1F
SolexPick Up1999MatadorUS1F
SolexLow Kick and Hard Bop2001MatadorUS1F
SolexThe Laughing Stock of Indie Rock2004Arena RockUS1F
Solex + M.A.E.In the Fishtank 132005KonkurrentNL1S
SollmannSomething Is Missing2005DialDE1F
SolventSolvent City2001Morr MusicDE1F
Songs: OhiaImpala1998Happy Go LuckyUS1F
Songs: Ohia1998Secretly CanadianUS1F
Songs: OhiaThe Ghost1998Secretly CanadianUS1F
Songs: OhiaAxxes & Ace1999Secretly CanadianUS1F
Songs: OhiaThe Lioness1999Secretly CanadianUS1F
Songs: OhiaGhost Tropic2000Secretly CanadianUS1F
Songs: OhiaHecula & Griper2000Secretly CanadianUS1F
Songs: OhiaProtection Spells2000Secretly CanadianUS1F
Songs: OhiaMi Sei Apparso Come Un Fantasma2001White and BlackIT1F
Songs: OhiaDidn't It Rain2002Secretly CanadianUS1F
Songs: Ohia [Jason Molina]Pyramid Electric Co.2004Secretly CanadianUS1F
Songs: Ohia [Jason Molina]Let Me Out Let Me Out Let Me Out2006Secretly CanadianUS1F
Sonic YouthDaydream Nation1988Blast FirstUK1F
Sonic YouthGoo1990DGCUS1F
Sonic YouthDirty1992DGCUS1F
Sonic YouthExperimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star1994DGCUS1F
Sonic YouthScreaming Fields of Sonic Love1995DGCUS1F
Sonic YouthWashing Machine1995DGCUS1F
Sonic YouthMusical Perspectives 11997SYRUS1S
Sonic YouthMusical Perspectives 21997SYRUS1S
Sonic YouthMusical Perspectives 31997SYRUS1S
Sonic YouthA Thousand Leaves1998DGCUS1F
Sonic YouthSilver Session1998SKRUS1S
Sonic YouthMusical Perspectives 41999SYRUS2F
Sonic YouthNYC Ghosts & Flowers2000GeffenUS1F
Sonic Youth2006GeffenUS1F
Sonic Youth [Ciccone Youth]The Whitey Album2006GeffenUS1F
Sonic Youth [Kim Gordon/DJ Olive/Ikue Mon]Musical Perspectives 52000SYRUS1F
Sonic Youth/I.C.P./The ExIn the Fishtank 92001KonkurrentNL1S
Sonics, theHere Are…1965NortonUS1F
SonnaThese Windows Are Pistons1998Temporary ResidenceUS1S
SonnaTravels in Constants volume 61999Temporary ResidenceUS1S
SonnaWe Sing Loud Sing Soft Tonight2001Temporary ResidenceUS1F
SonnaKept Luminesce / Mirameko2002Temporary ResidenceUS1S
Sonna/Sybarite/LilienthalMake Shift Carousel2002Temporary ResidenceUS1S
Sonora Pine, theII1997QuarterstickUS1F
Sons and Daughters2003Ba Da Bing!US1F
SorrowUnder the Yew Tree1993Piski DiskUK1F
SorrowSleep Now1999Piski DiskUK1F
SorrowThe Final Solstice2000Piski DiskUK1S
SorrowThe Final Solstice II2000Piski DiskUK1F
SorrowLet There Be Thorns2001Piski DiskUK1S
SoteElectric Deaf2002WarpUK1S
Soul Coughing [Doughty]Skittish2000Super Special QuestionsUS1F
Soul II SoulBack to Life1989VirginUK1S
Sound EffectsAuthentic Vol. 11987ElektraUS1F
Sound EffectsAuthentic Vol. 21987ElektraUS1F
Sound EffectsFun With...1989SSEUS1F
Sound EffectsSounds of Horror1989SSEUS1F
SoundpoolOn High2006AloftUS1F
SoundpoolOn High2006QuinceJP1F
SoundpoolDichotomies + Dreamland2006AloftUS1F
SoundpoolDichotomies + Dreamland2006QuinceJP1F
SoundpoolMirrors In Your Eyes2010Killer PimpUS1F
SoundpoolRe-Mirrored2011Killer PimpUS1S
Space Machine32004ImportantUS1F
SpaceheadsLive 19992000InsoundUS1F
Spacemen 3Recurring1990FireUS1F
Spacemen 3Playing with Fire1994Taang!US1F
Spacemen 3The Perfect Prescription1994Taang!US1F
Spacemen 3Sound of Confusion1994Taang!US1F
Spacemen 3Singles1995Taang!US1F
SparksKimono My House1964IslandUK1F
Sparrows Swarm and SingO' Shenandoah Mighty Death Will Find Me2006Magic BulletUS1F
Specials, theSingles Collection1990ChrysalisUS1F
Speck Nusseck & die Legendären FettboysDäncemusic Für Dicke Bäcker2003G. GegongeDE1F
Speedranch^JanskynoiseW^elcome to Excerate1999LeafUK1F
Speedy JA Shocking Hobby2000MuteUS1F
Speedy JLoudboxer2002MuteUS1F
SpellBig Red Balloon1993MuteUK1S
SpellSeasons In the suN1993MuteUK1F
Spencer, John Blues ExplosionAcme1998MatadorUS1F
Spigel, MalkaRosh Ballata1993SwimUK1F
Spigel, MalkaHide1996SwimUK1F
Spigel, MalkaMy Pet Fish1998SwimUK1F
Spiny Anteaters, theAll Is Well1994KrankyUS1F
Spiny Anteaters, theCurrent1996KrankyUS1F
Spiny Anteaters, theLast Supper1998Ba Da Bing!US1F
Spiny Anteaters, theWell Laid Plans2001Ba Da Bing!US1F
Spirit Girls, theForever Free2007TrakwerxUS2F
SpiritualizedLazer Guided Melodies1992Dedicated/RCAUS1F
SpiritualizedElectric Mainline1994DedicatedUK1F
SpiritualizedLadies and gentlemen we are floating in space1997Dedicated/RCAUS1F
SpiritualizedAbbey Road1998Dedicated/RCAUS1S
SpiritualizedRoyal Albert Hall Live1998Dedicated/RCAUS2F
SpiritualizedLet it Come Down2001Spaceman/AristaUK1F
SpiritualizedThe Complete Works Volume One2003AristaUK2F
SpiritualizedThe Complete Works Volume Two2004AristaUS2F
SPKZamia Lehmanni1986MuteUK1F
SPKInformation Overload Unit1992MuteUK1F
SPKAuto Da Fe1993MuteUK1F
Split EnzHistory Never Repeats (the best of)1987A&MUS1F
Spring Heel Jack68 Million Shades1996Trade 2UK1F
Spring Heel JackBusy Curious Thirsty1996Trade 2US1F
Spring Heel JackDisappeared2000Thirsty EarUS1F
Spring Heel JackTreader2000Thirsty EarUS1F
Spring Heel JackOddities2000Thirsty EarUS1F
Spring Heel JackAMaSSED2002Thirsty EarUS1F
Spring Heel Jack • The Blue Series ContinuumMasses2001Thirsty EarUS1F
Springfield, DustyDusty In Memphis1999RhinoUS1F
SquarepusherFeed Me Weird Things1996RephlexUK1F
SquarepusherBurning 'N Tree1997WarpUK1F
SquarepusherHard Normal Daddy1997WarpUK1F
SquarepusherBig Loada1998Nothing/InterscopeUS1F
SquarepusherMusic is Rotted One Note1998Nothing/InterscopeUS1F
SquarepusherBudakhan Mindphone1999Nothing/InterscopeUS1S
SquarepusherMaximum Priest1999Nothing/InterscopeUS1S
SquarepusherSelection Sixteen1999Nothing/InterscopeUS1F
SquarepusherGo Plastic2001WarpUS1F
SquarepusherMy Red Hot Car2001WarpUS1S
SquarepusherDo You Know Squarepusher2002WarpUS2S
SqueezeBabylon and On1987A & MUS1F
SqueezeClassics1988A & MUS1F
SqueezeSome Fantastic Place1993A & MUS1F
Srinivas, U. & Michael Brook1995RealWorldUS1F
St. Onge, AlexandreImage/Negation2000Alien8CA1F
St. Onge, AlexandreMon Animal Est Possible2007Alien8CA1F
Stafrænn Hákoní ástandi rjúpunnar2002VogorIS1F
Stafrænn Hákon...skvettir edik á ref2002VogorIS1F
Stafrænn HákonVentill/Poki2004ResonantUK1F
Stairs, theMexican R''nB1992Go! DiscsUS1F
Stairs, theMary Joanna1992Go! DiscsUK1S
Stairs, theWoman Gone and Say Goodbye1992Go! DiscsUK1S
Staples, Stuart A.Leaving Songs2006Beggars BanquetUS1F
StarsHeart2003Arts & CraftsCA1F
StarsSet Yourself on Fire2005Arts & CraftsCA1F
Stars as EyesFreedom Rock2001Tigerbeat6US1F
Stars as EyesEnemy of Fun2002Tigerbeat6US1F
Stars as EyesLoud New Shit2003Tigerbeat6US1F
Stars of the LidMusic for Nitrous Oxide1995SedimentalUS1F
Stars of the LidThe Ballasted Orchestra1996KrankyUS1F
Stars of the LidGravitational Pull vs. The Desire for an Aquatic Life1997KrankyUS1F
Stars of the LidPer Aspera Ad Astra1998KrankyUS1F
Stars of the LidThe Tired Sounds Of2001KrankyUS2F
Stars of the LidAvec Laudenum2002KrankyUS1F
Stars of the LidAnd Their Refinement of the Decline2007KrankyUS2F
StaticEject Your Mind2002City Centre OfficesDE1F
Stefana, AlessandroPoste E Telegrafi2007ImportantUS1F
Stelzer, Howard / Jason TalbotSongs2003IntransitiveUS1F
Stereo MC'sConnected1992GeeStreetUS1F
StereolabLow Fi1992DuophonicUK1S
StereolabTransient Random-Noise Bursts with Announcements1993ElektraUS1F
StereolabSpace Age Bachelor Pad Music1993Too PureUK1S
