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Just some photos taken over the years. This hasn't been updated in years. Scan quality is also old.

Boston was covered in snow in December 1993, cars were piled deep, got some neat photos though, I saw a burning car in LA, Elvis had a lot of gold records, New Orleans is pretty at night, watching the sun set from the Oasis in Austin is nice, New Mexico was hot, Arizona was hot, cactuses grow in the desert, you can't take a bad picture of the Grand Canyon, the Capitol Records tower is neat looking, I saw John Lennon's star, it's pretty bare in the badlands, Mount Rushmore is overrated, the Vietnam memorial in DC is tasteful, I moved to Arlington in 1994, it's got a beautiful bike trail, a quiet center, and a pretty pond, Niagara Falls is overrated, the sun rises over a turnpike town, and illuminates the snow covered landscape, nice cabbage

Girls on sale, no shooting, One Ball Square, threesome, weggies, cool as ice t, heal thy self

my cats were once kittens, remember the show Cheers?, they filmed outdoor scenes in Boston, this was one of the last times they came here, Norm!, Hooters didn't used to have locations in the north east usa, I grew a beard at 19, I miss Alissa Levine, I had bad hair + Andrew moved to the UK + Mike moved to Maryland, Amanda and I didn't plan to dress alike, I performed Greg and Sheryl's vows in Toronto I miss Christina, Kristen + Nick got married, Dayv!, everybody loves a parade, the audience at one of my concerts, Tom and Jen play their own wedding's reception

Sun Ra's Arkestra, Lady Miss Kier Kirby, Meat Beat Manifesto, Tortoise, Low, Aerial M, Björn Again, Praxis, Trans Am, Pan American, Matmos, Volcano the Bear, Current 93, Windy & Carl, Legendary Pink Dots, Mark Kozelek, Isotope 217, Pan Sonic, The Fall, Shalabi Effect, The New Year, Labradford, !!!, Zipperspy + DVOA

Meeting People is Cheesy:
Kristin Hersh sang for Throwing Muses, Mark Griffin was MC 900 Ft Jesus, Jim Thirlwell is Foetus, Nick met Coil, Casi and Jeremy met V/Vm, I met Michael Wells, Danny met Stephin Merritt, Antony met Ed, Jessica met Annie Sprinkle, Nick and Tim meet Wire and Fred, I saw Diamanda again, Jessica met Sarah Cracknell

Barcelona, 2000:
Backstage with Coil, Coil with Vicky, Marc on the lawn, Coil meet Karlheinz, Jo and Jon get drinks, the living statues, ...take a smoke break, the fish market, the architecture, the scooters, the poser, meeting the chicks, drinking the absinthe, meeting Mathis, the feeding puppies, fun in the sun, chicks eat at 5:00, Echoboy, Pan American, Add N to (X), Matmos danced, Chicks prop up the props, and performed, and performed, and performed, and were joined on stage, and performed, Richie Hawten sells out, Panacea poses, and spins, Lee dances with meat, they get into a pork fight, V/Vm croons the audience, Russian fans jump with glee, Chicks take a bite, the mess is left, beef + broccoli, Carter + Matmos, Vicky + Joe, Autechre try to sneak in the back door, Coil perform, God Please Fuck My Mind For Goooooood!, the group towels off, Till we meet again, snails?, meat, weebles, Chesh + Jim in the cable car, the view from the cable car, a snail on your bag is good luck, she doesn't know a word of English, the streets were narrow, the night lights at the dock, the Gaudi cathedral, the Arc d'Triumph, Chesh + Jim + Raman + Dave, Guido + Lee, Jim + Lee + meat.

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