StereolabPing Pong1994DuophonicUK1S
StereolabMars Audiac Quintet1994ElektraUS1F
StereolabCybele's Reverie1996DuophonicUK1S
StereolabEmperor Tomato Ketchup1996ElektraUS1F
StereolabMiss Modular1997DuophonicUK1S
StereolabMiss Modular1997DuophonicUK1S
StereolabDots and Loops1997ElektraUS1F
StereolabAluminum Tunes1998Drag CityUS2F
StereolabThe Free Design1999DuophonicUK1S
StereolabCobra and Phases Group Play "Voltage" in the Milky Night1999ElektraUS1F
StereolabThe First of the Microbe Hunters2000ElektraUS1S
StereolabCaptain Easychord2001DuophonicUK1S
StereolabA B C Music2002Strange FruitUK2F
StereolabInstant O in the Universe2003ElektraUS1S
StereolabMargerine Eclipse2004ElektraUS1F
StereolabBanana Monster Ne Répond Plus2004DuophonicUK1S
Stereolab3x7"2005Too PureUS1F
StereolabFab Four Suture2006Too PureUS1F
StereolabTour Single 20082008DuophonicUK1S
Stereolab & Brigitte FontaineCalimero1999DuophonicUK1S
Stereolab/Nurse With WoudSimple Headphone Mind1997DuophonicUK1S
Stevens, SufjanSeven Swans2004Sounds FamilyreUS1F
StillupptseypaStories Part Five2002RitornellDE1F
StimulusA Motion Signal2001Beta-Lactam RingUS1F
StimulusUntitled Landscapes One2007ICRUK1F
Stock, Hausen and WalkmanOh My BAG!1998Hot AirUK1F
Stock, Hausen and WalkmanOrgan Transplants Vol. 22000Simple SamplingUK1F
Stockhausen, Karlheinz3: Elektronische Musik 1952-19601996StockhausenDE1F
Stoll, SteveThe Blunted Boy Wonder1998NovaMuteUS1F
Stomachmouths, theBorn Losers2003Subliminal SoundsSE1F
Stomachmouths, the2009SilvertoneUS3F
Stone Roses, theSingles Collection1992SilvertoneUK8S
Stone Roses, theSecond Coming1994GeffenUS1F
Stone Roses, theThe Stone Roses +DVD2009Silvertone/LegacyUS2F
Storm and Stress2000Touch & GoUS1F
StrategyDrumsolo's Delight2004KrankyUS1F
StrategyFuture Rock2007KrankyUS1F
Strawberry Switchblade1985KorovaJP1F
Stretchbreaks1991Music of LifeUK1F
Strokes, theIs this It2001Rough TradeUK1F
Sturgeon, CrankBreakfast With2003RRRecordsUS1F
Stutzpunkt Wien 12UFO Beobachtungen '93 - '951998MegoAT1F
StyrofoamThe Point Misser2000Morr MusicDE1F
StyrofoamA Short Album About Murder2001Morr MusicDE1S
StyrofoamRR202002Rocket RacerUS1F
StyrofoamI'm What's There to Show That Something's Wrong2003Morr MusicDE1F
StyrofoamA Heart Without a Mind EP2003Morr MusicDE1S
StyrofoamNothing's Lost2004Morr MusicDE1F
StyrofoamLive2005Morr MusicDE1S
Styrofoam & Fat JonThe Same Channel2006Morr MusicDE1F
SubArachnoid Spaceand Walking Timebombs1999Elsie + JackUS1F
SubArachnoid SpaceAlso Rising2003Strange AttractorsUS1F
SugarCopper Blue +DVD2012EdselUK2F
SugarFile Under: Easy Listening +DVD2012EdselUK2F
Sugar PlantHiding Place1995Pop NarcoticUS1F
Sugar PlantAfter After Hours1997World DominationUS1F
Sugar PlantHappy/Trance Mellow1998World DominationUS2F
Sugar PlantDryfruit1999Hot ChaJP1F
Sugarcubes, theLife's Too Good1987ElektraUS1F
SuicideSecond album + The First Rehearsal Tapes2000MuteUS2F
SuicideAmerican Supreme2002MuteUS1F
SuicideWhy Be Blue?2004MuteUS2F
SuicideA Way of Life2004MuteUS2F
Sullivan, JayLandscapes (Blurred) with Fences2003RRRecordsUS1F
SumerlandSivo2001Middle PillarUS1F
Summer, DonnaOn the Radio1980CasablancaUS1F
Sun Kil MoonTiny Cities2005Caldo VerdeUS1F
Sunburned Hand of the ManThe Trickle Down Theory of Lord Knows What2002ManhandUS1F
Sunburned Hand of the ManMagnetic Drugs2003ManhandUS1F
Sunburned Hand of the ManRare Wood2004Spirit of OrrUS1F
Sunburned Hand of the ManNo Magic Man2004ManhandUS1F
Sunburned Hand of the ManSunburned Hand of the Man2004WabanaUS1F
Sunburned Hand of the ManFire Escape2007Smalltown SupersoundNO1F
Sundays, theReading, Writing, and Arythmatic1990DGCUS1F
Sundays, theBlind1992DGCUS1F
Sundays, theStatic & Silence1997DGCUS1F
Sunn O)))00 Void2003Hydra HeadUS1F
Sunn O)))Grimm Robe Demos2003Hydra HeadUS1F
Sunn O)))00 Void2003Hydra HeadUS1F
Sunn O)))White 12003Southern LordUS1F
Sunn O)))White 22004Southern LordUS1F
Sunn O)))Black One/Solstitium Fulminate2005Southern LordUS2F
Sunn O)))00 Void2007DaymadeJP2F
Sunn O)))Monoliths & Dimensions2009Southern LordUS1F
Sunn O))) & BorisAltar2006Southern LordUS1F
SunroofVolume 142003Unity Sound ArchiveUS1F
Sunroof/Vibracathedral OrchestraWings Over America2003VHFUS1F
SunscreemLove U More1992ColumbiaUS1S
SunscreemPressure Us1993ColumbiaUS1S
Super E.S.P.1997HeftyUS1S
Surface of EceonThe King Beneath the Mountain2001Strange AttractorsUS1F
Surface of EceyonDragyyn2003Strange AttractorsUS1F
Surface of EceyonTussyan Ruins20033 LobedCA1S
SurgeonBasic Tonal Vocabulary1997TresorDE1F
SurgeonCounterBalance Collection2001CounterBalanceUK1F
SuryaMusic to Watch2001CaciocavalloUS1F
SusannaFlower of Evil2008Rune GrammofonNO1F
SusannaWild Dog2012Rune GrammofonNO1F
Susanna and the Magical Orchestra32009Rune GrammofonNO1F
Svarte GreinerKnive2006TypeUK1F
SwansChildren of God/World of Skin1988Young GodUS2F
SwansWhite Light from the Mouth of Infinity1991Young God/SkyUS1F
SwansLove of Life1992Young God/SkyUS1F
SwansSoundtracks for the Blind1996Young God/AtavisticUS2F
SwansThe Great Annihilator1996Young GodUS1F
SwansSwans Are Dead1997Young GodUS2F
SwansVarious Failures 1988-19921998Young GodUS2F
SwansCopy/Young God • Greed/Holy Money1999Thirsty EarUS2F
SwansFilth/Body to Body, Job to Job2000Young GodUS2F
SwansForever Burned2003Young GodUS1F
SwansMy Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky2010Young GodUS1F
SwansWe Rose from Your Bed with the Sun in Our Head2012Young GodUS2F
SwansThe Burning World2012WaterUS1F
Swans [The World of Skin]Ten Songs for Another World1991Young God/SkyUS1F
Sweet TripBliss Out Vol. 11 - Halcia1998DarlaUS1F
Sweet, Mathew [Four Man Ghost]I2001Blue BabyUK1F
Sweet, Mathew [Four Man Ghost]II2001Blue BabyUK1F
Sweet, Mathew [Four Man Ghost]III2001Blue BabyUK1F
Sweet, Mathew [Heavy Manufacturing Concern]All Language is a Drunk Goddess in My Mouth2000Blue BabyUK1F
Sweet, Mathew [Heavy Manufacturing Concern]Ausserhalb Under Erasure2001Blue BabyUK1F
Sweet, Mathew [Heavy Manufacturing Concern]2003Blue BabyUK1F
Sweet, Mathew [History of Electricity]2002Blue BabyUK1F
Sweet, Mathew [Map of Hell]2002Blue BabyUK1F
Sweet, Mathew [Pistols At Dawn with Afterglow]O Light of the Boundless World2003Blue BabyUK1F
Sweet, Mathew [Pistols At Dawn with Afterglow]Your Own Heaven is Smoking, and Your Clouds Are On Fire2003Blue BabyUK1F
Sweet, Mathew [Pistols At Dawn with Afterglow]Through Great Void of Heaven2003Blue BabyUK1F
Sweet, Mathew [Pistols At Dawn with Afterglow]Suffers with Me2003Blue BabyUK1F
Sweet, Mathew [Pistols At Dawn with Afterglow]No Songs of Birds, No Rustle2004Blue BabyUK1F
Sweet, Mathew [Randolph Carter and Boduf Pistols at Dawn with Afterglow]Radiating from Within2003Blue BabyUK1F
Sweet, Mathew [Randolph Carter]Easter Parade1998Blue BabyUK1F
Sweet, Mathew [Randolph Carter](title withheld)1999Blue BabyUK1F
Sweet, MatthewGirlfriend1991ZooUS1F
Sweet, MatthewAltered Beast1993ZooUS1F
Sweet, MatthewSon of a Beast1994ZooUS1S
SwervedriverMezcal Head1993A&MUS1F
SwervedriverJuggernaut Rides '89 - '982005Castle/SanctuaryUK2F
SybariteMusic for a Film2000Temporary ResidenceUS1F
SybaritePlacement Issues2001Temporary ResidenceUS1F
SybariteScene of the Crime20024ADUK1S
SybariteTravels In Constants Vol. 152004Temporary ResidenceUS1S
SybariteCut Out Shape2006Temporary ResidenceUS1F
Sylvester BoyMonsters Rule This World!2000Chicks on SpeedDE1F
Sylvian, DavidSecrets of the Beehive1987VirginUS1F
Sylvian, DavidApproaching Silence1999ShaktiUS1F
Sylvian, DavidEverything and Nothing2000VirginUS2F
Sylvian, David/Holger CzukayPlight and Premonition1986VirginUS1F
Syncopated Elevators LegacyAn Heliocentric Saltbox2001AmbivalenceDE1S
Syntetika100% Syntetica2002Shaped HarmonicsRU1F
System 7System Express1997HypnoticUS1F
System 7 [777]System 71993Big LifeUK1F
SzelyProcessing Other Perspectives2007MoszAT1F
T PowerWaveform1996Anti StaticUK1F
T. RaumschmiereBlitzkrieg Pop2005MuteUS1F
T. RaumschmiereRandom Noize Sessions Vol. 12006ShitkatapultDE1F
T. Rex20th Century Boy2002Hip-OUS1F
Tack>>HeadGary Clail's Tackhead Sound System1988NettwerkCA1F
Tack>>HeadStrange Things1990SBKUS1F
TactileRecurrence & Intervention1997RawkusUS1F
TactileBipolar Explorer2005Else ProductUS1F
Taj Mahal Travellers, thelive Stockholm July, 19711971Drone SyndicateSE2F
Taj Mahal Travellers, the264951972Sony Music Special ProductsJP1F
Taj Mahal Travellers, theAugust, 19741975ColumbiaJP2F
Takemura, NobukazuScope1999Thrill JockeyUS1F
Takemura, NobukazuHoshi No Koe2001Thrill JockeyUS1F
Takemura, NobukazuSign2001Thrill JockeyUS2F
Takemura, NobukazuWater's Suite2002ExtremeAU1F
Takemura, Nobukazu10th2002Thrill JockeyUS1F
Takemura, Nobukazu [Child's View]Funfair1998Bubble CoreUS1F
Talk TalkIt's My Life1984EMIUK1F
Talk TalkThe Colour of Spring1986EMIUK1F
Talk TalkLaughing Stock1991PolydorUS1F
Talk TalkSpirit of Eden1997EMIUK1F
Talk TalkThe Party's Over1997EMIUK1F
Talk TalkAsides Besides1998EMIUK2F
Talk TalkLondon 19861998Pond LifeUK1F
Talk TalkMissing Pieces1999Pond LifeUK1F
Talk TalkNatural History +DVD2007EMIUK1F
Talking HeadsPopular Favorites1992SireUS2F
Talking HeadsOnce in a Lifetime +DVD2003SireUS3F
Talking HeadsThe Name of this Band Is…2004RhinoUS2F
Tamburo, Mike and His OrchestraGhosts of Marumbey2006The Music FellowshipUS1F
Tamion 12 InchLet's Suffer2004Ersatz AudioUS1F
Tantric rNying.maChant of Tibet1998DurtroUK1F
Tare, Avey & Kria BerkkanPullhare Rubeye2005Paw TracksUS1F
TarentelTravels in Constants Vol. 31999Temporary ResidenceUS1S
Tarwater11:6 12:101996Kitty-YoDE1F
TarwaterRabbit Moon Remixed1997Kitty-yoDE1F
TarwaterRemix EP1999Room ToneUS1S
TarwaterAnimals, Suns & Atoms2000MuteUS1F
TarwaterDwellers on the Threshold2002MuteUS1F
TarwaterThe Needle Was Traveling2005Morr MusicDE1F
Tassili Players, theIn the Fishtank 31997KonkurrentNL1S
Tate, DarrenAge and Transformation2003FungalUK1F
Tate, DarrenBy the Stream2004FungalUK1F
Tate, DarrenNo Longer Here2012ICRUK1F
Tate, Darren [Tate and Liles]Without Season2005Twenty HertzUK1F
Tau EmeraldTravellers Two2008ImportantUS1F
Team DoyobiAudioby2000SkammUK1S
Team ShadetekWHST: Radio Mix 20032003Violent TurdNZ1F
Tear Garden, theTired Eyes Slowly Burning1989NettwerkCA1F
Tear Garden, theThe Last Man to Fly1992NettwerkCA1F
Tear Garden, theSheila Liked the Rodeo1993NettwerkCA1S
Tear Garden, theTo Be an Angel, Blind, The Crippled Soul Divide1996NettwerkCA1F
Tear Garden, theCrystal Mass2000NettwerkUS1F
Tear Garden, theFor Those Who Would Walk with the Gods2001BrudeniaRU1F
Tear Garden, theEye Spy with My Little Eye2002SubconsciousUS1F
Tear Garden, theThe Secret Experiment2007SubconsciousUS1F
Tear Garden, theHave a Nice Trip2009SubconsciousUS1F
Tears for FearsEverybody Wants to Rule the World1985MercuryUK1S
Tears for FearsSowing the Seeds of Love1989FontanaUK1S
Tears for FearsThe Seeds of Love1989FontanaUS1F
Tears for FearsWoman in Chains1989FontanaUK1S
Tears for FearsAdvice for the Young at Heart1990FontanaUK1S
Tears for FearsJohnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams1991FontanaUK1S
Tears for FearsWoman in Chains1992FontanaUK1S
Tears for FearsLaid So Low (Tears Roll Down)1992FontanaUS1S
Tears for FearsBreak it Down Again1993FontanaUK1S
Tears for FearsCold1993MercuryUK1S
Tears for FearsGoodnight Song1993MercuryUK1S
Tears for FearsSaturnine, Martial & Luatic1996FontanaUS1F
Tears for FearsSongs from the Big Chair1999MercuryCA1F
Tears for FearsThe Hurting1999MercuryCA1F
Techno AnimalGhosts1994PathologicalUK1F
Techno AnimalRe-Entry1995VirginUK2F
Techno AnimalVersus Reality1998City SlangUK1F
Techno AnimalDead Man's Curve2001MatadorUS1S
Techno AnimalThe Brotherhood of the Bomb2001MatadorUS1F
Teenage FanclubBandwagonesque1991DGCUS1F
Teenage FanclubWhat You Do to Me1992DGCUS1S
Tejada, JohnDaydreams in Cold Weather2002Plug ResearchUS1F
Telefon Tel AvivFahrenheit Fair Enough2001HeftyUS1F
Telefon Tel AvivImmediate Action 82002HeftyUS1S
Telefon Tel AvivMap of What Is Effortless2004HeftyUS1F
Telefon Tel Aviv [V/A]Remixes Compiled2007HeftyUS1F
Tenaw, YirdawNahom Favorite Collections Volume 22003Nahom Records Inc.US1F
Tenor, JimiEuropa1999WarpUK1F
Tenor, JimiSankomies1999WarpUK1F
Tenor, JimiOut of Nowhere2000MatadorUS1F
Terminal Sound SystemConstructing Towers2008ExtremeAU1F
TerroristsForces 1977-19822001ROIRUS1F
Test Dept.The Anacceptable Face of Freedom2007Some BizzareUK1F
That Petrol EmotionBabble1987PolydorUK1F
That Petrol EmotionGenius Move1988VirginUK1S
That Petrol EmotionEnd of the Millennium Psychosis Blues1988VirginUS1F
That Petrol EmotionChemicrazy1989VirginUS1F
That Petrol EmotionFireproof1994RykodiscUS1F
The TheBurning Blue Soul19814ADUS1F
The TheCold Spell Ahead1981Some BizzareUK1S
The TheSoul Mining1983EpicUK1F
The TheInfected1986EpicUS1F
The TheMind Bomb1989EpicUS1F
The TheThe Beat(en) Generation1989EpicUK1S
The TheJealous of Youth1990ColumbiaUS1S
The TheDogs of Lust1992EpicUK2S
The TheSlow Emotion Replay (Set)1993EpicUK2S
The TheDusk1993EpicUS1F
The TheSlow Emotion Replay1993EpicUS1S
The TheLove is Stronger than Death1993EpicUK1S
The TheSolitude1994EpicUS1F
The TheHanky Panky1995EpicUS1F
The TheI Saw the Light1995EpicUK1S
The TheNaked Self1999Nothing/InterscopeUS1F
The TheGunsluts2000LazarusUS1S
The TheShrunkenMan Interpretations: Issue 12000Nothing/InterscopeUK1S
The The45RPM2002Epic/LegacyUS2F
The TheCineola Volume 1: Tony2010LazarusUK1F
The TheCineola Volume 2: Moonbug2012LazarusUK1F
The TheSweet Bird of Truth1986EpicUK1S
Thermal + SeofonA Monument of Chance1999ThousandUS1F
ThighpaulsandraSome Head2000EskatonUK1S
ThighpaulsandraMichel Publicity Window2001EskatonUK1S
ThighpaulsandraDouble Vulgar2003RetractorUK1F
ThighpaulsandraRape Scene2004OchreUK1S
ThighpaulsandraDouble Vulgar II2005Beta-Lactam RingUS1F
ThighpaulsandraChamber Music2005Lumbarton Trading Co.UK1F
Third Eye Foundation, theGhost1997MergeUS1F
Third Eye Foundation, theYou Guys Kill Me1998MergeUS1F
Third Eye Foundation, theIn Bristol with a Pistol1999DominoUK1S
Third Eye Foundation, theLittle Lost Soul2000MergeUS1F
Third Eye Foundation, theI Poo Poo on Your Juju2001MergeUS1F
Third Eye Foundation, theThe Dark2010Ici d'AlleursFR1F
Third Eye Foundation, the [Matt Elliott]The Mess We Made2003MergeUS1F
Third Eye Foundation, the [Matt Elliott]Drinking Songs2005Ici d'AilleursFR1F
Third Eye Foundation, the [Matt Elliott]Failing Songs2006Ici d'AilleursFR1F
Third Eye Foundation, the [Matt Elliott]Howling Songs2008Ici d'AilleursFR1F
This HeatRepeat1997These RecordsUK1F
This HeatOut of Cold Storage2006ReR MegacorpUS7F
This Immortal CoilThe Dark Age of Love2009Ici d'AilleursFR1F
This Immortal CoilTattooed Man/Chaostrophy2009Ici d'AilleursFR1S
This Mornin' OmniaThe Drake Equation (ECF)2004Ant-ZenDE1F
This Mortal Coil20114ADUK4F
This Will Destroy YouTunnel Blanket2011Suicide SqueezeUS1F
Thisquietarmy [Le Chat Blank Orchestra]Theories Sur La Danse2007ThisquietarmyCA1S
Thisquietarmy [Le Chat Blank Orchestra]Ste-Claire Hotel2008Make Mine MusicUK1F
Thisquietarmy [Mains de Givre]Esther Marie2010TexturaCA1F
Thompson TwinsProduct of…/Set2008EdselUK2F
Thompson TwinsQuick Step and Side Kick2008EdselUK2F
Thompson TwinsInto the Gap2008EdselUK2F
Thompson TwinsHere's To Future Days2008EdselUK2F
ThreadThe Need for Sky1998Sensory ExpansionUS1F
ThreadIn Sweet Sorrow1999Sensory ExpansionUS1S
ThreadAbnormal Love2001Middle PillarUS1F
Three Ten [310]After All2001LeafUK1F
Threshold House Boys Choir, theForm Grows Rampant +DVD2007Threshold HouseTH1F
Threshold House Boys Choir, theAmulet Edition2008Threshold HouseTH4S
Throbbing GristleBlood Pressure1975DossierDE1F
Throbbing GristleVery Friendly1975Terroristes GenetiquesUK1F
Throbbing GristleAssume Power Focus1975ParagoricUK1F
Throbbing Gristle2nd Annual Report1977MuteUS1F
Throbbing GristleD.O.A. The Third and Final Report1978MuteUS1F
Throbbing Gristle20 Jazz Funk Greats1979MuteUS1F
Throbbing GristleCD11979MuteUS1F
Throbbing GristleFunk Beyond Jazz1980DossierDE1F
Throbbing GristleHeathen Earth1980MuteUS1F
Throbbing GristleIn the Shadow of the Sun1980MuteUK1F
Throbbing GristleJourney Through a Body1981MuteUK1F
Throbbing GristleMission of Dead Souls1982MuteUS1F
Throbbing GristleOnce Upon a Time1990ObsessionUK1F
Throbbing GristleGreatest Hits1991MuteUS1F
Throbbing GristleTG Box 11993MuteUK4F
Throbbing GristleGiftgas1994DossierDE1F
Throbbing GristleKreeme Horn1997DossierDE1F
Throbbing GristleDimensia in Excelsis1998DossierDE1F
Throbbing GristlePastimes/Industrial Music1999IT1F
Throbbing GristleGrief2001Thirsty EarUS1F
Throbbing Gristle24 Hours2002MuteUK25F
Throbbing GristleTG+2003MuteUK10F
Throbbing GristleMutant TG2004NovaMuteUS1F
Throbbing GristleThe Taste of TG2004MuteUK1F
Throbbing GristleTG Now2004MuteUK1S
Throbbing GristleLive December 2004: A Souvenir from Camber Sands2004MuteUK2F
Throbbing GristlePart Two: The Endless Not2007MuteUS1F
Throbbing GristleThe Third Mind Movements2009IndustrialUK1F
Throbbing GristleGriefTerroristes GenetiquesUK1F
Throbbing GristleSecond Annual Report2011IndustrialUK2F
Throbbing GristleD.O.A. The Third and Final Report2011IndustrialUK2F
Throbbing Gristle20 Jazz Funk Greats2011IndustrialUK2F
Throbbing GristleHeathen Earth2011IndustrialUK2F
Throsby, HollyEverything Sings Out2006SpunkAU1S
Throwing MusesHouse Tornado/The Fat Skier19884ADUK1F
Throwing MusesIn a Doghouse1988RykodiscUS2F
Throwing MusesHunkpapa1989SireUS1F
Throwing MusesThe Real Ramona1991SireUS1F
Throwing MusesThe Curse19924ADUK1F
Throwing MusesRed Heaven1992SireUS1F
Throwing MusesUniversity1995SireUS1F
Throwing MusesLimbo1996RykodiscUS1F
Throwing MusesThrowing Muses20034ADUS1F
Throwing MusesAnthology20114ADUS2F
Thrussell, DavidThe Voices of Reason2001Ant-ZenDE1F
Tied + Tickled Trio1998BingoUS1F
Tied + Tickled TrioEA1 EA22000Drag CityUS1F
Tied + Tickled TrioEA1 EA2 Remix2000Morr MusicDE1F
Tied + Tickled TrioElectric Avenue Tapes2001ClearspotDE1F
Tied + Tickled TrioObserving Systems2003Morr MusicDE1F
Tiers, Wharton EnsembleTwilight of the Computer Age1999AtavisticUS1F
Tiersen, YannAmelie [ST]2001VirginUS1F
Tiersen, Yann & Shannon Wright2005Ici d'AilleursFR1F
Tietchens, AsmusAdventures In Sound + Nachtstucke1980Die StadtDE2F
Tietchens, AsmusSpat-Europa1981Die StadtDE1F
Tietchens, AsmusBiotop1981Die StadtDE1F
Tietchens, AsmusIn Die Nacht1982Die StadtDE1F
Tietchens, AsmusLitlia1983Die StadtDE1F
Tietchens, AsmusSeuchengebiete1985Die StadtUK1F
Tietchens, AsmusGlimmen1998ErosFR1F
Tietchens, Asmusa-Menge2000Mille PlateauxDE1F
Tietchens, AsmusFormen Letzter Hausmusik2005Die StadtDE1F
Tietchens, AsmusGeboren, Um Zu Dienen2006Die StadtDE1F
Tietchens, AsmusZwingburgen Des Hedonismus2006Die StadtDE1F
Tietchens, Asmus / Richard ChartierFabrication2007Die StadtDE1F
Tietchens, Asmus / Thomas KönerKontakt der Jünglinge 02001Die StadtDE1F
Tiger SawTigers On Fire2007TractUS1F
TigersawHow to be Timeless Tonight2000US1F
TigersawBlessed are the Tricks We Will Find2002KimcheeUS1F
TigersawGimme Danger, Gimme Sweetness2004KimcheeUS1F
til TuesdayComing Up Close, the best of,…1996EpicUS1F
TimeblindMost Eye, The Rastabomba Remixes2002Orthlorng MuzorkUS1S
Tinker, ScottBackwards2007ExtremeAU1F
TinoTino's Breaks Volumes 1 & 22001Tino Corp.US1F
TinoTino's Breaks Five - Dub2001Tino CorpUS1F
TinoTino's Breaks Volume 4 - Mambo2002Tino Corp.US1F
TinoTino's Breaks 6 - Halloween Dub2002Tino Corp.US1F
TinoTino's Dub Select2003QuatermassBE1F
Tiny TimSongs of an Impotent Troubador1995DurtroUK1F
Tiny TimTiny Tim's Christmas Album1995DurtroUK1F
Tiny TimThe Eternal Troubadour1997DurtroUK1F
Tit WrenchOk you homos, out of the car1994Vinyl CommunicationsUS1F
Tit Wrench8-11-96 (live)1996Vinyl CommunicationsUS1F
To Kill a Petty BourgoiseRetire Early2005The Riley BushmanUS1S
To Kill a Petty BourgoiseThe Patron2007KrankyUS1F
To Kill a Petty BourgoiseMarlone2009KrankyUS1F
To Rococo RotCD1996Kitty-YoDE1F
To Rococo RotParis 251997Emperor JonesUS1S
To Rococo RotVeiculo1997Emperor JonesUS1F
To Rococo RotCars1999City SlangUK1S
To Rococo RotThe Amateur View1999MuteUS1F
To Rococo RotSetthisascobeia1999Soul Static SoundUK1S
To Rococo RotKölner Brett2001StaubgoldDE1F
To Rococo Rot and I-SoundMusic is a Hungry Ghost2001MuteUS1F
To Rococo Rot and I-SoundPantone ep2001MuteUS1S
Toad the Wet SprocketFear1991ColumbiaUS1F
Tobin, AmonBricolage1997Ninja TuneUS1F
Tobin, AmonPermutation1998Ninja TuneUS1F
Tobin, AmonSupermodified2000Ninja TuneUS1F
Tobin, AmonOut from Out Where2002Ninja TuneCA1F
TocotronicK.O.O.K.1999L'age D'orDE1F
TocotronicKook Variationen2000L'age D'orDE2F
TocotronicPure Vernunft2005KompaktDE1S
Toe 20001999TruckstopUS1F
Toiling MidgetsFaux Pony1992MatadorUK1S
Toiling MidgetsSon1992MatadorUS1F
Tom Tom ClubTom Tom Club2009IslandUK2F
TomorrowlandBliss Out Vol. 6 - Stereoscopic Soundwaves1997DarlaUS1F
TomorrowlandSequence of the Negative Space Changes1998KrankyUS1F
Tones on TailEverything1988Beggars BanquetUS2F
Tortoise1994Thrill JockeyUS1F
TortoiseRhythms, Resolutions & Clusters1995Thrill JockeyUS1F
TortoiseA Compendium Guide to the Tortoise's World1996Thrill JockeyJP1F
TortoiseMillions Now Living will Never Die1996Thrill JockeyJP1F
TortoiseRemixed1996Thrill JockeyJP1F
TortoiseTNT1998Thrill JockeyJP1F
TortoiseStandards2001Thrill JockeyJP1F
TortoiseGently Cupping the Chin of the Ape2001Thrill JockeyUS1S
TortoiseIt's All Around You2004Thrill JockeyUS1F
TortoiseA Lazarus Toxon (Sampler)2006Thrill JockeyUS1F
TortoiseA Lazarus Taxon +DVD2006Thrill JockeyUS3F
Tortoise and Bonnie 'Prince' BillyThe Brave and the Bold2005OvercoatUS1F
Tortoise/The ExIn the Fishtank 71999KonkurrentUS1S
ToscaSuzuki2000G-Stone/Studio K7DE1F
Total ShutdownThe Album2003Tigerbeat6US1F
ToucaenOnce Somebody's Baby Boy2004SwimUK1F
Town and Country1997Box MediaUS1F
Town and CountryDecoration Day2000Thrill JockeyUS1F
Town and CountryIt All Has to do with it2000Thrill JockeyUS1F
Town and CountryC'Mon2002Thrill JockeyUS1S
Town and Country52003Thrill JockeyUS1F
TrabantMoment of Truth2001Thule MusikIS1F
TrabantEmotional200512 TonarIS1F
Trans Am1996Thrill JockeyJP1F
Trans AmSurrender to the Night1997Thrill JockeyJP1F
Trans AmThe Surveillance1998Thrill JockeyJP1F
Trans AmWho Do We Think You Are?1999Spunk!UK1S
Trans AmFutureworld1999Thrill JockeyJP1F
Trans AmRed Line2000Thrill JockeyUS1F
Trans AmRed Line2000Thrill JockeyJP1F
Trans AmTA2002Thrill JockeyUS1F
Trans AmExtremixxx2002Thrill JockeyUS1S
Trans AmLiberation2004Thrill JockeyUS1F
Trans AmSex Change2007Thrill JockeyUS1F
Trans ChampsDouble Exposure2001Thrill JockeyUS1S
Transient WavesBliss Out Vol. 8 - Wading & Waiting1997DarlaUS1F
TransmisimaFrigid Prose1997InvisibleUS1F
TrapistHighway My Friend2002Hat HutCH1F
TrapistBallroom2004Thrill JockeyUS1F
Treat Her Right1988RCAUS1F
Treat Her RightTied to the Tracks1989RCAUS1F
TrickyPre-Millenium Tension1996IslandUS1F
TrickyMakes me Wanna Die1997IslandUK1S
TrickyMoney Greedy1998IslandUS1S
TrickyAngels with Dirty Faces1998IslandUS1F
TrickyMission Accomplished2000AntiNL1S
Tricky [Nearly God]Heaven1996IslandUS1F
Tricky with DJ Muggs and GreaseJuxtapose1999IslandUS1F
TrioTrio and Error2000MercuryUS1F
Triple Burner2006MadronaCA1F
TristezaMixed Signals2001TigerstyleUS1F
TroumMort Aux Vaches (Sen)2000StaalplaatNL1F
TroumTjukurrpa (part one: harmonies)2000Transgredient RecordsDE1F
TroumTjukurrpa (part two: drones)2001Transgredient RecordsDE1F
TroumTjukurrpa (part three: rhythms and pulsations)2003Transgredient RecordsDE1F
TroumSigqan2003Desolation HouseDE1F
TroumRyna2006Transgredient RecordsDE1F
TroumEald Ge-Streon2009Beta-Lactam RingUS2F
TroumMare Idiophonika2010TouretteUS1F
Troum & All SidesShutun2006Old Europa CaféIT1F
Tsuyuko, AkiOngakushitsu1999ChildiscJP1F
Tundra, MaxMastered By Guy at the Exchange2002Tigerbeat6US1F
Turn On1997Drag CityUS1F
Turner, MickTren Phantasma1997Drag CityUS1F
Turner, MickMarlan Rosa1999Drag CityUS1F
Turner, MickMoth2003Drag CityUS1F
Turner, Mick [Bonnevill]Travels in Constants Vol. 21999Temporary ResidenceUS1S
Turner, Mick [Tren Brothers]Tren Brothers EP1997Drag CityUS1S
Turner, Simon FisherTravelcard2000SulfurUS1F
Turner, Simon FisherSwift +DVD2002MuteUS1F
TuxedomoonHoly Wars1985JetboyAT1F
TuxedomoonThe Best of1993Crammed DiscsDE1F
Twenty Seven [27]2001KimcheeUS1S
Twenty Seven [27]Songs from the Edge of the Wing2001RelapseUS1F
Twenty Seven [27]Animal Life2002KimcheeUS1F
Twenty Seven [27]Animal Life2003UndergrooveUK1F
Twenty Seven [27]Let the Light In2004Project-TJP1F
Twenty Seven [27]Holding On for Brighter Days2007RelapseUS1F
Twenty Seven [27]Brittle Divinity2010ReproductiveUS1F
Twenty Three [23] Skidoo2000VirginUK1F
Twenty Three [23] SkidooSeven Songs2001RoninUK1F
Twenty Three [23] SkidooUrban Gamelan2001RoninUK1F
Twenty Three [23] SkidooThe Gospel Comes to New Guinea2002RoninUK1F
Twenty Three [23] SkidooJust Like Everybody part two2002RoninUK1F
Twenty Three [23] SkidooThe Culling is Coming2003BoutiqueUK1F
TwerkNow I'm Rendered Useless2001Force Inc.DE1F
Twilight Circus Dub Sound SystemIn Dub Vol 11996M RecordsNL1F
Twilight Circus Dub Sound SystemOther Worlds of Dub1996M RecordsNL1F
Twilight Circus Dub Sound SystemBin Shaker Dub1997M RecordsNL1F
Twilight Circus Dub Sound SystemDub Plate Selection1998M RecordsNL1F
Twilight Circus Dub Sound SystemHorsie1998M RecordsNL1F
Twilight Circus Dub Sound SystemDub Voyage2000M RecordsNL1F
Twilight Circus Dub Sound SystemDub Plates Volume Two2000M RecordsNL1F
Twilight Circus Dub Sound SystemVolcanic Dub2001M RecordsNL1F
Twilight Circus Dub Sound SystemDub Plates Volume Three2002M RecordsNL1F
Twilight Circus Dub Sound SystemThe Essential Collection2003MNL1F
Twilight Circus Dub Sound SystemDub from the Secret Vaults2004ROIRUS1F
Twilight Circus Dub Sound SystemRemixed: Abstract Beats2004MNL1F
Two Lone SwordsmenStay Down1999MatadorUS1F
U.N.K.L.E.Time Has Come1996MoWaxUK1S
U.N.K.L.E.Ape Shall Never Kill Ape1998MoWaxUK1S
U.N.K.L.E.Last Orgy 31998MoWaxUK1S
U.N.K.L.E.Psyence Fiction1998MoWaxUS1F
U.N.K.L.E.Rock On1998MoWaxUK1S
UiThe 2-Sided EP/The Sharpie (1993-1995)1997SouthernUK1F
UiThe Iron Apple1999SouthernUK1S
Ulan BatorEgo: Echo2000Young GodUS1F
UlteriorKempers Heads2009Killer PimpUS1S
Ultimate Spinach1967Big BeatUK1F
Ultimate SpinachBehold & See1968Big BeatUK1F
Ultra LivingTransgression2000Bubble CoreUS1F
Ultra MilkmaidsPeps2000Ant-ZenDE1F
Ultra Milkmaids / Telepherique / Inox KapellNan Tikum remixes2002IgnisPL1F
Ultra RedLa Economica Nueva2001FatcatUK1F
UnThe Final Question2012ICRUK1F
United States of America, the1968DemonUK1F
University of Southern Maine ChorusWrapped in Song - A Christmas Portrait1998USMUS1F
USA is a Monster, theTasheyana Compost2003LoadUS1F
UtIn Gut's House1988Blast First/MuteUS1F
UtGriller1989Blast First/MuteUS1F
Utah Saints1992LondonUS1F
V/VmThe Stranger1999PhthaloUS1F
V/VmSick Love2000V/Vm Test RecordsUK1F
V/VmThe Green Door2000V/Vm Test RecordsUK1F
V/VmThe Christmas Pudding2000V/Vm Test RecordsUK1F
V/VmDr. Fred Plays His Favourite Drama Theme Tunes2001V/Vm Test RecordsUK1S
V/VmHelp Aphex Twin 1.02001V/Vm Test RecordsUK1S
V/VmHelp Aphex Twin 2.02001V/Vm Test RecordsUK1S
V/Vminvalid objects series ()2001FalltIE1S
V/VmHate You2001V/Vm Test RecordsUK1F
V/VmWhine and Missingtoe2001V/Vm Test RecordsUK1S
V/VmSometimes, Good Things Happen2002V/Vm Test RecordsUK1F
V/VmSometimes, Good Things Happen2002V/Vm Test RecordsUK1F
V/VmHelp Aphex Twin 4.02003V/Vm Test RecordsUK1F
V/VmDimitri Shostakovich "The Missing Symphony"2003V/Vm Test RecordsUK1F
V/VmStigma2004V/Vm Test RecordsUK1F
V/Vm [Alien Porno Midgets]The High Altitude Porno Waikiki Beach Alien Midgets2001V/Vm Test RecordsUK1S
V/Vm [Billy Ray Cyrix]Achy Breaky Hard Drive2001V/Vm Test RecordsUK1S
V/Vm [The Caretaker]Selected Memories from the Haunted Ballroom1999V/Vm Test RecordsUK1F
V/Vm [The Caretaker]A Stairway to the Stars2001V/Vm Test RecordsUK1F
V/Vm [The Caretaker]We'll All Go Riding on a Rainbow2003V/Vm Test RecordsUK1F
V/Vm [The Caretaker]Theoretically Pure Anterograde Amnesia2006V/Vm Test RecordsUK6F
V/Vm [The Stranger]Bleaklow2008V/Vm Test RecordsUK1F
V/Vm [V/A]AuralOffalWaffleTenPintsOfBitterAndABagOfPorkScratchings1999V/Vm Test RecordsUK2F
V/Vm [V/A]It's Fan-Dabi-Dozi2003V/Vm Test RecordsUK2F
Vagamente, Wanda2001DubasBR1F
Vainio, MikaOnko1998TouchUS1F
Vainio, Mika1999TitanikUK1F
Vainio, MikaYdin1999WavetrapSE1S
Vainio, MikaKajo2000TouchUK1F
Vainio, Mika [Ø]Metri2000SähköFI1F
Vaisanen, IlpoAsuma2001MegoAT1F
ValetBlood Is Clean2007KrankyUS1F
ValetNaked Acid2008KrankyUS1F
VampillaAlchemic Heart2011ImportantUS1F
Van Hoorn, NielsColours2002CaciocavalloUS1F
Van Hoorn, Niels [Strange Attractor]Everything is Closer2006Big BluePL1F
Van Hoorn, Niels & Mark SpybeyDe Klaverland Klompen Voetbal Club2002SoleilmoonUS1F
Van Hoorn, Niels & Sonar LodgeRorschach2003Sonar LodgeNL1S
Van Wissem, JozefIt Is All That Is Made2009ImportantUS1F
Van Wissem, JozefEx Patris2010ImportantUS1F
Van Wissem, JozefThe Joy That Never Ends2011ImportantUS1F
Vandelles, theThe Vandelles2009SVCUS1S
Vandelles, theDel Black Aloha2010The VandellesUS1F
Vanishing VoiceStone Tablet2007ImportantUS1F
Velvet CrushHold Me Up1994CreationUK1S
Velvet UndergroundPeel Slowly and See1995PolydorUS5F
Venetian SnaresDoll Doll Doll2001HymenDE1F
Venetian SnaresWinter in the Belly of the Snake2003Planet MuUK1F
Venetian SnaresMeathole2005Planet MuUK1F
VertThe Köln Konzert2000Sonig/Thrill JockeyUS1F
VertNine Types of Ambiguity2001SonigDE1F
VertSome Beans & an Octopus2006SonigDE1F
Vibert, Luke [Plug]Drum 'n' Bass for Papa1997Nothing/InterscopeUS2F
Vibert, Luke [Wagon Christ]Throbbing Pouch1995Rising HighUS1F
Vibert, Luke [Wagon Christ]Tally Ho!1998AstralwerksUS1F
Vibert, Luke [Wagon Christ]Musipal2001Ninja TuneCA1F
Vibert, Luke [Wagon Christ]Sorry I Make You Lush2003Ninja TuneCA1F
Vibert, Luke / BJ ColeStop the Panic2000AstralwerksUS1F
Vibert, Luke / Jeremy SimmondsRodulate2008RephlexUK1F
Vibracathedral Orchestra32003Unity Sound ArchiveUS1F
Vibracathedral OrchestraTuning to the Rooster2005ImportantUS1F
Vicki/Hair Police2003LoadUS1S
Vida, BenMpls.2000Box MediaUS1F
Village of SavoongaPhilipp Schatz1996CommunionUS1F
Village of SavoongaScore1997CommunionUS1F
Village of Savoonga1999CommunionUS1F
Village of Savoonga14 - 09 - 012003HausmusikDE1F
Vincs, RobertDevic Kingdom2007ExtremeAU1F
Virgin Prunes…If I Die, I Die2004MuteUS1F
Virgin PrunesOver the Rainbow2004MuteUS2F
Virgin PrunesHeresie2004MuteUS1F
Virgin PrunesA New Form of Beauty2004MuteUS1F
Virgin PrunesThe Moon Looked Down and Laughed2004MuteUS1F
Vitamins for YouThe Legend of Bird's Hill2006Intr_versionCA1F
VlorA Fire is Meant for Burning2006SilberUS1F
Volcano the BearVolve1998VolucanUK1F
Volcano the BearVolfur1998VolucanUK1F
Volcano the BearThe Inhazer Decline1999United DairiesUK1F
Volcano the BearVolwheat1999VolucanUK1F
Volcano the BearThe One Burned Ma2000MisraUS1F
Volcano the BearVolseptor2000VolucanUK1F
Volcano the BearFive Hundred Boy Piano2001United DairiesUK1F
Volcano the BearXvol2001Volucan/Beta-Lactam RingUS1F
Volcano the BearVolnono2001Volucan/Beta-Lactam RingUS1F
Volcano the BearThe Mountains Among Us2003VolucanUK1F
Volcano the BearThe Idea of Wood2003TextileFR1F
Volcano the BearCatonapotato2005DigitalisUS1F
Volcano the BearClassic Erasmus Fusion2006Beta-Lactam RingUS2F
Volcano the BearAmidst the Noise and Twigs2007Beta-Lactam RingUS1F
Volcano the BearGolden Rhythm/Ink Music2012Rune GrammofonNO1F
Volcano the Bear [V/A]Voleven2002VolucanUK1F
Volcano the Bear/La Societe des Timides a la Parade OiseauxThe Shy Volcanic Society at the Bear and Bird Parade2009Beta-Lactam RingUS1F
Volcano!Beautiful Seizure2005LeafUK1F
Von Hausswolf, CMThree Overpopulated Cities Built By Short-Sighted Planners2004Sub RosaBE1F
Von Schirach, Otto8000 B.C.2000SchematicUS1F
Von Schirach, OttoEscalo Frio2001SchematicUS1F
Von SudenfedTomatic Reflexxions2007DominoUS1F
Votel, AndyStyles of the Unexpected2000Twisted Nerve/XLUK1F
VrombMémoires paramoléculaires2002HushushCA1F
Waits, TomRain Dogs1985IslandUS1F
Waits, TomThe Early Years1992BizarreUS1F
Waits, TomThe Early Years vol.21992BizarreUS1F
Waits, TomBone Machine1992IslandUS1F
Waits, TomAlice2002AntiUS1F
Waits, TomBlood Money2002AntiUS1F
Walker Brothers, theThe Singles +2000BRNL2F
Walker, ScottScott1967MercuryDE1F
Walker, ScottScott 21968MercuryDE1F
Walker, ScottScott 31969MercuryDE1F
Walker, ScottScott 41969MercuryDE1F
Walker, ScottTilt1997Drag CityUS1F
Walker, ScottThe Drift20064ADUS1F
Walls, BrendanCassia Fistula2000IdealUS1F
Walter, JustinLullabies & Nightmares2013KrankyUS1F
Wang, Inc.Risotto in 4/42002Bip-HopFR1F
Wardrobe, theCups in Cupboards2005TursaUK1F
Wardrobe, theA Sandwich Short2006TursaUK1F
Watson, ChrisStepping Into the Dark1996TouchUK1F
Watson, ChrisWeather Report2003TouchUK1F
Watson, Chris and BJ NilsenStorm2006TouchUK1F
Weak Moments, the1996Ba Da Bing!US1F
Weber, WindyI Hate People2008Blue FleaUS1F
Weeks, GregFire in the Arms of the Sun1997Ba Da Bing!US1F
Weeks, GregAwake Like Sleep2000Ba Da Bing!US1F
Weeks, GregBlood Is Trouble2005Ba Da Bing!US1F
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Winter Blanket, theActors and Actresses2001ChairkickersUS1F
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WirePink Flag1977EMIJP1F
WireChairs Missing1978EMIJP1F
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WireKidney Bingos1987MuteUS1S
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WireRead and Burn 022002Pink FlagUK1S
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Wolf EyesMugger2002HansonUS1F
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[V/A][Assembled]2002Red AntennaUS1F
[V/A]2002Edition XVUS1F
[V/A]…It Just Is2006FulldozerRU2F
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[V/A]A Snapshot from the 2002 Domino Ten-Day2002DominoUK1F
[V/A]A Snapshot from the 2003 Domino Ten-Day2003DominoUK1F
[V/A]A Snapshot of the 2004 Domino Ten-Day2004DominoUK1F
[V/A]A Tribute to Spacemen 31998Rocket GirlUK1F
[V/A]A Very Special Christmas 21992A & MUS1F
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[V/A]At Home with the Groovebox2000Grand RoyalUS1F
[V/A]At the Threshold Moment: A Tribute to Coil2001Else ProductUS1F
[V/A]a™b [given away with Overdub]2001OverdubGR1F
[V/A]a™c [given away with Overdub]2003OverdubGR1F
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[V/A]Auteur Labels: Rob's Records2010LTMUK1F
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[V/A]Badaboom Grammophone #41999Ba Da Bing!US1F
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[V/A]Bip-Hop Generation v.22001Bip-HopFR1F
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[V/A]Dubwise & Otherwise 22002Blood and FireUK1F
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[V/A]How to Kill the DJ [part two]2004TigersushiFR2F
[V/A]I Hate Music +DVD2007OutputUK2F
[V/A]I Love Baile Funk2004NossaBR1F
[V/A]I Love Serge - Electronica Gainsbourg2001MercuryFR1F
[V/A]I, Mute Hummings2006Ex OvoIT2F
[V/A]Ici D'ailleurs…1999Ici D'Ailleurs…FR1F
[V/A]I'd Rather Shout at a Returning Echo than Kid Someone's Listening2001Some BizzareUK1F
[V/A]Ida Retsin Family, the1998Muss My HairUS1F
[V/A]If I Was Prince2001RexUK1F
[V/A]If You Can't Please Yourself, You Can't Please Your Soul1985Some BizzareUK1F
[V/A]Imaginational Anthem volume two2006Tompkins SquareUS1F
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[V/A]Immediate Action2001HeftyUS2F
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[V/A]In Formation: A Tribute to Throbbing Gristle1999ADRUS1F
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[V/A]Invisible Soundtracks - Macro 32000LeafUK1F
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[V/A]Lowest Form of Music, the: The Los Angeles Free Music Society1995RRRecordsUS10F
[V/A]Macro Dub Infection Volume 11995CarolineUS2F
[V/A]Macro Dub Infection Voume 21997GyroscopeUS2F
[V/A]Marke B 032003De:BugDE1F
[V/A]Married to the Mob [ST]1988RepriseUS1F
[V/A]Maschinelle Strategeme2000Mille PlateauxDE1F
[V/A]Mask of the People1999Ramses RecordsUK1F
[V/A]Masters of the Scene2003NihilistUS1F
[V/A]Matador At Fifteen +DVD2005MatadorUS2F
[V/A]Melektronicck Promo Sampler 20032003MelektronikkNO1F
[V/A]Memorial Elvis Project, the1990Odd SizeFR1F
[V/A]Mesmer Variations1995Ash InternationalUK2F
[V/A]Meteosound Selected Cuts2002MeteosoundDE1F
[V/A]Mini: Malt2003ThuleIS1F
[V/A]Ministry of Shit2003SpasticatedAU1F
[V/A]Misery Loves Company2002Ersatz AudioUS1F
[V/A]Misplaced Pets2004Misplaced MusicUK1F
[V/A]Mission Critical2000Synthetics.netUS1F
[V/A]MM2000World SerpentUK1F
[V/A]Modulation & Transformation 31998Mille PlateauxDE2F
[V/A]Modulation & Transformation 41999Mille PlateauxDE3F
[V/A]Moog ST2004HollywoodUS2F
[V/A]More Delicious Spaghetti Western2000DagoredIT1F
[V/A]Morr Music USA Tour Winter 20032003Morr MusicDE1F
[V/A]Mothman Prophecies, the [ST]2002LakeshoreUS2F
[V/A]Motorlab 12000Kitchen MotorsIS1F
[V/A]Motorlab 22001Kitchen MotorsIS1F
[V/A]Music for Listening To1999Bubble CoreUS1F
[V/A]Music to Sleep By2003Tigerbeat6US2F
[V/A]Musique Concrète Soundtracks to Experimental Short Films 1956-1978 volume one2001NEEMCUS1S
[V/A]Musique Concrète Soundtracks to Experimental Short Films 1956-1978 volume three2001NEEMCUS1S
[V/A]Musique Concrète Soundtracks to Experimental Short Films 1956-1978 volume two2001NEEMCUS1S
[V/A]Muslimgauze Memory Party 20032003UnisonRU1F
[V/A]Mutant Disco2003ZeDE2F
[V/A]Mute Tonal Evicence 19991999MuteUS1F
[V/A]Mute Tonal Evidence1991MuteUS1F
[V/A]Mutek 032003MutekCA1F
[V/A]Myths Collection Part One1987Sub RosaBE1F
[V/A]N.Y No Wave2003ZeDE1F
[V/A]Naked and Alone on the Celebrity Circuit2001DiskonoUK1F
[V/A]Naked in the Afternoon - A Tribute to Jandek2000Summersteps RecordsUS1F
[V/A]Nart Nibbles2001Kitchen MotorsIS2F
[V/A]Natures Mortes - Still Lives19974ADUS1F
[V/A]Nervous Systems1992MuteUK1F
[V/A]netmage 20042004NetmageIT1F
[V/A]Nettwerk Sound Sampler III1990NettwerkCA1F
[V/A]New Forms Compilation2001Raster-NotonDE2F
[V/A]New Found Land2002The Music FellowshipUS1F
[V/A]New Wave Xmas1996RhinoUS1F
[V/A]New York: Various Artists2002Apartment BUS1F
[V/A]Nicky Siano's Legendary The Gallery: Original New York Disco 1973-772004Soul Jazz RecordsUK1F
[V/A]Night Passage Demixed1996Dramtleitung ZweiUK1F
[V/A]Ninja Cuts 3 - Funkungfusion1998Ninja TuneUS2F
[V/A]NiteMareSloMotion1999Someplace ElseUK1F
[V/A]No Alternative1993AristaUS1F
[V/A]No Tribute: Music of the Nihilist Spasm Band2003BreathmintUS1F
[V/A]No Watches. No Maps2001FatcatUK1F
[V/A]Noise Kills Punk Dead1999OpulenceUS1F
[V/A]Nordeste Brasil1990VerveUS1F
[V/A]Not Alone2006Durtro JnanaCA5F
[V/A]NovaMute 1.11993NovaMuteUS2F
[V/A]Novus Jazz Pizazz1991NovusUS1F
[V/A]Now We Are 51998Sonic UnyonCA1F
[V/A]Now Who's Crazy?2003Drag CityUS1F
[V/A]Numero 001: Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label2005Numero GroupUS1F
[V/A]Numero 003: Eccentric Soul: The Bandit Label2005Numero GroupUS1F
[V/A]Numero 004: Yellow Pills: Prefill2005Numero GroupUS2F
[V/A]Numero 006: Cult Cargo: Belize City Boil Up2005Numero GroupUS1F
[V/A]Numero 007: Eccentric Soul: The Deep City Label2006Numero GroupUS1F
[V/A]Numero 008: Wayfaring Strangers: Ladies from the Canyon2006Numero GroupUS1F
[V/A]Numero 009: Eccentric Soul: The Big Mack Label2006Numero GroupUS1F
[V/A]Numero 010: Good God! A Gospel Funk Hymnal2006Numero GroupUS1F
[V/A]Numero 011: Mighty Mike Lenaburg2006Numero GroupUS1F
[V/A]Numero 013: Eccentric Soul: Twinight's Lunar Rotation2007Numero GroupUS2F
[V/A]Numero 015: Eccentric Soul: The Prix Label2007Numero GroupUS1F
[V/A]Numero 018: Wayfaring Strangers: Guitar Soli2008Numero GroupUS1F
[V/A]Ohm: The Early Gurus of Electronic Music 1948-19802000Ellipsis ArtsUS3F
[V/A]Ohreenschrauben / Ohrensausen1988DragnetDE2F
[V/A]Ohren Des Kaiser Hirohito1992DragnetDE2F
[V/A]On Tour Without a Band - Spoken Word from Boston, MA1998OERUS1F
[V/A]On-U Box1996On UUS3F
[V/A]On-U Sound-The Master Recordings1998On UDE1F
[V/A]On-U Sound-The Master Recordings volume 21999On UDE1F
[V/A]Open Up and Say…@<%_:^[!] a tigerbeat6 compilation2003Tigerbeat6US1F
[V/A]Or Some Computer Music 22001OrUK1F
[V/A]Orang-Utan2002Goppa RecordsIE1F
[V/A]Panacea Shares Needles with Tarmvred2001Ad NoiseamDE1F
[V/A]Paradigm Shift1997SubconsciousUS1F
[V/A]Party Like it's Only $19.991999Evolution Control CreationsUS1F
[V/A]Pathological Compilation1990PathologicUK1F
[V/A]Patty Duke Fanzine #6: Love to Patty2006Top Quality Rock and RollUS2F
[V/A]Paws Across America 20032003Tigerbeat6US1F
[V/A]Pay it All Back V.51995RestlessUS1F
[V/A]Peace (for mom)2008BrainwashedUS2F
[V/A]Peace Together1993IslandUS1F
[V/A]Penguin Mechanics Vol III2000KracfiveUS1F
[V/A]Persian Electronic Music Yesterday and Today 1966 20062007Sub RosaBE2F
[V/A]Pipeline! Live Boston Rock on WMBR1996Slow RiverUS2F
[V/A]Plastic Compilation Volume 011996NettwerkCA1F
[V/A]Polyvinyl 20052005PolyvinylUS1F
[V/A]Ponder This…2003SubmergenceUS1F
[V/A]Portable Altamont, the1991SchockUK1F
[V/A]Preserve Volume One2004Fractured DiscsUS1F
[V/A]Pretty in Pink [ST]1986A & MUS1F
[V/A]Pspyched1999Beggars BanquetUS1F
[V/A]Putting the Morr Back in Morrissey - A Morr Music Compilation2000Morr MusicDE2F
[V/A]Q is for Cupid2003Muy Yum RecordsUS1F
[V/A]R G B [an audio spectrum] - project 98_:11998siRcom/map.ref.ltdUK1F
[V/A]Rated X: The Electronic Files2002BoudisqyeNL2F
[V/A]Re: Kusaki2000Angelika KöhlermannDE1F
[V/A]Red Hot + Indigo2001Red Hot OrganizationUS1F
[V/A]Relax: The Full Story in Five Inches2004V/Vm Test RecordsUK1F
[V/A]Resonance Found at the Core of a Bubble, the1996Bubble CoreUS1F
[V/A]Ricci's Pieces1999Mindfield RecordsUS1F
[V/A]Rio Baile Funk - Favela Booty Beats2004EssayDE1F
[V/A]Rise: Convergence2000Collision SubstanceUS1F
[V/A]Rocky Horror Picture Show [ST]1975Ode RecordsUS1F
[V/A]Rough Trade Shops: Post Punk 01 (Sampler)2003Rough TradeUK1F
[V/A]Ruby Trax - NME's Roaring Forty1992NMEUK3F
[V/A]Rude Mechanic1999BeaconsfieldUK2F
[V/A]Runeology - Recent and Forthcoming Releases from Rune Grammofon2001Rune GrammofonUK1F
[V/A]Russ Meyer's Original Motion Picture Soundtracks1999NormalDE1F
[V/A]Rutles Highway Revisited1990Shimmy DiscUK1F
[V/A]Sally's Photographic Memory1996UK2F
[V/A]Salvation [ST]1988Giant RecordsUS1F
[V/A]Samba Soul 70!2001Six Degrees RecordsUS1F
[V/A]Sample This2002HeftyUS1F
[V/A]Saturday Morning Empires2003Intr_versionCA1F
[V/A]Scaffelfieber 22003KompaktDE1F
[V/A]Science in the Shape of Birds1999ToYo RecordsUS1F
[V/A]Seasonal Greetings2002MobiléDE1F
[V/A]Secrets and Sound2005ADRUS1F
[V/A]See You On the Moon - Songs for Kids of All Ages2006Paper BagCA1F
[V/A]Seeing the Unseen: D.O.R. Almanac 20042004D.O.R.UK1F
[V/A]Shanti Projet Collection1999Badman Recording Co.US1F
[V/A]Shanti Projet Collection 22000Badman Recording Co.US1F
[V/A]Shanti Projet Collection 32004Badman Recording Co.US1F
[V/A]Shark Attack Music 3.5eps2002Shark AttackUS1F
[V/A]Shockout Vol. 12004ShockoutUS1F
[V/A]Silver Monk Time - A Tribute to the Monks2006Play Loud!DE2F
[V/A]Silverware - Audraglint Fifth Anniversary Compilation2006AudraglintUS1F
[V/A]Sing a Song for You - Tribute to Tim Buckley2000ManifestoUS2F
[V/A]Six Hours One Week1998ShowUK1F
[V/A]Slow Death in the Metronome Factory1997World DominationUS1F
[V/A]Smekkleysa í Hálfa öld1994SmekkleysaIS1F
[V/A]Snowstorm: A Tribute to Galaxie 5002002ElefantES2F
[V/A]Some Bizzare Album1981Some BizzareUK1F
[V/A]Some Bizzare Artists - Redefining the Prologue 1981-20062006Some BizzareUK1F
[V/A]Some of the Interesting Things You'll See on a Long-Distance Flight1982LTMUK1F
[V/A]Songs for the End of the World2002SilberUS1F
[V/A]Songs from the Cool World [ST]1992Warner Bros.US1F
[V/A]Sonig Comp2000Thrill JockeyUS1F
[V/A]Soothing Sounds for Raymond - Badaboom Grammophone #52001Ba Da Bing!US1F
[V/A]Sounds from the Electronic Lounge1998The Music CartelUS1F
[V/A]Sounds of the Geographically Challenged2000Temporary ResidenceUS1F
[V/A]Space is No Place NYC: Noise from the Underground2003Psych-o-pathUS1F
[V/A]Splendor [ST]1999AstralwerksUS1F
[V/A]Split Series 1-82000FatcatUK1F
[V/A]Split Series 9-162004FatcatUK1F
[V/A]Staedtizism 22001ScapeDE1F
[V/A]Statics1995CCI RecordingsJP1F
[V/A]Staubgold 202001StaubgoldDE1F
[V/A]Stax Soul Brothers1985StaxUS1F
[V/A]Strands Formerly Braided2006The Music FellowshipUS1F
[V/A]Street Jams: Electric Funk Part 11992RhinoUS1F
[V/A]Structure Decay - material from Fat Cat's past, present & future2000FatcatUK1F
[V/A]Stuck on AM1996Radio KUS2F
[V/A]Studio Distribution Winter Music Sampler 20022002Studio DistributionUS1F
[V/A]Studio One Scorcher2002Soul Jazz RecordsUK1F
[V/A]Sub Club - 20 Years Underground - Subculture & Optimo Mixes2008Soma RecordingsUK2F
[V/A]Sub Pop 2001991Sub PopUS1F
[V/A]Sub Rosa vs. Kompakt1999Sub RosaBE1F
[V/A]Subconscious Communications - Wild Planet2000Nettwerk AmericaUS1F
[V/A]Substancia 21999Sub RosaBE1F
[V/A]Suck it and See1999Palm PicturesUS2F
[V/A]Sugar Hill Records, the Best of1998RhinoUS1F
[V/A]Sulphur Compound2001SulfurUS1F
[V/A]Sunset Magnetic North (Cooler Perspectives)2001WavelengthUS1F
[V/A]Surefire Exclusive Label Sampler Spring/Summer 20012001SurefireUS1F
[V/A]Swim Team #12000SwimUK1F
[V/A]Swim Team #22001SwimUK1F
[V/A]Swim: Water Communication1996SwimUK2F
[V/A]Take 71991Dance OperaaUK1F
[V/A]Take Me Home - A Tribute to John Denver2000Badman Recording Co.US1F
[V/A]Tamizdat Comp Vol. 11999TamizdatUK1F
[V/A]Tea at the Palaz of Noon2000Cosmodemonic TelegraphUS2F
[V/A]Techno, the Best of Vol. 11992ProfileUS1F
[V/A]Technohead 2: Harder and Faster1994ReactUK1F
[V/A]Technohead 3: Out of Control1994ReactUK1F
[V/A]Technohead 4: Sound Wars - The Next Generation1997ReactUK2F
[V/A]Technohead: Mix Hard or Die1993ReactUK1F
[V/A]Teleconned Vol. 11998No AlternativeUS1F
[V/A]Tell Tale Signs of Earworm, The1999EarwormUK2F
[V/A]Tempset2006Temporary ResidenceUS1F
[V/A]Terra Serpantes1997World SerpentUK2F
[V/A]Terrastock Six2006Secret EyeUS1F
[V/A]Thank You2004Temporary ResidenceUS1F
[V/A]Thankful2006Temporary ResidenceUS1F
[V/A]The Dubmasters: X-Ray Music1999Blood and FireUK1F
[V/A]The Garden of Forking Paths2008ImportantUS1F
[V/A]The Ghost Orchid: An Introduction to EVP2006Ash InternationalUK1F
[V/A]The Loneliest Link in a Very Strange Chain: In Memory of Jhonn Balance and Coil2005ElseproductUS1F
[V/A]The Record Reverser!2005Top Quality Rock and RollUS1F
[V/A]The Second Annual Cri'mas Record2000English MuffinUS1S
[V/A]Theatre of Sound1998Kickin RecordsUK1F
[V/A]These Are Centre St. Tracks2003Centre St. TracksUS1F
[V/A]They Came from the Stars I Saw Them2005OutburnGR1F
[V/A]Thin Ice Vol. 21991TelstarUK1F
[V/A]Tigerbeat6 Inc.2001Tigerbeat6US2F
[V/A]Tigerbeat6: And the Beat Goes Off!2002Tigerbeat6US1F
[V/A]Tigerbeat6: Paws Across America 2002 Tour2002Tigerbeat6US1F
[V/A]Top of the Stax: 20 Greatest Hits1989StaxUS1F
[V/A]Total 12000KompaktDE1F
[V/A]Total 22001KompaktDE1F
[V/A]Total 32001KompaktDE1F
[V/A]Total 42002KompaktDE1F
[V/A]Total 52003KompaktDE1F
[V/A]Total Volume One1991TotalUK1F
[V/A]Trash Box - Wild Psychotic Garage Punk2000Hit RecordsUK5F
[V/A]Treat the Gods as if They Exist1996Auf AbwegenUK1F
[V/A]Tribryd: Installation Soundtracks2004Beta-Lactam RingUS1F
[V/A]Trimix: Tribryd Installation Soundtracks Deconstructed +DVD2006InnovaUS1F
[V/A]Trinity1994Fast ForwardUK1F
[V/A]Triptych #3: Conduction. Convection. Radiation2004Music FellowshipUS1F
[V/A]Trojan Dub Box Set Volume 11998TrojanUK3F
[V/A]Trojan Dub Box Set Volume 22000TrojanUK3F
[V/A]Tropicália2005Soul Jazz RecordsUK1F
[V/A]Troubleman Mix-Tape2001TroublemanUS2F
[V/A]Turk Knifes Pope1998ZenfleshUS1F
[V/A]Tyranny of the Beat1991MuteUS1F
[V/A]Unaccompanied Voice, the - An A'Capella Compilation2000Secretly CanadianUS1F
[V/A]Unbearable Candies2001Unbearable UK1F
[V/A]Unbearable Heroes2001Unbearable US1F
[V/A]Until the End of the World [ST]1991Warner Bros.US1F
[V/A]Untitled (ten)1997ExtremeAU2F
[V/A]Up Records & Slabco-US2000UpUS1F
[V/A]Urban Renewal Program2002Chocolate IndustriesUS1F
[V/A]Vertical Forms2001Vertical FormUK1F
[V/A]Vhutemas Archetypi1991MuteUS1F
[V/A]Viva Negativa! A Tribute to The New Blockaders2010ImportantUS2F
[V/A]Voices in a Dark Room1998Bake RecordsNL1F
[V/A]Voices in My Lunchbox2000Plug ResearchUK1F
[V/A]Volume 151994VolumeUK2F
[V/A]Volume 161996VolumeUK2F
[V/A]Volume Four1993VolumeUK1F
[V/A]Volume Six1993VolumeUK1F
[V/A]Volume Twelve1994VolumeUK1F
[V/A]Vs. Kitty-Yo2002QuartermassBE1F
[V/A]Wanna Buy a Craprack?2003CarparkUS1F
[V/A]Warp Clasics1999MatadorUS2F
[V/A]Warp Influences1999MatadorUS2F
[V/A]Warp Remixes1999MatadorUS2F
[V/A]We Are All One, In the Sun: A Tribute to Robbie Basho2010ImportantUS1F
[V/A]We Are Now Flying at 20,000 Feet - A Sensory Compilation2000Sensory ProjectsAU1F
[V/A]We Are Now Flying Into the Corners of the Night2001Sensory ProjectsAU1F
[V/A]We Are Reasonable People1998WarpUK1F
[V/A]We Could Live In Hope: A Tribute to Low2004Fractured DiscsUS1F
[V/A]We Hate You - A Small Tribute to Throbbing Gristle1997JazzassinNO1F
[V/A]Welcome to My World2002IrritantUK1F
[V/A]What Is Hip? Remix Project Volume One2004Warner Bros.US1F
[V/A]What's Up Matador1997MatadorUS2F
[V/A]What's Your Function? A Tribute to Franco Battiato2004SillyboyIT1F
[V/A]Whore - Various Artists Play Wire1996WMOUS1F
[V/A]Wild Tigers I Have Known ST2007Durtro JnanaCA1F
[V/A]Wire Tapper, The1998The WireUK1F
[V/A]Wire Tapper, The 102003The WireUK2F
[V/A]Wire Tapper, The 112004The WireUK1F
[V/A]Wire Tapper, The 122004The WireUK2F
[V/A]Wire Tapper, The 21998The WireUK1F
[V/A]Wire Tapper, The 31999The WireUK1F
[V/A]Wire Tapper, The 41999The WireUK1F
[V/A]Wire Tapper, The 52000The WireUK1F
[V/A]Wire Tapper, The 62000The WireUK2F
[V/A]Wire Tapper, The 72001The WireUK1F
[V/A]Wire Tapper, The 82001The WireUK1F
[V/A]Wire Tapper, The 92002The WireUK2F
[V/A]Wrong Application2002Tigerbeat6US1F
[V/A]www.offworldsounds.com2000Off World SeoundsAU1S
[V/A]X - X Section1991ExtremeAU1F
[V/A]XLR8R Convergence1999Om RecordsUS1F
[V/A]X-Rated - The Dark Files2006Steamin' SoundworksNL1F
[V/A]Young God Records Compilation 2000 A.D.2000Young GodUS1F
[V/A]You've Got the Fucking Power1998DHRUS1F
[V/A]Zabriske Point [ST]1997RhinoUS2F
[V/A]Zatsu Ongaku2004V/Vm Test RecordsUK1F

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